new wheels

apparently, in order to be a  real bicycle snob, you need n+1 bikes. so i went ahead and ordered myself a new one. this guy will be my fixed gear ride; until i get sick of not being able to coast and flip the hub back to the freewheel.

i might need to get some hooks on which to hang the bike that i’m not using… our little day spa is getting cozy.

maybe, while we’re thinking of how to redo the chicken situation, we could build a shed for their items. that could help get rid of meeces on the day spa, too.


some time this winter, i want to remove everything from the floor of the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom, and scrub the heck out of the linoleum. i might even go so far as to pull out the stove and fridge, but we’ll see which end of the rooms i start in and how i feel once i get to them.

i also wouldn’t mind getting new flooring, but that involves more than i want to tackle right now, since it’s all once piece. even tho whoever installed it did a poor job cutting around the door jam in the bathroom.

in my previous life

working for the doll factory, whenever i considered looking elsewhere for employment, i was throttled by the generous holiday calendar, early-out fridays, and that bonus week between christmas and new years’ that everyone (in the front of the business, anyway) got to have off. after enduring a relatively hellish fourth quarter last year, having to work almost every day over bonus week, and not getting any emotional or physical credit for it, i knew i had to get out of there; even if it meant giving up that bonus week and half day fridays.

my stress level is greatly reduced. i don’t get the sunday blues, i don’t even dread monday morning! i can roll in when it happens to work out for my sleep schedule, and i can leave and work from home or anywhere, if i needed to.

and, to top it off, i just secured a holiday from christmas eve to the 5th of january. take that, doll factory.

flyin’ solo

matt left this afternoon to fly to vegas for our friend kate’s wedding; he’s her best man.

i didn’t commit to going when it came up (in january?) cuz i don’t plan that far ahead in my life. this is where it gets funny. matt put off/forgot about it until this past tuesday; when he booked the flight. he didn’t have a hotel until we booked it last night. O.O

so, i’m going home to a human-empty house. weird.