new lock and key

we replaced the front doorknob a couple months ago and the back doorknob just gave out. so, i had to leave work a little early to stop by ace before they closed at 5:30. i called to make sure they had what i needed, and when i walked in, the nice man asked what i was looking for, and i yelled, “doorknob!” not thinking that he might just assume i was calling him names.

after sweating up and down the aisle, i picked out the item and walked to the front. the gal saw my helmet and asked if i had a bike benefits sticker. i lamented that i did not, and now i do. apparently one gets discounts on all sorts of things if they have this sticker on their helmet.

now we’ll have a combination of three keys to get into the house. matt says it’s more secure, i say it’ll be a pain.

i also learned that my fixed gear (which isn’t actually fixed because i ride on the free-wheel hub) is called a whip. kids these days.

almost knitting weather

even though we are planning a trip to ‘tosa to visit penzey’s, with a pit stop in delafield to visit their yarn shop, i bought some noro kureyon from my favorite online yarn store. i’ve been hearing about these infinity scarves and it looks like it’s a cheater’s version of cat bordhi’s moebius knitting.

i’ve been thinking i could pull off the bohemian look of tall boots, warm tights, wool skirt, long sleeved shirt, vest, and scarf. maybe i’ll start from the top down with my own moebius scarf.

of course, obtaining the rest of the outfit would require me to go shopping, so i’ll probably just stick with my blue jeans.

chickens, no more

i grabbed jeannie from the coop and put her in a pillow case. she sat on my lap the whole way to the farm that belongs to one of my mom’s knitting friends on monday night.

i pet her back during the ride; it was the first time i’d held her since we got the flock over two years ago.

now, when i leave the house in the morning, i look at an empty chicken run and get a little sad that i don’t have my ladies to greet.

however, this will give us time to rethink the run and possibly insulate the coop a little. we also need to seal it, since i didn’t want to do that when it was occupied.

i miss having our little garbage disposals for my kitchen scraps.

four years

four years ago, this morning, i drove to the city-county building, papers in hand, hoping that a certain someone wouldn’t show up. I had my best friend in tow; i remember the bailiff mistaking him for my soon-to-be ex-husband. i told the bailiff that i’d bet any amount of money he wouldn’t show up, but the judge wanted to wait until 10 minutes after the hearing was scheduled.

thst hearing was an intense moment in my life. up until then, i had filed all the paperwork, gotten appropriate signatures, paid for a quit claim deed, refinanced the mortgage in my name, arranged for a new housemate [who eventually left a month after moving in (the house isn’t made for three unrelated people, three dogs, and a cat)].

it was a stressful morning, but it was over in a flash.

four years ago.

it seems like a world away.

poor jeannie

she’s all alone and has no idea where her friends went. at first, i thought we should get a new flock for her to train, but we have to fix the run first. and by fix, i mean rebuild entirely. which means we have to do it before winter because she won’t survive in the cold by herself. i’m kinda leaning toward finding a new home for her instead. i mentioned it to matt, but he didn’t really answer positively.

we have had so much going on on the weekends lately, that i feel like i haven’t had time to relax. hopefully, one of these saturdays, we can just sleep in and not do a single thing.