temporary shift

i worked brunch at mickey’s yesterday. the regular person who busses tables and takes care of coffee needed the day off, so i said i’d do it. i’m not entirely sure why i agreed to it.

i didn’t get to talk to matt nearly as much as a regular sunday because i was working my butt off at the other end of the bar most of the day. i’m also going to pay more attention to the person for whom i substituted to figure out how he remains so calm and gets everything done.

it was only kinda fun, but it was a lot of work and my back is alerting me to that fact today.

i took a muscle relaxer before bed and i don’t care for how it makes me feel in the morning. also, i’ve been using sleep cycle to wake me up in the morning and my resting heart rate was a little higher than i’d like this morning.

in other news, matt’s folks came down on saturday to build him an outdoor swing! it was great to see him so elated. now, maybe he won’t get stuck on the internet when it’s nice out.

also, even though i really like my job, i’m looking forward to having this friday off.

migration complete

i think i’ve got everything moved over for this domain, now i need to work on the other two. luckily, they’re much much smaller; but they’re both coming over from a movabletype blog, which i haven’t struggled with in a long time.

i can’t wait to tell the old host that i’m not renewing because they stink.


in my haste to rid myself of my previous webhost, i might have lost some photos. i’m going to try to not be too broken up about it, so i hope you’ll join me.

slowly getting better

merle has had a couple of accidents in the bedroom. i think, mostly, out of contempt. one night, she couldn’t get under the covers with me because i was all snuggled up and wouldn’t let her in, and another night because she was kicking and matt shooed her out of the bed.

jones seems to be doing better, too.

the cats are also coming around to tolerating merle. maybe they’ll cuddle some day.

poor jones

i think he’s realized that merle is staying and he’s taking it out on the living room rug… i woke up this morning around 4 and went downstairs to attend to some business and was greeted with a terrible stink coming from the front of the house… :(

apparently, between my leaving for work today and matt getting up, he did it again.

i can’t remember  for certain, but i think he might have done this a couple weeks after we got the cats and then stopped.

i guess we just need to send him outside more… and i should make a better point to give him attention. he’s my baby boy and he’s probably feeling kinda shitty (no pun intended) about the growing pack.

no more feets!

this time, i mean it.

we got another dog last sunday.

she’s so tiny, that it’s kind of like another cat, except she needs to go on walks with the rest of the pack.


we met merle about four years ago, when matt’s rutledge st roommates moved out to travel the world. merle moved in with her mom and immediately liked me; i have a video to prove it.



so, when alice posted on facebook that she needed a new home for merle, i had a hard time talking myself out of it. she’s pretty happy about it, too.



ten years ago, i made this. i think i want to make another one.

it’s also someone special’s special day… my sweets is turning 30 today and we’re going out for dinner to tempest tonight. i’m wearing my very best bicycle-commuting attire. i hope they aren’t offended.

i got him this t-shirt and this other thing (there is no link here, just testing matt) that should show up in the mail today; i’m trying to think of one more thing, but nothing comes to mind yet. and, as i type that, i remember a list i have in evernote just for gifts for him. unfortunately, it’s short, but it’s something.