two weeks under my belt

so begins week three.

i think things are going well. i’ve been subject to a lot of new environments and software and means by which work gets done. i also, next month, get to travel to green bay and milwaukee to conduct some usability tests, that’ll be interesting! maybe i can add traveling usability tester to my resume.

it’s been mentally difficult not having friday afternoons to get stuff done, be it around the house or otherwise. grocery shopping has automatically been moved to saturday, which kinda stinks because it’s the only full day that matt and i have together.

maybe i can start shopping on sundays before heading out to brunch. matt doesn’t ever get a whole lot anyway.

we’ve been handing out invitations to our memorial weekend party… we have a bit of a menu put together. unfortunately, this year, i don’t have a four-day weekend to look forward to (i’m not even really sure what days are holidays at the new place). therefore, i don’t have a whole friday off beforehand to start making food. we’ve moved the party start time to 3pm this year, to give us a little more time to clean and prepare.

crazy schedule

i guess i forgot to publish this post back on 4/22.

i don’t know how i’m going to get used to working again. apparently i need ten hours of sleep and laying around in order to be human. we’re in charge of a neighbor’s dog for the next five days, so that will give some motivation to get up. we’re to walk her twice a day… hopefully that will motivate me to get outta bed at a human hour. i will not be setting an alarm, but maybe instead of staring at facebook for a hour on my phone, i’ll get up.

we haven’t been grocery shopping in over three weeks, and i need to plan out my lunches for the first week. i’m thinking salads in jars will be easiest. not sure what a better idea will be once i’m biking.

a whole week of biking

the rain is cooperating, so far; i haven’t had to curse the sky yet. it has, however, gotten quite humid and warm these past few days… so i need a plan for that. i’ll probably have to keep a hand towel at work, and bring a change of shirt. the new bag is quite large and keeps close to the back, making a rorschach design, i’m sure.

i guess there’s a shower somewhere here at work, but i’m not really keen on using it; public showers have never been a favorite.

next week is national bike to work week… i wonder how annoying that is to people who have been biking to work every day for years. there are going to be a lot of events around downtown, including a water bottle give-away from my company; since we’re right on the bike path.

i still revel with joy about the circumstances that got me here.

i went from this:



to this:


fourth day biking

i told matt this weekend, after we got our new helmets, that i get to be an a-hole bike commuter now. i’m not sure what i meant, but i bet i’ll figure it out.

this morning, while waiting at a stoplight, someone inquired about my new timbuk2 bag. i admitted to him that i had seven of them, in varying sizes, but i kept the fact that i had one *inside* the other a secret. :)

my commute ranges anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on a couple of factors. one is the stretch of bike path between thornton and blair; there is a cross street every block, and if i time it wrong, i’m biking right through the morning rush hour. the other factor(s) are stoplights; blair and willy and john nolen and north shore. blair and willy isn’t too bad, they have the timers set pretty low for the folks on willy/wilson, so the wait isn’t terrible. but, if i don’t make it to north shore at the right time, it’s nearly a five minute wait, that’s a long time when you’re sitting still after biking for 20 minutes straight.

still, it’s way better than a commute by car that ranged from 25 minutes to an hour.

strange, new world

i just mentioned to a friend that it’s so weird to look forward to work when i wake up in the morning.

how can it be that life ends up like that?

i’ve already learned so much at the new place. last week, every day, i went home with a headache. i don’t think my brain remembered what it was like to ingest new  information.

additionally, we procured helmets for safer biking. with all the cross streets that i have to endure, and the two or three pretty heavily trafficked intersections, it seems wise to protect my noggin. especially, since i need it.

in other news, i haven’t wrapped any rocks lately. i need to get on that… it’s fun, and i could make a little money on the side, at least to support my rock and silver habit.

i’m getting extremely behind on my dailies (this is what matt and i call our rss feed subscriptions). i’ve so many unread that feedly just shows a little dot instead of a number next to most of the categories.

okay, that is all for now.

another week begins

i forgot to mention that my back started doing that thing where it wants to go out, so i took the last muscle relaxer from when my piriformis started almost two years ago. i woke up sunday morning with little improvement, so i went to urgent care since i’m still covered by mattel until the end of june.

the dr. kinda gave me grief for not having a primary care physician. i wanted to tell him that everything was mostly fine and i don’t need one, but i also wanted to leave so i could get food in my stomach.

he gave me another scrip for the same muscle relaxer and suggested that i get a dr so this can be addressed long-term. which i agree with, but i’m not going to start taking ibuprofen every day.

however, with this new and modestly flexible schedule that i now have, i could conceivably attend my friends’ wednesday yoga class at main street yoga. it’s definitely something to consider.

sorry, again.

sorry it’s been so long. i’ve been working with my web host to figure out some technical issues that i feel as though i shouldn’t have to deal with.

anyhoo, it’s been a week back to work and i’ve survived. i’m still feeling overwhelmed and out of my element, but the lack of stress from unnecessary evils and just knowing that i dont have to be awake at midnight for monthly updates is worth the stress that i might be getting at the new place.

i drove most of last week, just to make sure i got there at a reasonable hour and had few surprises. i finally got my huuuuge timbuk2 bag and have enough room for  everything under the  sun. unfortunately, the bag sorely lacks in internal pockets; so, if you don’t tell anyone, i’ll let you in on a secret… i’m going to put my existing bag *inside* the new bag and just add the things i need for work. simon told me not to tell anyone this plan, because it’s obviously crazy, but the people who know me understand why i keep things in my bag and would likely appreciate the problem-solving technique. we’ll see. maybe i’ll migrate everything into the new bag, but i doubt it. i really didn’t realize the internal compartment was so lacking.

okay, so, back to the fact that i’ve gone back to work after a month off.

i have a nice desk in a room with a couple other guys. there’s natural light and, when one of them gets in, some artificial light. there’s quite a bit of joking to be had, especially right after lunch. i think we all rejuvenate a little around 1:30, and some rather punny things happen then.

the work is certainly interesting. i’m excited for a project to which i’ve been assigned later this month. it’ll be a well-needed deep dive developing for the wordpress platform.

last week consisted mainly of getting set up, software installed; lay of the land kind of stuff. hopefully i’ll be tossed head first into some other projects soon.

i hope to learn more and continue to grow and improve. the oportunities are certainly miles above my previous position. this is both frightening and invigorating.