who knows

i’ve talked about getting my animal totem read by emelie pickett. i’ve also talked about the video about healing properties of certain stones. and, since that video, i’ve had my mojo bag of rocks with me at all times. i’ve also been wearing a carnelian bracelet and some plugs.

all of this is to say that, if they helped me get through being laid off, getting a new job, and recently training a room full of seven people without once feeling an inkling of panic*, then that’s awesome.

*i do not claim that being without a job was not filled with stress, i just never panicked about it.


so, i think i misplaced my very expensive arcteryx raincoat; just in time for the monsoon that came down on my commute home last night. my weather app told me that it was drizzling when i left work, and by the time i got to the terrace, there were gusting winds and the rain was pelting down sideways. i took refuge next to one of the buildings where it wasn’t really getting wet, but since the rain was sideways, i wasn’t really dry.

two other bikers stopped, one commiserated with me but mentioned that it was still faster than a car at rush hour.

surprisingly, i wasn’t infuriated by the rain; even tho i was clad only in my jeans, t-shirt, and a very thin hoodie. i had, still, 3 miles to go and opted to take jeni st instead of the bike path because i didn’t catch the lights and i figured the trees would offer some coverage. by the time i got to the atwood/division intersection, the only part of me that was dry was my back where my bag lay.

i was very happy to get home and had to strip in the kitchen so i could throw everything into the dryer. my shoes sat on a sideways box fan all night in order to remove the squishy wetness.

thankfully, the rest of me dried off quickly.

time? i don’t know

i’m not sure if it’s the switch from having a month off to working again, or if it’s the fact that i don’t have friday afternoons off anymore, but it seems like I have a lot of things i want/need to do, but no time in which to do them. i have a pile of cookbooks & food magazines, tons of online content that i need to catch up on, and regular life stuff that happens every week; i have no idea how people function with kids.


on monday, i was told i get to train a client on how to use their site.

today, i am frantically learning how to use their site so i can tell them how to use their site. O.O

also, i solved one issue about biking in the heat; i brought a spare shirt. it is nice to not have to wait to cool down and dry off. it’s also nice that my office is usually empty until at least 9, so i can sweat a little without being a hot mess. i don’t know about the helmet, tho. it’s just so friggin’ warm, and it’s only 60°. wait til it’s 90° :/

so, on top of this training i’m magically performing, we have the party this weekend. thankfully, george came over and mowed on sunday for us, and matt cleaned the house up, so i feel less stressed about it now.

i’m skipping yoga tonight; i need to clean out the fridge to make room for food, and wash the stove top. we’re going to get groceries on thursday, and will spend much of friday prepping the food that we can. i’m sure we’ll make a couple trips to woodman’s before the party starts, at the very least for ice.

“a better fit”

an ex-coworker lives nearby and we saw her on a dog walk this weekend. she asked how things were going at the new place and if it was a better fit.

i thought that was a weird question, because it seems to me that the old place isn’t a good fit for anyone. but, maybe that was just my limited knowledge of the general mood of my closest coworkers, and not a good representation of the rest of the people who work there. but, i don’t know. everyone always seemed pretty grim.

anyway, the new place *is* a better fit. arguments about jquery libraries and mysql statements fill the room, people actually chat around the water cooler, web development actually happens.

i was the judge of a blue suede shoe contest between the president and a vp on friday.

there is no “jeans day” incentive bull jazz, jeans are welcome any day. in fact, a couple of the developers don’t wear shoes most of the time.

i get to walk down regent street to grab lunch, if i want. there is life going on all over.

so yea, a better fit.


it’s sunday, one of my two, few, precious days off, and i woke with a start at 8am because i was dreaming that i had returned to my previous employment. how terribly frightening!

i just signed up for an annual membership at learnable.com, giving me access to a billion ebooks and online courses, so i can get better at what i do. i just need to make more time for it.

this last week, i’ve spent quite a bit of time working with one of the managers at mickey’s, putting together the list of questions for trivia, which is tomorrow night.

our party is next weekend, and we’ve barely a menu together, let alone a clean house or grocery list.

i sure do miss those friday afternoons off. but, nothing more.

one downside to the new place

i’m in a room with four desks, three of us are pointed toward the middle of the room,  the three of them are guys. i can’t watch sappy videos or comment on my friends’ posts about their dying dog because i’ll start crying.

i know how uncomfortable guys get when gals start crying.

downward dog

it’s been a long 24 hours. i made it to work pretty early yesterday, and by early, i mean 8 (it’s so very calming to be treated as an adult and trusted to get work done regardless of butt-in-seat time). i finally laid my head down around 11p, woke up around 1a, didn’t fall back to sleep til 5a, woke up to my alarm at 8a.

i needed to get in early in order to ensure that i could leave by 5 to get back to the other side of the isthmus for yoga; the first practitioner-led yoga class that i’d been to in the last 15 years.


thankfully, it was led by the same practitioner that i learned from in the small front room of the willy st coop. i’m not even sure if that room exists anymore, now that they’re remodeling.

i hope to stick to it, if nothing more than to learn how to gtfo of my head for at least  the fifteen minute shavasana pose at the end of the workout.

i did determine that i need different clothes than what i wore. so, i ordered some black leggings (other colors don’t really hide sweat very well), and a tank top, hopefully they show up before next wednesday.


i know that mickey’s is 1.6 miles from our house by bike… and i thought mickey’s was roughly halfway between our house and my work. so, i thought i was biking 6 miles a day, since it takes me about a half hour to get to work.

yesterday, i was checking geomidpoint to see where might be a nice place to meet matt for lunch, and it seems that lao laan xang on willy st. is the halfway point, and i’m actually biking 8 miles a day!

i’m also going to start going to yoga tonight. i’m confident that it will improve my back problems. i haven’t figured out how to make my work desk a standing one, yet. my friend has his up on cinder blocks, so i guess i could follow suit and bring in four of those.

we’ll see how continuous biking and yoga do first.

now that i’m close

matt and i can meet somewhere for lunch! i used to be jealous that a coworker could go home for lunch and see his family, and now i can practically do the same. i don’t think i’d go all the way home unless i had my car.

anyway, i’ve been trying to think of a place to meet, and i spotted dotty dumpling’s dowry on google maps and told matt about it. i then mentioned that i didn’t think i’d been there for 20 years; which made me feel pretty ancient.

i had a friend that worked there and lost touch with him since. according to facebook, he lives somewhere coastal now.

i don’t think they made their own veggie burgers back then, so it’ll be nice to give that a try soon, hopefully.