three weeks and some odd days

so, it’s been a little while now. i’m really getting used to all of the sleeping in and lazing about. it’ll be hard to get back into the swing of things in a little over a week, but it’ll probably also help my grey matter and my pocketbook.

i’m still pretty nervous about the new place, but that’s simply because it’s new.

anyway, it’s birthday week, and we’re going to sardine for brunch tomorrow, and to the farmer’s market to hopefully find ramps. after that, we’ll just spend the day doing whatever i want, i guess. at some point, i’d like to go to red sushi for dinner, but the last three times i’ve called on a friday or saturday to see how busy they are, i get chuckled at. :/

last night, we hung out at opus with some friends and it was fantastic! matt and i might have to make it a once-a-month thing. i’ll see what he thinks. i was impressed that they only charge $2 for their edamame, so i’ll have to try that next time.


it’s weird. i’ve been working on making sure i don’t forget how to be a web developer these past few weeks by spending a couple hours a day with my computer and a textbook… and about every hour, i feel like i should check my work email. of course, i no longer have access to my (old) work email, and wouldn’t care to do anything about it if i did. it’s just strange.

i have a couple of ebooks from sitepoint that i’m meaning to read to make sure my brain doesn’t forget to do what it is that i do. i keep thinking i’ll just plow through them, but it’s so hard to read on an electronic device.

unemployed, week 2

the time has kinda flown by. i have been reading up on javascript and responsive design and trying to keep my brain up to speed. i’ve also been keeping up with matt’s schedule, but taking naps in the evening in order to manage staying up til bar time. don’t want to get into the habit, but it sure has been nice to sleep in and do very little.


whole lotta somethin’

i don’t think i mentioned that it’s been 20 or so years since i was laid off. great lakes, a cold-calling telemarketing place went out of business and i was without a job for a little bit. unemployment, and the whole thing.

so, the past couple weeks have been pretty much a roller coaster.

i managed to a nab up a nice macbook pro from craigslist. to be honest, i really miss my mac at work. the keyboard is nice, the operating system is nice, everything is nice.

i tend to do this thing where, when something kinda bad (or terrible) happens to me, i treat myself to new toys. i justified this one by convincing myself that, if i’m going to freelance, i’ll surely need a machine on which to test websites! surely!

in other news, last night, we drove out to middleton to meet with some ex-coworkers and have some dranks. the funniest bit is that i always joked about not winning a doll ever. they’d have drawings and random employee party things where someone would win a doll, and it was never me… i think it became a thing. regardless, a typical ending to employment-by-choice is that the employee would receive a doll that looks like them.
of course, i look a little different than most, so have always been secretly looking forward to what that doll might end up being like. thankfully, my very good friends were able to finagle a doll for me.


doll1 doll2

i got a doll.