while i was procuring my collection of healing stones for my mojo bag, matt fancied himself some fobs for his pocket watch.
i instantly became enthralled with this weird wire that held the stone in place. it isn’t sterling silver, but argentium silver. sterling mixed with something to keep it from tarnishing. here’s one of the fobs:
after searching the last remaining bead stores in the 608 area code, i uncovered argentium silver is either not popular, or too expensive to bother having in stock. so, after doing a little wire research, i bit the bullet and guessed at the gauges and ordered 5ft of each 18g half round dead soft and 21g square dead soft. following is my first attempt at wire wrapping anything in argentium:
you can’t see the marred wire, but i need to get different pliers that don’t have ridges… they’re called chain nose pliers.
my goal is to get good enough to set my opal into a nice pendant.

crazy talk

i don’t know wtf i was thinking, but i bought this strapless dress. now i have to knit something to wear with it. i found a pattern for a shrug, and at the mid-point in the pattern, over 350 stitches will be on the needles! that’s a lot.
anyway, here are martin and burnie cuddling on my (burnie’s) robe:
and last night, i was working on a craft project, so burnie decided to help (she’s laying on the garbage bag):
her foot has gotten a little worse; she won’t let me touch it and cries at me when i try. i think it’s healing, but she’s got to be uncomfortable because she soaks it in the water bowl all by herself. :/

speaking of food

we’ve been trying to eat brunch on saturdays at new places. by friday night, matt has usually had enough of mickey’s, and i’m kind of growing tired of the crowdedness at brunch.
so, we’ve tried the old fashioned, sardine, the come back in, and most recently, the tipsy cow. next on our list is the manna cafe, el dorado, and tex tubb’s taco palace; maybe daisy cafe, too.
in case you were wondering, the come back in was just about as bad as it was 10 years ago. i didn’t mention this to matt, but there was a faint hint of halitosis as i brought my crab cake benedict up to my mouth. his french toast looked good, but it was made from, what appeared to be, dinner roll french bread slices.
the old fashioned walleye and eggs is always a hit with me. matt didn’t like his ham, tho. too dry. we went back recently because i was craving lox, and einstein’s bagels has them beat.
sardine was delicious. the smoked salmon sandwich was delightful. matt didn’t care for the sweetness of the tomatoes in his omelet, but he ate more than usual.
the tipsy cow didn’t disappoint, either. their smoked salmon (sensing a theme?) grilled cheese was pretty good, albeit a little greasier than i’d like. speaking of grease, matt’s double-burger was dripping with it, and he finished it! we also tried their farm raised alligator bites. i’m not sure what group of foods alligator falls in, but i don’t think i’m missing out if i never try it again.


i’ve been making my lunches for the week on sunday evenings for about four years now; it’s helped me to expand my cooking abilities, food tastes, and cookbook collection. i’d been doing salads in jars for a while, but veggies in the winter around here just aren’t worth it, even tho coming up with new dressings is fun.
my workplace break room has three microwaves for about sixty people, and i loathe standing in line for anything, let alone when i’m hungry.
enter the lunch crock. i’d been coveting this little bugger for a while now, but just couldn’t convince my wallet to spend $20 on it. so, one in bored moment, i was checking my email spam folder for errant emails that had made their way into it, and saw a marketing email from crock pot telling me that these were now on sale for $10! plus, free shipping if you spend $38! that just so happens to be $2 more than four crocks. which also happens to be the number of crocks purchased by me.
i’ve used it for a couple weeks now, with great success! this week, i made lasagna and am testing the crocks abilities to handle pasta; i’m not worried.
i’ve also sold two of the four crocks.


i got both tax returns last week, so we went back to burnie’s on saturday, and i got my opal.
now i’m trying to find the right way to set it. i know someone who knows someone who can set stones, but i kind of want to do it myself…
it’s 7.64 carats and from an mine in mintabie, australia.