random update

i guess i’ll stop apologizing. i think matt and my mom are the only readers of the blog anymore anyway :)
so, i’ll fill ‘er up with some pictures.
when the house gets quiet, i assume the cats are either asleep, or up to no good. a recent investigation revealed that at least two of them were lazing about.
nero has been getting more brave, he’s even been jumping up on the bed to be pet. here he is enjoying my company on the couch again.
matt spoiled the dogs with a new squeaky toy and i thought it was just perfect to give nora a perpetual hug. here she is putting up with me:
i just got done with a three-day weekend, and couldn’t sleep in to save my life, so this is what i saw when i left the bed on friday morning.
and finally, i’ve been using my pressure cooker with a little more frequency. it’s quite amazing how quickly it cooks things up. lentils in 4 minutes? yes, please! since i only have a 2.5 day week, i decided not to stress about lunch, and opted for a simple spinach dal soup. i need to find myself an indian grocery store (or get to yue wah more frequently); there are many kinds of lentils out there that woodman’s doesn’t carry!

cheese, gromit!

for some reason, i decided that i was going to stop eating cheese for the month of november. i think it might have been a result of my getting chiles rellenos delivered too frequently over the last couple months, or my desire to see if it would make a difference in my overall well-being.
i should have told myself, “self, please try not to replicate dishes using fake cheese, you’ll only be disappointed.”
but, i didn’t. so, i proudly mixed up my weekly pasta salad with peas and some vegan ranch dressing, and i thought, “hey, doesn’t this kind of salad usually have little cubes of cheddar? good thing i bought ‘wedge style cheddar like’ daiya cheese!” and i promptly cubed it up and mixed it around with the pasta shells. i tasted a couple bites, it was tolerable.
fast forward to my stomach growling on monday around 11:45. i took the lid off my container and dug in. what a terrible mistake i’d made. i’ve decided that any fake cheeze produced anywhere needs to be melted and disguised by a lot of salt.
so, the chickens get a treat this week, and i had to whip up a new lunch last night. thankfully, i hoard canned goods and could whip up a simple chickpea tomato soup that tastes a million times better than any version of cheeze that i’ve tried ever.
i completely forgot to mention that i’m ceasing my fast as soon as i feel like eating something with cheese in or on it.


the software version i’m using here is ancient, and my web host doesn’t seem to be able to get it to upgrade for me… sadly, i’ve just deleted all my comments trying to get rid of comment spam. maybe it’s time to retire the blog.
we cleaned out the upstairs bedroom to make room for sewing machines and yarn containers. this meant the cat beds needed to be relocated to the first floor. nero has taken a liking to the one that burnie brought with her.
here’s nero being cute in the middle of the floor:

the annual lutefisk dinner has come and gone, it was nice to hang out with gramma for a little while. we were all pretty exhausted after the meal.
i’m going to try to not eat cheese for a month… vegan cheese is so expensive! and it really doesn’t do the real thing justice, but i’ll give it a week, at least.
this week, for lunch, i made willy “cheez” “steak” sandwiches. willy, for williamson st. cheez, for the fake cheese. and steak, for the beefy seitan from a vegan slow cooker cookbook. i need to make a note that the recipe ended up with almost tasteless seitan, which is certainly not what was desired.
i was able to save it tho, and the sandwich was tasty!