*now* summer’s over

i mentioned before that summer doesn’t end when everyone’s little buggers go back to school. it ends after the wily st fair, which was this past weekend.
a couple of our friends convinced us to come and get a group caricature.
i’m glad we went. it was one of the more fun times i’ve had at the fair in a long while. probably due to the company.
i didn’t find the generic falafel stand that introduced me to that wonderful food several years ago; i think it might have been run by the “king of falafel” folks, and they’ve since gone out of business. the banzo cart was there, but by the time we went down and back again, i was ready to go home and make dinner/lunches for the week.
we (well, matt helped with the prep) made chiles relleños. they take for*ever*. i can understand why la hacienda makes 100 at a time and puts them in the cooler downstairs.
i was going to make spanish rice in the rice maker, but i was exhausted and didn’t want to wait, so i used a can that i had on hand, but it’s too wet for my taste. first world problems.
anyhoo, i have this friday off because we’re going to see the orb on thursday night at the majestic. i haven’t been inside that building since nearly the last rocky horror viewing, several years ago.
i hope we’re allowed to take pictures.


there hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about; life is moving along at a regular and expected pace.
here’s alex enjoying a pile of blankets.
don’t tell anyone, but i’m kind of excited for the cooler weather so i can bust out the slow cookers for stews and seitan and chili (maybe even getting matt to eat a bean!).
matt’s brother came to stay last night because he had a training at one of the local stores, and i was itching to make some food, but he doesn’t get take-out that often, so the schweiger’s won. i didn’t give up much of a fight, anyway.
the chickens are doing well, tho they’re not laying with the frequency that they started, but that is to be expected.
all of the cats are well; nero is even hopping up on the couch to say hi more and more often. burnie, however, has taken to killing the toilet paper. we thought it was a particular brand that we switched to momentarily, but we’ve since switched back and she’s still at it. it makes me want to get those plastic cat claw cover things. but not quite.
i think we have only two more csa boxes… luckily the end of the season offers veggies that last a little longer than cabbage and lettuce, so i’ll be able to extend them a bit.
a while ago, i had considered getting my construction friend over to see if we could install some sort of canned goods storage cabinet in the basement stairway, but the more that i think about it, it seems odd to put something there that i would access semi regularly.
i’m also loathe to deal with lathe and plaster. what a mess.


when my alarm went off this morning, the first thing i said out loud was, “i can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.”
i’m not sure if it will happen, but not having to use my alarm for a couple days a week is grand.
we don’t have anything planned this weekend… maybe i can get us to go around the lake again. it was a pretty nice ride, tho my hands got a little numb and my bum isn’t used to being on my saddle for that long. perhaps a picnic at the halfway point is in order.
i’d like to tidy up the soft goods room; matt’s brother is coming to stay next week because his work couldn’t find suitable overnight accommodations and basically told him to “figure it out.” it’s because epic is having some sort of conference where a billion people show up and there isn’t a hotel to be reserved for miles.
i also have a copy of the chicago manual of style that i want to read. exciting stuff!

missed anniversary

tomorrow is friday the thirteenth, which reminded me that i totally missed my six-year anniversary of homeownership; i closed on july, 13th. a friday. i’m not superstitious, just a little stitious (thanks michael scott!).
in the grand scheme of things, six years doesn’t seem that long. but, it sometimes feels like i’ve been in that house forever. maybe that’s why i wanted to buy it.
or maybe it’s because the me that bought the house is a far cry from the me that lives there now.
more pictures!:
one of our tomato harvests… we weren’t interested in canning these, so they’re now in the freezer.
i came downstairs one morning to martin’s foot sticking out over the top of the cat tree:
so i held my camera up over my head to get a better view:
and here’s jones with arty aardvark:


these short weeks at work always seem the longest, with people trying to shove 40 hours worth of work into four days, failing because it’s impossible.
i haven’t been sleeping well all week, which results in some expected side effects.
we don’t have much planned this weekend, outside of the usual chores and csa pick-up. i’m looking forward to not doing a whole lot and trying to enjoy the end of the summer. pretty soon, i’ll have to find my long john’s, get up extra early to warm up the car, and not see daylight unless it’s a day that starts with an ‘s’.


it’s been a while. the long weekend (with a labor day party) kept me away from my computer for some time.
the party was another success, with a few hiccups in the middle. there was plenty of food and, of course, we have some left over.
one thing that i don’t care for is that it makes my holiday weekend go by much too quickly. friday is spent grocery shopping and then slaving over food in the kitchen, saturday morning involves more food prep and hot ovens, and then entertaining all night, sunday is spent sleeping in and cleaning.
i think i have to come up with a plan that’s more manageable for memorial day next year. or maybe the beginning-of-the-year party is less stressful because the sun stays out later.
any way, it’s back to the grind and now i have the orb to look forward to.
* i had to turn off comments (not that anyone was going to) because i’m getting a ton of comment spam on this post for some reason.
i’ll leave you with some photos:
nero has pretty much come out of his shell. he’s hopping up on the couch and hanging out, at least for a little while.
here’s toony and nero hanging out on the rug:
and a happy moment! the ladies are done moulting and they all laid: