now i’m getting kinda stressed… i keep thinking of all the things that need to be done.
bag in the dog poop garbage
de-poop the yard
pull a bunch of weeds in the yard
get cat food
clean the bathroom
compile grocery list
grocery shop (this wouldn’t be such a deal, but i want to get an item that is only available at asian markets, which means driving to the other side of the world)
make and/or prep everything on the menu
fall down, exhausted
i’ll have to remind matt to bring home some bloody mary mix.


it’s been almost unbearable lately. we had to break down and put the big a/c in the first floor window… most so the animals don’t die. it was an amazingly cool 80° last night in the living room, while i was in the kitchen making pizza with a 550° oven. that was fun!
i had some broccoli and peppers to use from the csa, so they topped the pizza along with some yellow onion.
i’m excited for this weekend… i love making all the food. a friend at work always suggests that i should open a restaurant, but after being on the outer edge of watching my friends open their pizzeria, i don’t know that i’d be able to.

final countdown

i’m not sure if my not being really very stressed about the party this weekend is because i’ve been doing it for so long? or because i’ve been doing it for so long.
there’s a subtle difference.
on the one hand, i feel like i’ve got it down, and i have a good helper, and jones doesn’t really bark that much anymore when people arrive.
on the other hand, what if i tire of it and that’s why? i don’t really think that’s the case, but it occurred to me for a blip of a second on the way home from brunch yesterday.
something that also occurred to me today is that i think i would really enjoy being a personal chef. as long as the person/family didn’t want steak and hamburgers all the time.
anyhoo, we just have a little more cleaning to do (namely the toilet) and the grocery list to make and shop for, and the foods!


i wanted nothing more than to keep sleeping this morning. but alas, that will have to wait til tomorrow. hopefully. i’d like to start up running again, but thinking of running as opposed to sleeping is difficult.
we’ll start on the house today; mowing, whacking, vacuuming, scrubbing. i’d like to clean up the study, too, while we’re at it. maybe we’ll save the menu planning for tomorrow, after we get our csa box.


i’m feeling in a rut.
anyway, our labor day party is a mere nine days away and we haven’t nailed down the menu, or cleaned the house, or mowed, or de-weeded. this weekend will be a busy one; hopefully it won’t rain.
i’m pretty sure our menu will be a repeat of the last few; i’m glad we have so much basil in the garden, it’s going to come in handy.
i can’t decide if i want to make dough for mini calzones, or just use pillsbury. i don’t like the idea of using white flour dough, but it’s way easier (and fun!) to pop open those tubes.
in other news, and to fill up the blog since it’ll look bare without pictures:
this very nice fella brought his vintage car to the tavern last week and i snapped a picture. it’s a 1974 firebird; four years older than my first car.
i’ve also had this unidentified plant growing in various places around the yard, but haven’t seen it anywhere else. i don’t know what it is, but this is the seed or flower or something:
this might explain a bit of my mood lately… i was doing a javascript tutorial at code academy and they asked me to create a variable “myJob” and give it a value:
and lastly, i’ve been trying to make tamago with our yummy-fresh eggs. i need to get some kelp flakes to make dashi. here’s an attempt, a little browner than necessary, but still delicious:

speaking of habits

we need to get back to running. the heat of july put a stop to things, and we need to get back into it.
also, i made the grave mistake of getting on the scale yesterday. so, instead of having a grilled cheese at the bar, i made zucchini pizza bites, only using up a little bit of a huge zucchini that a friend gave me. i still have another whole one from the csa in my crisper!


i’ve been making my work lunches pretty regularly for a little over two years now, save for unplanned outings with the coworkers here and there… now if i could just stop ordering out for dinner.
i’m a pretty good cook… i’m just not interested, lately, in flitting about the kitchen after i get home. i need to do something about it, tho. because last night, in a fit of ocd, i purged the fridge of everything that wasn’t pickled, fermented, or water-based.
it was a lot.
i felt badly.
i still have csa veggies to use (zucchini, eggplant, fennel, cabbage), plus cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash from the garden. my problem is that i make enough for eighteen people and matt doesn’t like any of it; so it sits in the fridge until it grows a nice coat of fur and i have to toss it.

it could be worse

after that shitty meeting a mere three weeks ago, we started working on rewriting our job descriptions to be more accurate, and to have a better title (front end design technologist doesn’t roll off the tongue well). since then, a colleague got a promotion and hr approved the job titles, so now i’m an associate front end developer. this is disheartening because they haven’t worked on the job descriptions for the entry-level (me, entry level?) or the mid, so now i get to wait to see if they’ll even bother “promoting” me to the next level up or not.
yea, it could be worse, but it still stinks.

summer’s over?

at least fifteen of the blogs i read have mentioned that summer is over.
this simply is not true.
not to mention that the fall equinox isn’t until the end of september, we still haven’t had labor day, or the willy st fair. so summer definitely isn’t over.
that said, i am noticing the sun is in her different places… driving to work, she’s in my left eye more now… the shadows are longer while walking the dogs after work. it’s almost “bring a hoodie” time in the evenings, just in case the bike ride home is too chilly.
speaking of, i need to get a proper hoodie again. the ones i’ve been sporting are practically see through, so they won’t do for winter-wear.
enough about winter! our garden isn’t done growing. we just picked four more cucumbers and a spaghetti squash… the tomatoes won’t stop, for which the chickens are thankful. we have a ton of swiss chard, and i’m not sure what to do with it. also many types of basil and dill. the corn isn’t doing much, except for holding up the beans.
summer is not over!

too fast again

another weekend gone by.
matt was lucky enough to get my hand-me-down ipad, so we’re both enjoying our new toys. i had started on a comic, but a friend of mine was playing with the app yesterday and didn’t save the changes… so i get to start over! :)
i’ve been absolutely exhausted this weekend, for some reason. i laid down on saturday at about 8:15 with the intent of taking a 15 minute nap, but my phone didn’t wake me, so i woke up at midnight when matt came to bed. then i proceeded to sleep until 10:30 sunday morning. after brunch and frivolity, i came home and took a nap! wtf?
i’m off work this friday, so hopefully the week will go by quickly.