right now

my first-world-problem is trying to decide if i should buy a new ipad to continue with my comics because my 1st gen ipad isn’t compatible with the app(s) that i need to use.
it’s also slow, and isn’t supported by ios6.
so i just ordered it and it’ll be to my work on monday (they require a signature for the spendy toys).

what a nice weekend

friday night, we went to grampa’s again. i feel like this might be a repeating event for friday nights… as long as we get there before 6; that seems to be when they start getting overly busy.
on saturday, i was awake at 7:30. :/ we walked the dogs and then ran for the first time in two and a half weeks. it wasn’t so bad, i’d like to keep it up i guess.
then matt put the trailer on the bike and we went to pick up our fourth csa (i can’t believe it’s been two months already!)
later that night, i made cauliflower popcorn and cornbread, and we made one-pot spaghetti.
we watched a lot of six feet under (we’re on the last season!) and went to bed.
i got these quiet spot dog tag silencer things because they tend to shake their heads when they want us to get up, resulting in their tags making a lot of noise. this will no longer happen. so on sunday, the dogs let me sleep til about 9.
i walked them and fiddled around in the house, cleaning up from the previous night’s dinner. i got myself to mickey’s for brunch, and both my mom and my cousin informed me that they’d be on their way! what a nice surprise.
after brunch, i came home to make kombucha and realized i didn’t have enough sugar. then, when matt got home, i realized i didn’t have any tea. :/ so we made an emergency trip to woodman’s.
then i made dal in my new pressure cooker. it was so yum.


it’s been so hard to get outta bed this week, i’m not sure why. i haven’t been staying up too terribly late, but when the alarm goes off, i snooze way longer than i should. luckily, the wheels at work don’t get started til about 8:45. even later (somehow) for some.
this weekend has little planned… the electrician is coming over around 3 to finish up (hopefully)… the only requirement for tomorrow is picking up the csa box (and trying to remember to drop off the previous boxes).
also, we have too many tomatoes.


this has been one of the more frustrating weeks i’ve had in a while.
my friends’ pizza place is being taken through the ringer just because they offered a more private location for a breastfeeding mom.
my electrician was almost six hours late on sunday to start a project that should have taken the day, but is now spanning the entire week.
i learned that our new across-the-street neighbor doesn’t like dogs and annoyedly asked another neighbor, “does someone around here have chickens?”
we had a meeting on tuesday that basically put in front of the entire marketing organization how little they value what me and my two cohorts do every day.
i described said meeting to matt last night and began crying out of frustration; and continued to cry the entire way home on my bike. people probably thought it was crazy.
i think i was most upset about being upset about it. idk.


we’ve been slacking… ever since we “graduated” from the c25k program, we haven’t run once. mostly because it’s been so hot that it would be dangerous, but secondarily because we really weren’t enjoying it *that* much (i don’t think). now that it’s cooled down a bit, i’d like to get back to it. tomorrow would be a good day to start back up. we should probably rewind a couple weeks in the program in order to ease back into it, don’t you think?
in other house related news, a high school (boy)friend of mine has been over a couple times to look at some electrical problems. i don’t know what genius wired the upstairs, but it was probably the same idiot who did the plumbing for the kitchen. don’t get me started on that.
i actually felt kinda like running last night, after a pretty crappy day at work, but it’s hard to motivate oneself.


when i took the first week of july off, i told myself that i wanted to master one of the many drawing programs that i have on my ipad in order to get back into my comics. if nothing else, they make me chuckle, even still.
that goal was not met; i don’t even think i picked up my ipad the whole week.
i have three good ideas for comics, and want to get them out there.
so, now it’s a goal for the summer. hopefully.


after my funny dream on thursday night, we ended up eating at grampa’s pizza on friday. we got there mere minutes before it became so busy that people were lined up out the door waiting for a seat!
we decided not to split a pizza, but each got our own. gil’s making his own meats, so matt thought he ought to go that route. i got the barberini. it was a really good pizza. we’ll definitely be back with bigger stomachs.
saturday morning, we got up, walked the dogs, and spent too much money and time doing errands.
we needed sand for the chicken run. i had read that the layer should be 6″, which meant we needed 32cu/ft of sand. imagine my surprise when we got to menards and the cost of that much sand came to about $160! since we’re budgeting for an unknown electrical installation cost, we opted to get 6 bags to see how far that would get us. matt also grabbed two huge “under bed” storage containers to use as litter boxes.
then, i was hungry and needed to eat before mounds. so i suggested a little cafe on monona drive called crema cafe. when we pulled up, i saw my cousin and his girlfriend getting out of his car! i run into them occasionally, and it always surprises me that it doesn’t happen more often.
i got the morning salad… not worth $8, but it was still yummy.
then we went to mounds to get food for the chickens, dogs, and cats; these animals are spendy.
then, off to woodman’s for human food. by the time we got home, it was almost 2:30! i cleaned up the kitchen, put away food, then helped matt sand and straw the run, fill the water, and treat the chickens with a cabbage.


last night’s dream was weird, or maybe it was this morning. anyway.
i was with matt at our friends’ new pizza place, grampa’s pizzeria at a table (which is weird, cuz we usually like to belly up to the bar, if there is one) and for some reason i was looking at the underside of the table and found a button. matt kept telling me it was just a sensor that would make this high-pitched buzzing sound when the table was tilted so the staff would know that they need to to fix wobbly tables (note to self, awesome idea!) and i insisted that it was also a button. so i pressed it.
a little red light on a board in the kitchen (which was also the bar, in my dream) went off, so i pressed the button again and yelled to gil, “sorry! i was just messing around!” and he responded with, “fine! i’ll find something on the menu that no one orders and get it out to you.” which is apparently what the button is for? i don’t remember.
the next part of the dream brought us out back (there is a huge yard behind grampa’s) but next door was a feline rescue place owned by your typical east side lesbians. they were having a sort of cat yard sale in their back yard. blankets were set out with cats and kittens hanging out. they tried to get us to come over and look but i said, “no more feet!”, which is our current household rule.
things got a little fuzzy after this. and then i think i woke up.


maybe it’s not a habit… maybe it’s just an idiosyncrasy.
when i was 13, i had a paper route. eventually, i came to dislike how long it took and how i was likely missing out on something else that i wanted to do; namely, watch my favorite movies. at some point, i hooked up the tape player to the amplifier and watched the princess bride while recording it on cassette. i distinctly remember having to pause the movie in order to flip the tape over, accounting for the lacuna that occurs at the beginning and end of the magnetic tape.
i’d take mom’s honkin’ sony walkman on my paper route and listen to the movie. i’d seen it so many times that it didn’t matter not having the visual, it was (still is!) etched into my brain.
fast forward 23 years and after making gallons and gallons of kombucha for two years, i needed something to listen to that wasn’t music or netflix.
i pulled out my trusty ol’ ipod onto which i’ve burned several favorite movies; not that the tiny screen would ever be the best way to watch a film, as david lynch would attest to.
and while i spent an hour in the sweaty kitchen, brewing up two batches of delicious booch, i listened to final destination, pausing to watch the scary bits.

many faces to feed

the chickens are not enjoying this heat. i won’t be surprised if one or more stop laying for a couple days. it’s supposed to get tolerable by friday.
they seem to be going to bed earlier than i expect, but that’s probably because the sun is setting ever so earlier each day.
here’s ginger ready to sleep (pardon the levels, it was dark in the coop):
nero is finally coming around. he’s still skittish, but he’ll ask to be pet and then i tell him to get up on the cat tree and he does. then he rolls around like a silly fool until he almost falls off.
martin and burnie have become buddies. he’ll chase her around and attack her, then begin a bath. here’s the middle of that:
and, nora was on the couch, being cute so matt made them cuter.