week four, day three & week five

i can’t believe we’re running.
week four, day three was ok. we decided to take a different route, up fair oaks and east on the bike path. it wasn’t nearly as interesting; one straight shot there and back again. it made the return trip seem a lot farther because we could see the bike path intersecting with fair oaks, which is where we would be scheduled to start the final cool-down walk. so, i guess it was more torturous than less interesting.
yesterday was the start of week five. this week consists of the regular warm up walk, then run five, walk three, run five, walk three, run five.
we got all suited up and i said to jones, “wanna come with?” and he ran to the front door. since he didn’t seem to hate the other time we brought him along, i figured it would be ok. he was quite the show off for the first bout, running almost faster than me, but by the time we were on the final stretch, he was nearly behind me to the right. i had to run behind matt so we would all three fit on the sidewalk.
it was pretty humid, so that didn’t help much, but it actually didn’t seem to be too terrible.

week four, day two

i’ve determined that it’s about 65% less hellish to run with matt than it is to run by myself.
it was nice and cool last night, and a little misty, so that helped. we got further during the brisk walk than in the past, and ran-walked ran-walked through the ankle pain, the thigh-yelling, the sheer exercise of it all.
near the end, a spry young fella came bounding around the corner, practically leaping as if to channel mercury, and i said, “show off!”. i think he heard me cuz i saw a smirk. or else he was chuckling to himself at how ridiculously slow we were going.
when it was over, i think i said, “that was awful.” and then about a minute later, in all seriousness, “wasn’t that fun?!”
after our routine stretches, we finished up an episode of six feet under and then we made egg sammiches on ciabatta buns for dinner.

week four, day one

in retrospect, it wasn’t that bad. but, last night i hated every running minute of it.
the total running time increased from last week by over 50%. i think that’s not fair.
i didn’t make it all the way through either five-minute stint without stopping to walk for about ten seconds to reflect on wtf i was even doing running in the first place.
it sucks running solo, too. so, that didn’t help at all.
maybe tomorrow will be better? who knows.

matt’s bday

we decided, late yesterday afternoon, to cancel the run because it would cut into birthday festivities, so after we both got home and walked the dogs, we headed to mickey’s to see friends before dinner.
after that, we biked up the path to tempest. i was particularly excited to see what they’d done with the place, since it used to be magnus, and i loved going there before they went the scandanavian route. tempest redesigned the whole inside, making it a lot brighter (white paint and glass bottles) and more open.
it was nice because we knew both of the bartenders; matt knew sean from coming to the bar, and i knew jeanette from a hundred years ago when cap city tattoo used to be a coffee shop.
i don’t have time to go into too much details right now, but the mussels were great, the oyster shots were super, matt loved the crab legs, and i have had better tuna.
on the way home, we stopped at wilson’s because we basically gave them up when i determined that their menu is at least 50% responsible for my weight gain in the last two years. but we had to say hi to brian, our favorite bartender there. a couple of unexpected friends were there, as well, so it was a nice round out to the evening.
i got matt home safely and poured myself into bed.

week three, day three

we got up a little later than desired on saturday morning, but it was kinda cool out so there was no excuse not to run.
once again, i was glad it was over when it was over. it’s really not *that* much work … week three is a total of 10 minutes running over the 30 minutes; tho i can’t even imagine that in a month, we’ll be running 30 minutes straight. O.O
tonight, we’ll start week four before going to tempest for matt’s birthday dinner. if we make it!