for some reason, today makes me feel like i’m not doing with my life what i should be; i’m not sure what to do about it, though.

week seven, day one

we skipped the monday run because matt has a hand injury and wanted it to heal a little more. i kinda wish we’d have run, tho, because the humidity was about 80% less than yesterday.
we walked the dogs after work, and the return trip was mostly sun and sweat, so i suggested we wait a little while, i was thinking about a half hour.
by the time we got eggs, checked the gardens, biscuitted and fed the dogs, changed into gear, filled water bottles, assembled ipod and key into holder, it was 30 minutes later.
we sighed and headed out the door. this whole week, it’s the warm up walk, followed by 25 minutes of running and then the cool down walk.
we made it about nine minutes before the humidity had oppressed us enough to walk. we walked a handful of times, but not for very long. it was mostly just to drink out of our bottles without exerting too much energy.
after she told us we were halfway, i felt as though i got a little lighter and it was easier to run, but then we rounded a corner where there was no shade for a couple blocks and my gumption had been beaten.
our loop was a little short, so we had to modify the last minute by running up a block so we could walk back through the park.
on the way through, a friends’ wife was pushing her kids on the swing set and she yelled, “you look super cute in that outfit!” and i said, “no one is supposed to see me in this! say hi to kevin!”
we got home, stretched, and cooled down.
we watched a little six feet under and then i made egg sandwiches with pepperjack cheese.

week six, day three

knowing how hot it would end up on saturday, we opted to run early. well, as early as 10:30 is… for some reason, i was totally pooped and slept til 10, so we didn’t get out of the house til 10:30. the dogs were highly confused because, usually, we walk them first and then run, but it was sprinkling a little, so we decided to run in the rain.
then make breakfast. then walk the dogs. they hated waiting.
the run was ok… i think i actually felt good about it fifteen minutes in. matt could tell that i picked up speed; i think i was just anxious to get it over with.
anyway, the last two weeks of the program are all just running with no walking, so i guess we’re officially runners.
maybe we should celebrate with some sushi. :)

week six, day two

this time, it was run ten, walk three, run ten.
i hated it.
i hated it when we got to the last block before dempsey because it is a relatively steep hill. i stopped one second before she said, “begin walking.”
that was the shortest three minutes of my life, i think. so far, anyway.
on the run home, we were facing the sun. there are trees most of the way, but there’s a little stretch of about 30 feet that has no shade protection at all. it was miserable. i think that’s where i felt like dieing. i made it to about 9:30 and had to stop prematurely.
i have no idea how we’re going to survive tomorrow’s 22 minute run.
in other news, if the weather cooperates, we’re going to bike around the lake tomorrow.


i drive pretty aggressively… but i am *very* safe and have every sense on alert when i’m in my car. i also don’t like to be behind people who drive slowly.
this morning, as i headed to work, i got behind a woman who was doing 45 down hwy 113 (which is a 55mph zone), in the left lane. at the first opportunity, i passed her and ended up in front of her at the lights to turn onto hwy m. i peered into my rear view mirror just as she held up her smartphone and snap a picture of the rear of my car. i saw the flash, and thought, “that’s odd.”
so we turn onto hwy m and it’s always backed up forever, so i stick my iphone out my car window and take a picture of her car, since that seems to be the fun thing going on at the time. unfortunately, it was the forward-facing camera, so her plate is kinda blurry.
as i try to merge into the right lane, she gets into the left turn lane to go to willow road and rolls her passenger window down to shout, “i’m reporting you for tailgating, baby!”
to which i respond, “oh! ok!” and i smiled.
i was puzzled at this. she was *behind* me when the picture was taken, she is obviously not right in the head, and there is no way i’m getting a ticket for something that no one saw. i thought to myself, “there are a million other infractions i could get in trouble for and some pedestrian, old lady is going to pick that one?”
i don’t even know how someone would go about reporting anyone like this.
anyway, i haven’t had any traffic infractions since i was 17, and maybe 10 parking tickets in the last 15 years, i doubt anyone is going to infer that i’m a “follow too closely” driver.
tomorrow morning, when i see her, i’ll tell her i have a cop for a brother.

week six, day one

i thought it would be way easier than saturday. it was run five, walk three, run eight, walk three, run five.
i barely made it four minutes into the first run and had to walk for a couple seconds. the heat and humidity made it very difficult to breathe; it kinda felt like i was going to drown.
almost halfway through the eight minutes, i had to stop again. there’s a hill at our halfway point and it killed me. the second half of the run was tolerable. i made it without stopping at all.
when we had about three minutes left, i think my body just decided that i had to keep moving because that is what i was there to do. in any event, when she happily told us to begin our cool-down, my throbbing head thanked her.
i’m glad we don’t run again til thursday. we’ll be running twenty minutes with a three minute walk in the middle. O.o

week five, day three

i guess we’re officially runners now. i just calculated the run from saturday, and it appears it wasn’t a whole 2 miles, but 1.6, which is fine with me.
we walked a couple times in the middle, but according to other runner friends, that didn’t count against us.
one thing i’ve learned from talking to people who run is that everyone hates it.
people are already trying to get us to do hash runs and 10ks. to which we both shake our heads.
oh, i’ve also lost 4 pounds.

week five, day two

last night, we ventured out of the house for the middle of week five. we’ve taken to saying, “i love you.” when she tells us to run, as if it is the last time we’ll see each other because we won’t make it to the end.
you’ll recall the start of week five and how it was seemingly impossible to run for five minutes straight, but i think having jones with, and listening to music might have helped. i need to work on a speedy playlist.
we started on our regular route, through the neighborhood. it still amazes me how close we are to olbrich, woodmans, and cottage grove road just because the roads turn in such a way.
anyhoo, we get almost to walter st and i wonder why we’re still running since we’ve passed the gun-totin’ house on hargrove (“i don’t call 911” with a picture of a handgun) and it feels like we should have been walking by then. i look down at my arm and it says 4:37, to which i responded, “hay!” i stop so i can read the description of the schedule upside down. “jog for eight minutes, walk for three minutes, jog for eight minutes.” WHAT?! that’s not the same as last time!
apparently, mixing it up is part of the program. :/
saturday dictates that we run for 20 minutes straight. i don’t know what sort of trickster came up with this c25k schedule, but they obviously did it after completing a 5k; and i want to punch him in the throat.


to extend my comment yesterday about getting things done, i have been feeling lately like i don’t have much time to do things, or maybe i’m just not making time to do things. i really want to tidy up the study; get stuff off the floor, do something with that computer that hasn’t worked in over a year, arrange books differently.
i also want to make time for things for us to do. we keep meaning to bike around the lake, and i feel like i’ve been itching to canoe to mickey’s (at least more-so than last year). but there is so much to be done that it feels like we can’t make the time. maybe it’s cuz we’ve introduced running into our schedule and it squeezes everything else a bit. i’m probably just not used to it yet.
anyway, this summer i want to bike around the lake, canoe to mickey’s, and clean up the den; maybe during my little vacation at the end of this month.


some weekends, i surprise myself with the amount of things i get done; this sunday was one of them.
i woke up, walked the dogs, make rhubarb crisp, biked to breakfast, came home, loaded the dishwasher, made two batches of kombucha, made quiche, made my salads for lunch (with matt’s help).
that took the whole entire day.
i can’t imagine getting anything done if i had to take care of a wee one.