week three, day two

in between downpours, we managed to sneak in our run last night. the humidity made it pretty sticky, and the sun had come out after a brief rain, so it wasn’t very cool either.
we didn’t make it as far as we did on monday; i’ll blame the weather for that. i’m also getting sick of crossing walter st. it’s probably the only intersection that we have to worry about, and it can get pretty busy.
anyway, we did the reps and didn’t die. by the end of the last three minute run, i think i kinda felt good. it was weird. i thought to myself, “well, it’s not so bad.” and was able to keep going.
the last haul-ass minute, tho, i stopped about half a second before she said “begin your cool down!”
hopefully we’ll get up early enough tomorrow morning to beat the heat.


we finally got some plants in the ground. mom and geo came over with the “ez-hoe” tiller so we could drum up some of the ground in the back forty for our three sisters plants. we also put five tomato plants in dirt, along with some cucumbers, pepperoncinis, radishes, dill, and basil. since i have a pressure cooker now, we will safely be able to can in small batches. which is good because we run out of freezer room pretty quickly!
updates and photos to come.
here is a nice snapshot from our party on saturday. i am pretty sure i’m inside in the kitchen, and matt is over to the right playing bocce ball.

week two, day three & week three, day one

the weekend went by in a blur. i barely even remember running on friday, it was such an insignificant part of the whole thing… i think i remember it being very warm and that didn’t help much. we completed the week, tho. we spent much of friday and saturday on our feet so, it didn’t help the leg muscles relax.
by the time monday came around for us to start week three, i was *not* looking forward to it. week three is 90 seconds running/walking, followed by 3 minutes running/walking, times two. three minutes! omg. i didn’t think i’d be able to finish the second rep. but by the time we got to the last minute of running at the very end, i wasn’t feeling too terrible.
i just looked at week four’s regimen. that probably wasn’t a good idea. :/

week two, day two

i think i figured out the reason why most people don’t exercise: time, there’s not enough of it.
i knew i had a lot of things to do after work, so i snuck out a little early. this never actually has a positive effect on my getting home early, but i do it anyway for mental health.
after staring at the radar, and the road, the whole way home. i determine that i will, most definitely, be running in some sort of precipitation. i figure it will be a welcome change from the 90° run on monday.
after the brief dog walk, i tried to decide if i should just go for it, or wait for a small cell to pass. almost immediately after checking the grill regulator for a leak, it started pouring. i began to change into runningbekee and walk around the house aimlessly.
even though my ipod holder’s packaging touted that it was waterproof, i’ve come to realize that is never ever ever true. ever. so, i wrapped it up in a plastic produce bag from woodman’s, secure in the knowledge that my ipod wouldn’t be ruined.
i told jones to watch the house and i headed out.
the walk was nice, the first run was ok, but since the walk times in between are now 2 minutes, it gave me just enough time to get comfortable before that happy gal told me to start running again. by the time i turned around (“you’re halfway!”), i had started talking to myself, “come on. come on.” my ankles were burning, i almost stopped.
but i didn’t. after the last 2 minute walk, the cheery b*[email protected]) says, “one minute left!” and you’re supposed to haul ass. i made it about 45 seconds, at a slow jog.
two things i noticed that were improvements from monday, my side stitch didn’t show up until about a block later, and the halfway point was about 3 or 4 houses further.
when i got home, i showered, made a batch of kombucha… moving the hands of the clock further away from my normal dinner time of 7:30ish. i decided that i couldn’t justify my usual glass nickel meal, because i had no small change for a tip and salad fixings in the fridge.
while making the booch, i defrosted something from the freezer that i had made with last year’s tomatoes. after the tea was safely put away, i started dinner: whole wheat gemelli and sauce with spinach.
i’m not really looking forward to running on friday… maybe it’ll be easier with matt there.

week two, day one

we got water bottles to carry while running, because it’s just a little too long to go without hydrating. we started out with the standard, brisk, 5-minute walk and then the cheery “begin running!” lady told us to get going. the first half of the whole thing seemed to be ok, my shins didn’t even hurt that much, but by the time we turned around, my calves hurt, my face was red, my water was almost gone (matt finished his before the halfway point) and i was running out of steam.
we took a longer than normal break in the middle to stop at the olbrich ball park to refill our bottles, then took off back down the (closed) bike path. i think that made the last few runs a little more tolerable.
tomorrow will be another solo run for both of us, then i think we’re going to switch to mon, thurs, sat so we can run together… thursdays and saturdays could prove difficult because of matt’s work schedule, and the weekend traffic on the bike path and meeting mom for csa splitting.
i keep wondering when it will get easier.

week one, day three

we did the same route as before, the only difference is that we brought the dogs. their digestive system interrupted the 5 minute warm-up walk, but i paused the app so we could clean up after them. we left the bags in the locations they chose, hoping any of the homeowners who were staring out their window would trust that we’d pick them up on the return trip; i really didn’t feel like carrying poop for 2 miles.
jones had a blast. he likes to hop/prance along and the only difficulty was getting him not to want to stop and pee while we were in the running bits. nora did ok for about the first quarter, then she refused to cooperate… matt had to encourage her almost every 10 seconds. she’s built to be a sprinter, not a long distance runner.
we won’t be bringing them along anymore… which is a shame, because the dog walk plus the run adds almost an extra hour (the regimen plus changing into/out of running clothes and stretching) to my post-work time; this is something to consider if i or we want to move the run to the morning. i can’t see myself getting up an hour earlier than i do now, but we’ll see. there’s a surprise around every corner.
we’ll begin week two tonight, the change is that both running and walking gets an added 30 seconds, so we’ll end up going farther than last week. we might even make it all the way to dempsey. i wish we could use the bike path because there are fewer car intersections, but they’ve been tearing it up by the olbrich softball diamonds for a long while now.
i haven’t decided if it’s fun or frustrating, trying to figure out a new route each week. i like to think it’s distracting me from the actuality of running.


i’m not sure when it happened, but after we decided we were going to do this silly running thing, we knew shoes would be important.
i like to support local businesses when we can, and shoes are something that should be tried on… so we went to catalyst last saturday in order to prepare for our new endeavor.
the wife half of the owners was there and she was really friendly and helpful. they have a treadmill in the shop, and she uses it and a digital camera to record your feet while running to make sure you get an appropriate pair of shoes to fit the way you come up off the ground. we both ended up being pretty flat, which i think means we can get any kind of shoe? i’m not sure. she brought us each three pairs to try on. she also was kind enough to bring us shoes that were on sale since she knew it was our first time.
i mentioned to the same running coworker that told me about the stretches that it was like running on pillows!
here they are:

week one, day two

yesterday was a solo run for both of us. matt works wednesdays, so he ran earlier. when i got home, i walked the dogs on a quick leash-walk so i could get the run over with. a leash walk is just a couple blocks, otherwise they just meander all over the park and it takes too long.
i put on my modified running outfit (monday was a little cooler), and popped the ipod holder onto my arm and headed out the door. the first minute of jogging reminded me that my shins hurt, but it went really quickly. i decided i wanted to figure out how far i’m traveling while doing this week’s training, so i just took the sidewalk and followed as straight of a line as i could. it appears it’s just over two miles round trip, which can be seen here.
there are eight repeats of running/walking, so this time i kept count… i’m not sure if it was a
good idea or not. during the second to last run, i had to tell myself to get going.
i also figured out that when the app says, “there’s one minute left!”, we’re supposed to book it like there’s no tomorrow. oops!
needs for future: new shorts and a water bottle.


i mentioned to a running co-worker that my legs seemed to get more sore as the day went by and he reminded me that i needed to stretch!
i had completely forgotten this step in an exercise routine, so i made him show me. apparently, you hold all of these for 15 seconds (don’t forget to do both sides!)*:
hands on a surface, back leg extended straight and front with knee bent.
hold yourself up, grab foot with hand and push knee backwards.
leg extended on surface, toe pointed up. bend forward at the waist.
hip (he described this one standing, but i prefer the sitting method):
sit and put an ankle up on a knee. push knee to ground while leaning forward.
place bottom of foot vertically on surface with a straight leg, gently lean forward.
i just realized this will add 2.5 minutes to the duration; i wonder if it should be done before or after the cool down walk.
*i am not a doctor. don’t blame or sue me if you hurt yourself.

week one, day one

after donning makeshift running clothes, we clumsily stepped out of the house, sans heavy bag, wallet, and coats; it felt kind of vulnerable.
the first five minutes of the 30-minute workout is a brisk, warm-up walk. we stumbled through that as we tried to get our apps synced to the same time. eventually, we just used mine and i indicated run/walk times.
after the walk, a cute, little voice says, “begin running!” all cheery like. what a jerk.
so we run. 60 seconds has never felt so long. i thought of my new shoes and how expensive they were, and the sports bra that is a little too small (understatement?), but i hope the running will make it fit better in a couple weeks. then, the cheery voice says, “begin walking!”. i sigh and slow down.
thankfully, my brain was kept busy processing a decent route for us to make some sort of circle back to home, without really knowing how far we were going to run in total.
instead of my first plan of going halfway and then turning around, we meandered through the neighborhood between woodman’s and cottage grove road and olbrich. when cheery-lady said, “you’re halfway done!” i thought, “only halfway? omg.” so we kept on running and walking. right when the cool-down five-minute walk started we had just gotten to olbrich, so we ended up cooling down on the way home from there.
all in all, it wasn’t so bad. my legs are pretty sore today, but it’s the type of sore that makes you feel like you did something good to deserve it.
the regimen recommends running three days a week, with a break in between. so, tomorrow, i’ll run by myself after work. i had intended on bringing the dogs, but i’m not sure now. it might be a little too distracting for the first week. i’ll see how i feel tomorrow… if i walk them first and then go run, it adds an extra 45 minutes to the evening’s routine. if i bring them with, they will have to follow along, and it might be a steep learning curve.