it’s finally nice here. the grass is turning green, the birds are waking me up at 4am, the cats are play fighting all the time.
we’re a little late starting any seeds this year, but there is still time. with all the wet we’re supposed to get this week, the garden should be good and soft for digging up last year’s remains.
we’re going to attempt three sisters planting this year, which is a little funny because matt likes none of those vegetables.
all the feets are doing well. the cats are happy to have a window open to sit in now.

long bday week

we started the week off cleaning the house on saturday. i mopped the kitchen floor for the first time in an embarrassingly long time while matt cleaned the living room and cat boxes.
sunday was a regular sunday… matt had to work and i brunched as per usual.
monday, matt had to do books and work his regular shift, so i made a couple batches of booch and took a nap so i could hang out later than usual.
tuesday, we went to mickey’s for and killed some time there, then went downtown to takara for dinner. the host, peter, seemed to take a liking to matt (this is relevant for later).
wednesday, i wanted a portabella sandwich from the harmony, but it was pouring rain… so we went anyway. i dug my hunter-orange raincoat out of the closet and we donned our rain pants and set off. after lunch, we went to wilson’s before matt had to work (the drinks are much cheaper there!), i went home and took another nap (these are getting quite popular) and when i woke, i had a craving for tex tubb’s and thought i’d give it another try. i hoped that they didn’t know who i was, but everything went swimmingly!
thursday, i started getting a cold. scratchy throat and congestion… we didn’t do much to note.
friday, mom grabbed us from mickey’s and we went back to takara for lunch! peter greeted us and remembered matt and was very nice. the waitress was weird, tho. we were home by 6 and tried to get a fire going, but everything was too wet.
saturday, matt had to make bloody mix cuz, so he let me sleep in a little and i caught up with him later.
sunday was a regular sunday.
and now i have to go back to work. :/


i’ve determined that my emergency soup from monday gives me terrible heartburn. though, i’m not sure why or how. so i scraped the buns from my failed attempt at chickpea burgers and mushed them all up and made enchiladas for lunch today.

noodle butt

we hung out last night extra long because i dropped her off at the vet this morning for a full dental cleaning. we tried doing doggy maintenance days a couple summers ago, but her gums were already so bad that she would just bleed and i felt badly…
when i left, she was nervous and pacing, but not panting (which is usually what she does), it was hard to say bye because i once lost a ferret during a routine procedure. granted, she was full of tumors and it was probably better for her in the long run.
so, now i’m nervous until they call to tell me she’s woken up.


*warning* gratuitous animal pictures will follow!
on sunday, i decided that it had been too long since we took the dogs to garver on a walk, so we trekked through the park and down starkweather drive, where there’s a little path that goes up to the train tracks and over the creek by olbrich and back down behind the garver feed mill.
we got all the way to where it picks up and comes out on fair oaks, and i realized that the city uses that space as a place to put snow in the winter. and it wasn’t snow anymore, it was one big puddle… so we had to go all the way around the outside, right by the creek, and navigate through dead trees and straw, just so my feet wouldn’t get wet.
jones got to show off his climbing skills, tho:

it was so nice out this weekend, that we had the front door open for a little while. i caught almost all of the cats in one shot:
and nero is getting more and more brave. this is him in martin’s spot under the coffee table:
burnie is also warming up to us, she will sit right next to me on the couch.
also, i made bean burgers for lunches this week, but they didn’t hold together enough for my liking. my lunch table was a mess yesterday, so i decided that an emergency soup was in order. i had a “kleen pak soup mix” from the last grocery trip to use up, and some extra celery (pro-tip: store celery in tin foil, not in the bag it came in—it will last for weeks). so i chopped and threw all of this into my medium slow cooker with two bouillon cubes, and now i have soup for the rest of the week!


a four-day weekend always goes by too quickly. i didn’t even sleep in that much.
we had a most excellent dinner on thursday night at sushi muramoto. they had just been closed for a few days to remodel/upgrade some stuff, so the fish had just arrived hours before we got there. we ordered a whole lot and ate it all; the waiter was impressed.
we stayed out very late, and played crimes against humanity at mickey’s with some friends.
on saturday, a handful of us went to ho-chunk … i don’t think i need to ever do that again. i played blackjack, tho. it was fun cuz we all took over one table.
sunday was a regular brunchy day. afterwards, i came home and made some vegan burger patties and threw them in the freezer. i think i’ll save them for next week since after i made those, i made some fun looking pasta in order to use up some sauce. i made too much so i’ll have it for lunches this week.
i’m hoping the next couple weeks go by smoothly, and then birthday week!

some days

it feels really good to be who i am.
the dogs wouldn’t let me sleep in, so i was up around 9. we took a nice, leisurely walk around the park and i bundled up to go see matt at the tavern. i was sure they’d be busy for easter, but it wasn’t too bad. i got to hang out with some friends and had fun trying to ignore some people. we tried to go to ace to get a new lightbulb for the front door, but they were closed for the holiday.
we got home and i started making my vegan burger patties for lunches for the week, then i whipped together some pasta for dinner. then i passed out for three hours. i guess it’s not the day of rest for no reason :)
i’m off work today, the first of april, and we’re planning on getting lunch at lazy jane’s, since a certain someone doesn’t work on mondays.
we also need to try for that lightbulb again.