ugh, technology.

i did it again. i accidentally deleted a bunch of comments from my blog. you see, every few days, i have to go through and clear out 200+ comments that are spam, but sometimes i forget to filter them first.
also, i’ve been running on the same old version of movabletype for years, and really should upgrade, but i don’t want to further mess anything up.
also! i need to get my photos that i took off my phone onto a cloud server so i don’t lose them, but dropbox has a limit that i think i’ve exceeded.
and, i have to do my taxes today.

day 30

“anything you want to post about”
last time
i’m really looking forward to this weekend… i took friday off and we have monday as a company holiday. matt and i are celebrating thursday with a date night. when i mentioned that to a coworker, he said, “you don’t have kids, why do you have to plan a date night?” and i responded that i can tend to turn our evenings into a project with cleaning involved, so we have to deliberately do something different. we’re going to sardine.
friday, we have to get the youngest kitty to the vet. they need to see her to determine that she’s healthy enough to be spayed (read: they need to take $40 from us in order to tell us she’s good for a $70 surgery :/ ).
then, i might need a nap in order to make it to the show we’re seeing at the high noon. there are two opening bands, and the show starts at 9:30, so murder by death probably won’t even come on stage til 11:30! i also need to remember to downsize my bag; i don’t need to bring my enormous messenger bag to a show.
that leaves us to sleeping in on saturday… we just have to remember to let the chickens out at a reasonable time. ever since we installed the pop door, they don’t care for being stuck inside much later than 8 and will force the pop door open and squeeze out if we don’t let them out in a timely fashion.
i suppose, at some point, we’ll have to grocery shop. it’s too early for me to decide what will be my lunches for next week.

day 28

“do you wish for anything at 11:11? if so, what do you wish for?”
last time
most recently, it was something along the lines of doing something different with my life… right now, it’s just a twinkle in my eye.

day 26

“what are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?”
last time
matt cuddling me in the morning
hearing the chickens yelling to get out in the morning
when jones knows “spoonit!” and lays down next to me
smelling whatever is in the slow cooker after 5+ hours
waking up whenever i want to on sunday mornings

day 25

“would you rather date someone plain with an amazing persona or someone beautiful with a plain personality?”
last time
i’d rather date the someone that i’m dating now.


it already feels like the month is going to go by quickly… while i’m excited for spring, i’m not excited for time to slip away.
we’re getting a fourth and final cat this afternoon. she’ll likely need to be fixed soon because i’m not going to put up with a cat in heat. we did that once when i was a kid and it was terrible.
next weekend is the moen family christmas. we’re all meeting in prairie du chien on saturday the 12th… gramma and john live there, and they like to sleep in their bed (who can blame ’em?).
the weekend after, i’m hopefully taking the 18th off because we’d like to have a date night on thursday (it’s been a while) and there’s a murder by death show at the high noon. matt’s brother and sister-in-law are supposed to come for it, but i’m not sure if they’ve gotten tickets yet.
i hope this year doesn’t fly by like last; i have a few things i’d like to accomplish.

it’s 2013

we had a snow day on the 20th and were stuck in the house playing cribbage.
i couldn’t get out of my street and we had a friend over for a bonfire on the 21st.
we had more friends over on the 22nd, matt worked on the 23rd, we went to mom and geo’s for oyster stew on the 24th, we had a nice 25th putting together a bookshelf.
we got two new kitties (one won’t let me photograph him yet):
we got to walk on the creek (it never got cold enough last year):
and i made an omelet with fresh eggs from my chickens!