day 24

“seven things that cross your mind a lot”
last time

  1. deciding whether/when to refi
  2. figuring out what we can make for dinner if we get snowed in
  3. how nice it will be to sleep in for eleven days
  4. when to make seitan for my “solstice seitan stew” friday night
  5. when to make the rest of the stew
  6. the impending snowstorm and whether or not i’ll have to work tomorrow
  7. my sweets

day 23

“a letter to someone. anyone.”
last time
i love you more than anything. i’m so glad our paths met when they did. it’s been quite different with you in my life, and i am thankful for that.

day 22

“a picture of what you wore today”
last time
the lighting is bad again.
some bluejeans from kohl’s, cuddl duds, white socks, a brown shirt, and a blue hoodie.

day 21

last time
“turn ons and turn offs”
turn offs: business-speak, mouth breathing, bad tipping.
turn ons: being funny, and listening. also helping me in the kitchen.

day 20

“concerts you have attended”
last time
i’ve also seen murder by death twice now, and will be seeing them in january if we remember to buy tickets before they sell out.

day 18

“name the tv show you have become addicted to”
last time
funnily, we started rewatching the office to catch up to the latest seasons and it’s still on the top of my list.

day 16

“if the world were to end tomorrow, what would do you do with your remaining time on earth?”
last time
i wonder, since the mayan calendar is ending soon, if people will start acting funny.
i don’t think my answer changes much from last time, except we’d probably try to get together with family if time permitted.

the transportive vacuum

when i was a kid, mom would rouse me in the morning with, “time-a get up!” and then she’d get in the shower and i’d think that i didn’t need to get up because the first thing i had to do was go to the bathroom and i couldn’t cuz she was in there.
then her shower ended and she’d blow-dry her hair while i dozed in the bedroom across from the bathroom, wishing for just 20 more minutes of sleep, with the hair dryer noise helping my brain stay comatose.
well, we have an adjusted housekeeping crew at work now, and they have this battery powered carpet cleaner vacuum that sounds exactly like mom’s hair dryer and, every day when they come around, it gives me a fuzzy feeling in my stomach and transports me to being 8 or 9, laying in bed wishing it was saturday (at which time i would have been up at 6 to watch mr. wizard!).
the brain is a strange.