day 13

last time
“three confessions of your choice”
i feel like i should keep my home more tidy.
i should spend more time with the dogs.
i should be more productive for me.

day 12

day 12 last time
“screenshot your desktop”
i don’t keep any icons on my desktop. that’s always struck me as a terrible way to organize things. i used to work with a woman who had 50+ documents saved to her desktop atop a picture of her kids that you could barely see.
so, my desktop is boring… and i’m not going to go through the trouble of taking a screenshot of a standard windows7 desktop and uploading the file.

day 11

“your favorite quote”
last time
and it hasn’t changed.

we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. in fact it may be necessary to encounter defeats, so we can know who the hell we are, what can we overcome, what makes us stumble and fall, and somehow miraculously rise and go on. – maya angelou

new door!

we *finally* got a door installed on the coop so the little ladies don’t freeze their cute, furry bums off.
we also got one more egg out of mary anne on thanksgiving morning. it’s getting a little colder now, so i don’t think we’ll get any more eggs until the spring, but they’re always surprising us!


i came home on monday night and, for some reason, decided to check on the chickens since they were in “bed” and i’d noticed the nesting box hay being moved around… and didn’t want them sleeping in there.
i opened the window and shone my iphone flashlight app and spotted our first egg!
it’s tiny and oblong, but it’s still an egg.
matt found a second one yesterday. we’re hoping for two more before it gets cold so we can cook ’em up in the style that we like (him: over hard, me: over medium).

day 10

last time
“if you could only live off one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?”
i tried not reading the first go-round, but i couldn’t help it. the answer has not changed.
spicy tuna hand rolls and water.

day 9

“pet peeves”
last time
slow drivers… well, *overly* slow drivers when conditions do not require it.
people who stop to let me cross on my bike when there are no cars behind them.
people who hang onto their cart in the grocery store while it’s in the middle of the aisle as they reach to one side.
fellow bicyclists that don’t use lights while biking at night.
when i order over medium and i get over mediumhard.
that’s about as petty as i’m feeling right now, i guess.

day 8

“three things you want to say to different people”
last time.
presuming that i can’t say anything to the person(s) but would still blog about it…
there’s a woman i pass on the bike path every sunday on my way to brunch who always looks really scared and timid. i’d like to tell her she’s going to be ok and maybe she should take a self defense class to boost her confidence.
i’d like to tell people that my inbox (to-do list) at work is really full and it stresses me out.
i’d want to tell everyone who complains about petty things in their life to consider an alternate reality where they don’t have a home or food.

day 7

“do you read? what are your favorite books?”
last time.
to be completely honest, i’ve read almost nothing but cookbooks and food magazines in the last year. i read ’em like people read fiction novels; pouring over each and every word. learning things like mirepoix and having an over-abundance of broth because of it.
i think i’ve bought six cookbooks in as many months, and a friend moved and had to downsize her belongings, so i got three moosewood (!) cookbooks.
i’m lucky i have a great sous chef.