i’ve been knitting! i promise. i’ll get pictures. a friend of mine wanted a hat each for him and his girlfriend to wear in their house while they keep the temperature at an unbearable level. so, i’m almost done with the first one. then, a friend at mickey’s wants a pair of bittens… i haven’t knit a pair of those in over two years! *then* mom wants some help with the infant hats for st. mary’s.
we got a pretty good start on the soft goods room recently. the sewing machine and table are up there now, and all of our yarn is consolidated. i think we need some sort of shelving system for the yarn.. maybe i can make some fabric-based shelving like they used to have at lakeside fibers.
the back yard is ready to be winterized; there’s still a friends’ cooler out back from our labor day party. the gas from the grill needs to be brought in, the hose needs to be put away, the rain barrels need to be emptied (especially after the last few days!), the green tomatoes need to be picked and bagged.
we also need to get a water heater for the chickens. i’m still not sure if i want to keep the galvanized 5 gallon fount, or get a plastic one that has to be inside the coop.
something completely random: yesterday on the way to work, two untagged dogs were running around a back road that i drive. i stopped to help another lady try to get them from being in the way of 40mph traffic. she was successful in luring one of them with cheese, but the older one wasn’t having any of it. i had to leave to get to work, but called the humane society on my way home and got their boarding numbers so i can check on them.

good work!

we’ve been doing really well at having dinner at home over the last week. friday through sunday evenings and last night were spent in the kitchen making yummy foods. it’s nice to be with someone who enjoys chopping and stirring.
while matt cut up onions and garlic for some homemade pasta sauce, i used upa couple parsnips and sweet potatoes that we got last weekend from our csa. they went into the slow cooker also with some sautéed garlic and onions. i added a yukon gold at the last minute because i thought the soup would be very sweet without it.
we ran out of peppercorns in the grinder that george turned for us, and i’m almost out of third ward. their third ward italian seasoning goes in just about everything i make, and they only sell it at the tiny little shop in wauwautosa (right, mom? google map shows it in the middle of the highway)… so a road trip might be in order soon.
now i just need to find a shelf that will hold my full and empty bottles of kombucha, and all of my cook books.

a long stretch

for a while, i was going to subway every day for lunch. it was nice to get out of the office and it was pretty healthful, but it was costing me at least $5 a day, in addition to the one or two times we’d go to hubbard and i’d spend over $10 with a tip. so… for about a year and a half, i’ve been successfully bringing my lunch to work every day.
this morning, i remembered the period of time when i went crazy buying bento boxes and supplies and as i was packing up my lunch in different lock-and-lock containers, i realized that i have not put my official bento containers into use for a long time, and should start to do so.
that’s all. just a note to self.


sorry it’s been so long. i’m not doing much in terms of exciting things, so there isn’t a lot to chat about.
the chickens are not laying yet, tho two of them decided to hop out of the run after we opened it to retrieve shards of glass that they keep digging up.
we made some progress on the soft goods room, filing away all the great fabric and cleaning up the closet. now i just need to get that sewing machine up there.
i’ve also been coveting this bike; it’s only $220 with free shipping and i get three paychecks in november, so i’ll have some extra cash.
i’m not sure, tho, if i should wait until tax return season instead, since the road tires are no good on ice and snow.
speaking of! i’m excited to knit again. i have a half-done hat that i need to send to a friend in seattle… hopefully she’s not freezing!
i’m off work tomorrow, and am looking forward to sleeping in.