i read cookbooks like most people read novels. i have an (un)healthy obsession with collecting cookbooks. i like dissecting recipes that i love so i don’t have to pay $4/lb for pasta from the coop, or making something meaty with seitan instead.
so, while rereading my favorite vegan cookbook this weekend, i finally learned about mirepoix. i feel a little foolish, but not as foolish as mispronouncing orecchiette to a graduate of cordon blue… i’ll never forget how to say it now.
since this last weekend’s csa yielded some beautiful carrots and onions, i just needed to stop on off at jenni st market to get the celery. i thought of just making soup, but matt doesn’t really like vegetables, so we decided to make stock. i’ve never made homemade stock before; it turned out just wonderfully.
so, after doling enough out to freeze for some time in january, when it’s so cold we can’t even go outside, we made potato leek soup; the potatoes also being from the csa.
and we ate it while sitting around the fire in the back yard. it was a perfect autumn equinox dinner.

time flies

it’s already the middle of september, the autumnal equinox is this weekend, daylight saving is not far behind… and soon it’ll be december.
but let’s not wish time away.
matt has started helping out with some administrative duties for the bakery, cafe, and bar… so he’s been getting up with me some of the mornings. it makes it a little easier for me to get going when he has to get somewhere, too. i’m not sure why that is.
still no eggs from the chickens… i sure wish they’d start before it gets too cold and dark for them to lay.
this weekend, hans’ sewing center was cleaning out their back room and putting tons of stuff out onto the sidewalk for free. i scored a singer model 237 in-table machine!

and the manual is quite amusing.

spaced it

i totally forgot to post about my two-year-divorce anniversary… maybe cuz i thought about it once on sunday and then it left my brain.
i can’t believe it’s been only two years. the difference in my life that it’s made has been profound … i think about it sometimes when i see nora smile and remember how she would be scared at doors slamming or yelling and run upstairs to the bedroom.
she still does that, because she feels safest up there. but now it’s not because she’s scared, it’s because she’s comfortable.


so sorry! i haven’t had much news to blog about, and we haven’t had much going on since the party… it leaves the blog looking a little sparse, i know. :/
the chickens are all doing great. mrs. howell is the most vocal when it’s tomato treat time. she practically yells at me when mary anne steals the little cherry tomatoes from everyone.
the dogs are both swell… i think they’re looking forward to playing in the snow. they didn’t get to do that very much last winter.
alex t. great is super-needy now that marmar is gone… he comes upstairs about 20 minutes before my alarm goes off and wants to be pet. he didn’t do that all summer (which was kind of nice). i suppose it’s inevitable that we’ll get another kitty at some point. i’m wary of going to the humane society because it’s depressing and i’ll probably walk out with two dogs, a cat, and a snake.
i made some really good soup (with matt as sous chef) this weekend… i need to freeze some of it for the middle of the winter, because it’s going to be extra delicious then.
speaking of, maybe this weekend will be a good one to clean and organize the freezer; it shouldn’t take too long.

successful party!

of course, i forgot to take pictures.
we spent about 10 hours on friday cleaning, and preparing food… i found a couple of experiments from the previous party in the fridge :/
saturday morning, matt made us egg sandwiches (i’ve been trying to eat more store-bought eggs so when the chickens start laying, i’ll be extra pleased) which we ate outside with the dogs and chickens.
the calzones were a hit, the stuffed baguettes were great, the caprese sticks went in the first hour, i didn’t burn the brats this time!
the chickens were 100 times less spooked than the last party… and maize left them alone. i distracted her with soup bones and a peanut butter kong.
i managed to stay up til midnight, but went to bed with all my clothes on. matt had to pry my shoes off when he came up later.
on sunday, we could barely get going, but had brunch at mickey’s because matt took the day off. we got home kinda late and started cleaning up. the kitchen is still a mess, but most of the big dishes are out of the way.
monday was another lazy day… matt had to work at 4, so i mashed up some pinto beans that had been cooking all night and made enchiladas for my week’s lunches… then we went to wilson’s to see the labor day crowd and matt went off to work.
i went home and read a little bit outside and then, in an attempt to take a 30 minute nap, it ended up being an hour+fifteen :/ apparently the alarm on my watch is a barely audible “beep beep”.