the kombucha has been quiet in my brain while i worry about the upcoming party and all the yummy foods we have planned. after this weekend, i’ll have time to devote.
so we have the menu squared, and have divvied up the work between friday and saturday… which will also involve a clearing of unnecessary items from the fridge to make room for more edible things.
i’m also thinking about what the house will feel like with four fewer feets. we learned earlier this week that marmalade’s mum found a place at which she can have cats. so, she wants to pick marmar up as soon as she gets settled… probably in a week or two.
the two of them have gotten to be pretty close, marmar even puts up with alex in his space (and sometimes all up in his face). mar has also taken to sleeping as close to matt as possible.
it is also nice to have a mouser. the chicken stuff has invited some unwanted guests onto the day spa (and into the house :/ ) and mar has apprehended three in the last month. alex probably wouldn’t know what to do with a mouse except meow at it to be pet!
also, for the last two nights, i’ve craved some sort of fish for dinner, but once i got to the food destination, i ordered strictly vegetarian; which i find strange.

cleaned up

we’ve decided that the reason to have both a memorial day and labor day party is so we clean the house. i mopped the kitchen floor for the first time in an embarrassingly long time… and it looks quite nice! matt did a super job vacuuming the livingroom.
now the lawn needs to be mowed and de-pooped.
we have the menu finalized and just need to write up a shopping list for friday.
zucchini bites
samosas from moosewood (this one might get cut depending on time and oven needs)
creamy corn bread
blue corn bread with red peppers from moosewood (one of the two cornbreads might get nixed, as well)
stuffed baguettes (these are always a hit!)
stuffed mini peppers
spinach jacks with the drizzley sauce from these guys
herbed flatbread with cheeses and jams and lox
and, as per usual, vegan pumpkin cheesecake
that should be just about enough for the crowd. i hope.

party prep

our third annual labor day weekend party is coming up, and we need to get the chicken stuff out of the day spa. mostly because i’m 99% sure mice are living in the hay.
so, we need to make another trip to menards (incidentally, a couple of the checkers now smile and say hi when we go…) to get more metal garbage cans and bungie cords. i’ve never seen a raccoon by our house, but the last thing i need is one knocking over a can of organic chicken feed.
moving these containers outside brings me to some minor home improvement. we want to put them on the deck, below the windows, right where it drips all over when it rains… which means i might be installing a gutter and downspout as well. i thought of putting the chicken stuff up on the other side of the deck where someone thought it would be a good idea to make stairs so it was “symmetrical” *eyeroll*, but it’s a pain to get over there in the winter when the snow is all piled up… and i don’t want to make it a requirement to shovel over there.
it would be cool if we could hook up a rain barrel while doing the gutter install, but they’re kinda big and bulky.
we’ll see how ambitious we are this afternoon.


matt and i went to my grandpa’s family reunion on saturday. it was in fennimore… i don’t think i’d been there in about eight years. but, driving to marsden park was as if i were eight, in the back seat of mom’s ’78 firebird, whining about how long it took to get to grampa and gramma’s house. i don’t think it was four-lanes part of the way back then. :)
we opted to bring the dogs because … well, because it was a good idea. until they realized they had to be on leashes most of the day.
no fun!
after the party dissipated, i decided that matt needed to see my grampa’s favorite bar. it’s the hilltop tavern:
grampa’s auto shop/gas station was down the street, and the hilltop was on the way to their house… i presume he went there most days after work, maybe even sundays after church.
i don’t remember why i know the following story, but when the phone rings at a bar, you should never tell the bartender, “tell ’em i’m not here!”
apparently someone did just that. it was their wife (i think?) calling to say that their son (i think?) had just passed away. but she couldn’t tell her husband because he made the bartender lie to her. :(
on a happier note, i have fond memories of one of grampa’s brothers (richard?) giving me coins to play whatever video game was there at the time.

slow progress

i haven’t really done much along the lines of my kombucha making since working on some logo sketches on monday. i got samples of stickers from someplace online, but i’m having a hard time getting them to understand that i want them to be removable/recyclable. from a glass container.
i also need to find out what type of tamper-resistance the bottle caps need. gt’s and nessalla use shrink-wrapped plastic, but i don’t want to do that if use grolsch bottles. i’ll need something more subtle like the little strip that goes over some liquor bottles.
i haven’t penned down a business plan, but have calculated most of my costs (minus bottles and kitchen rent).
in the mean time, i’ve been making a bottle or two here and there for friends.
our labor day party is coming up and i feel moderately overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to get done between now and september 1. plus, we have a birthday party to go to the night of the 31st. it’s a close co-worker’s 40th… so i have to go. we won’t stay very long, i’m sure.

cooper’s hawk!

this morning, a hawk decided to pay visit to the chicken coop.
while i was dishing out my lunch, i heard the ladies squawk in such a way that i’d not yet experienced… so i ran to the day spa and opened the door. the hawk had just hopped from the top of the coop onto the run. that scared the girls under the coop. i yelled to matt, “hawk on run!” and slammed the back door, still holding the spatula.
i ran up to the coop and shouted, “you’re not getting in there, $*&cker!” knowing full well that there was no way he’d be able to get at the chickens. he hopped onto the fence, nonchalantly, and then flew into a nearby oak tree. the chickens were still visibly shaken, but came closer to where we were standing than ever before.
maybe this is a turning point, when they now realize we’re there to protect them and we’re not a threat.

biz planning

so, i’m working on a logo for the kombucha company. it’s kinda nice to bust out my old drawing supplies and sketchbook. it’s not kinda neat to want to get everything *just right*, but i’ll find the right design…
aside from the design sensibilities, i have to figure out how to start a business… like, getting an llc, a tax id number, a certified kitchen, bottles, seals, labels, and then i get overwhelmed and think the whole thing is just a pipe dream with a bad ending.

an idea

when i got home last night, i cleaned the kitchen. on sunday, we made broccoli mushroom casserole for me to bring to work for lunch this week and the kitchen looked like a bread crumb machine went haywire all over it. i even swept the floor (which is in great need of a hands-and-knees scrubbing).
if i commit to doing one productive thing when get home, when i am at my most energetic, i think i’ll feel a little better about my … sense of self? well-being? i don’t know. all i know is that i feel like i should be doing more housey stuff.
maybe it’s the impending winter and knowing that the windows will soon be closed for months, and the furnace will kick up all of the animal hair.
or maybe it’s that i’m finally realizing the house i live in is mine to maintain and i’m not a renter anymore. it only took five years!

summer’s almost over

i can’t believe the calendar says august already, the whole year has just flown by.
lately, i’ve been feeling under productive and not very motivated. sort of like i’m spinning my wheels and not progressing.
nora doesn’t care, tho. she still practically wags her tail off every time i look at her.
and marmalade still headbutts me at every opportunity.

don’t fret

i’m still around. my website host was bought out and i didn’t have access to my blog for a little while… then we went out of town for a day, and then it was the weekend. and now it’s monday.
the dogs got to stay at their gramma’s for the night on friday. they were beside themselves. that sounds weird.
the chickens are doing really well… except someone seems to be pecking at mary anne’s tail feathers, and when i attempted to catch her, samantha hopped out and ran around and around and under the neighbor’s fence. meanwhile, i put a nice gash in my arm because of the raw edge of the roofing material. i probably should have gotten stitches, but i didn’t want to sit in urgent care on a sunday night.
needless to say, we’re going to build two more ramps for the chickens to come in and out of the run.
also, i got some cookbooks from a friend who had to downsize into a tiny apartment. and! there is a new shop upstairs from mickey’s with nic nacks and paddy whacks… from which i obtained a hand mixer.