baby steps

we might have come up with a good name for the kombucha making… i don’t want to spoil it until i buy the domain name, tho.
a certified kitchen occurred to me last night; i just need to ask the building owner if it would be ok for me to rent time every once in a while.


we’re finally getting rain. the flashes of lightening and rumbles in the middle of the night were sorely missed. the chickens hide under the coop (precisely why we built it off the ground) and they don’t seem to mind it so much.
perhaps, soon, we’ll be able to get the canoe into the creek and take a second voyage to mickey’s; the first one was over a year ago.
we’re a little behind last year in our gardening. we didn’t start seeds this inside and didn’t get them in the ground until after memorial day, so now we have one little cuke and a handful of cherry tomatoes.
i’m taking the next couple of fridays off, so i hope to tidy up the kitchen. we have a few dry-food cupboards that could stand to be reorganized.
the peach tree is four years old and is huge. i should get a picture after the rain this week; she’s shoosting up into the sky.
i’ve also now got two mickey’s employees interested in purchasing personal kombucha… which has gotten me thinking small businessey. i think i’ve decided on static cling labels (like oil change reminders) on which to write the flavor, and possibly a logo, once i come up with one. i had an idea to call it “bekee’s booch”, but not sure i like having my name in there.
i also need to consider the implications of not getting the bottles back; i might need to invest in some glassware… and some sort of continuous brew system. it seems like it might be a good idea to have a 5 gallon container atop the fridge with a spigot that i can just empty into bottles and flavor.
another issue: the storage situation i’m running into with all of the bottles and jars. i need to find some way to have them all in the kitchen. i might need to get a metal shelf instead of wall mounted because of the weight, five gallons of liquid is over 40 pounds.


we’ve broken two temperature records in the last couple weeks… thankfully, the chickens survived. so, too, have the tomato plants; they’re enormous and have tons of green tomatoes and flowers. some furry jerk ate the first ripened tomato, so the chickens got to dine on the rest of it.
we’re waiting on an order of 1000 mealworms from speedy worm cuz the 200 we bought (for $10) aren’t reproducing as quickly as we’d (or the the chickens!) like.
i’m feeling the need for a deep clean of the house. it’s been a while since the kitchen has been (mostly) spotless, and i feel like it’s time to purge stuff, or at least relocate things that aren’t being used frequently.
i’m finally a little slow at work. it’s been since march that i’ve had so little to do that i can actually research and read up on web related technologies.
also, i’ve been upgraded (downgraded?) to every-three-week visits with the chiro, instead of every two. i think my standing desk at work is helping a lot.


i’m not sure what it is… but something bothers me every once in a while.
i follow this nice lady, and recently she blogged about her depression. and it made me think of allie and how she hasn’t blogged in over a year.
and when i think about these awesome people, then something bothers me. i don’t really feel sad.. or think that i’m depressed; i just feel kinda… useless? maybe that’s not right. i feel un-useful. i think. i feel like i’m not doing enough. or i should be doing more with my life… or that what i’m doing now isn’t making a difference or leaving a mark or improving anything. i feel like i should quit my job and go work at the humane society and then volunteer at the goodman center and then foster dogs. or i should be doing something to better my career (because that certainly isn’t happening on its own), or i should remember how to be a graphic designer so i don’t feel like i could have come up with something like this instead of feeling like i wasted my time in college. or i wish i could spend all of my days with my sweety instead of waiting to get home.
without sounding egotistical (because that’s the opposite of what i mean), i’m an extremely smart, mostly funny, resourceful individual; and i should be doing something with that. i don’t feel like i am.

time flies

five years ago, today, i closed on my house. we spent a month painting, cleaning, packing, unpacking, moving, and sweating.
it was also five years ago that i gave up my ferrets. i knew they’d be stressed out; one was already sick and needed medicine every 12 hours… thankfully, the nice lady at the vet took them. i don’t think rinky lasted much long after that… and tinker (the one that was sick) took to biting the youngsters, so he had to stay in his own cage. after that, i stopped asking how they were.
we have enough critters now, but i do miss those funny little furries.
we’re getting our third csa box tomorrow. there will be lots of yummy stuff in it; i’m glad it’s not all lettuce or greens; it should make for a good lunch next week.
i bought canning for a new generation over a year ago, and just started reading it this week (i read cookbooks like most people read regular books). it got me excited to do small batch canning.
we have the perfect shelf in the cistern room in the basement to put all the jars on… we just need another shelf on which to put the paint and paint supplies that currently live there.
baby steps.


after nine days off, and spending as much time ask i could with matt, i’m back to work.
we weren’t able to water seal the coop, mostly because it was too hot to do anything; but also because we spent a lot of the week making sure the chickens weren’t melting. everyone survived, and we found out that they’re startled by sudden bursts of water.
we’re almost registered with the city for them. i just need to fill out some poorly designed form (seriously, why does everything have to look like a 1040a?) and mail them $10. i went back and forth on whether or not to register; mostly because “why?”, but i hope that if the city has record of how many chicken owners there are, they’ll take notice of the interest and possibly be more willing to change policy in the future. as in, who decided that four was an appropriate maximum? why not eight?
it’s hard to believe that it’s already the 10th of july; the first of the year feels like forever ago.
i think i need a change of something.