awesome spring so far

the weather has been so nice, it’s making the trees and grass grow at exponential rates.
(i have no idea why these pics are sideways)
the turtles are out, sunning themselves on the creek rocks:
st. patrick’s day was a success… we deftly avoided a raucous environment by bar hopping home. early.
also, i’ve been a busy brewer making all sorts of booch.


two years ago, my life got interesting.
now it’s awesome.

go on

let’s get that other post out of here. we finally put together my new and awesome bike. i’ve been riding it all week and it’s pretty smooth. the first couple of days were tough, getting used to the one speed, but i’m getting the hang of it. i haven’t done any real hills yet, so we’ll see.
we’ve been kind of decadent lately, below is a picture of saturday afternoon sushi. i tried uni the very first time i had sushi and thought it was awful. i tried it again five years alter and thought it was still awful. i tried it once more two weeks ago and it was great. weird.
i’ve been pretty good about making my salads-in-jars. i’ve been mixing up the ingredients. this week was feta and smoked salmon with mixed baby greens and sunflower seeds. i don’t think i like sunflower seeds on my salads. they taste too “meaty”.
one more thing, we had lunch last friday at the alchemy (which is really good, btw) and they had two of these plants hanging in the front window. they’re definitely succulents, but i have no idea what it is. i want one.


for the second time in four months, i’ve been asked when i’m due/if i’m pregnant.
who does that?
at first, i laughed it off and blamed the bulky coat which scrunched up my hoodie in such a way that it made a bump, but the most recent occurrence (this past weekend) made me feel really shitty. it wasn’t bothering me until i decided to step on the scale, which i had to dig out from under a billion things in the back of the closet.
i can’t believe i didn’t notice the weight gain. well, i guess i did, but it wasn’t until there was a number that i haven’t seen since before getting norplant removed when i was 20.
so… i’m being more cognizant about what goes in my mouth. i’m getting a standing desk at work and i’m bringing in my stepper machine in and i’m using it as much as i can.
at least it’s making me use my stomach muscles to suck it in.