i did it!

i finally got off my butt (not really, tho. i was sitting most of the time) and started an entrelac hat.


over a year ago, i said i was going to teach myself entrelac. i had just gotten this book in the mail and was all excited to start. well, i hadn’t realized that you need 5 sets of dpns (i exaggerate) for each project… and i didn’t want to add to my already overgrown needle collection.
fast forward to now. i found a hat pattern that i have the needles for… there’s also this one. my yarn is a little less than worsted, so i’ll probably go with the first pattern.
i’ve also been wanting to mix up my lunches … salads-in-jars only entertains me for a couple weeks at a time. so i found these sweet and sour spicy strips to try, and i also want to make sushi again; it’s been a while.
all that said, we have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. maybe that’s an excuse to make a little more progress on the soft goods room .

a few awesome things

this weekend was pretty good. i got to spend a lot of time with matt, i filed my taxes and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of rebate, i loaded my music up to my laptop and am currently in the (painful) process of getting it onto google music.


i’m trying really hard not to comment on this, but *every* *month* it amazes me how it’s more than half over already.
we finally got the mattress out of the front room. someone at work had a house fire over the holiday and needed a bed for their new apartment. now we just have to move the appropriate hard surfaces and organize fabrics and yarn. this might also lead to a more organized basement… we’ll see. we moved the inversion table downstairs and it’s right next to the litter boxes; i’d like to put it somewhere else once there’s room.
we’re having a couple guests this weekend. hopefully the weather cooperates with their drive from chicago. unlucky timing with getting rid of the mattress, but we have plenty of blankets to simulate a camping experience. at some point, we should get an air mattress for occasions such as this.
we’ve finally reached a wisconsin winter. there’s snow on the ground, and my car tells me it’s “icy 4°” in the morning. i’m still toying with the idea of getting a remote starter, but it feels like a first world problem to solve and it makes me feel wasteful.

excellent weekend

four days go by really quickly when you sleep late every day. i’m amazed that we can just lay in bed as long as we do. the dogs hate it. but! they loved the snow; so much that they don’t listen very well since they’re running around sniffing at everything.
i neglected to bother with my computer… i just don’t want to commit to the 2-8 hours it might take to reformat and install windows. :/
we attempted biking in the snow with a pretty good success rate. i discovered that my tires kick up a lot of snow onto my calves, so wearing gaiters is required for a drier arrival.
i’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan for a month… just to see if i notice any discernible change. i might have to wait until after we have our celebratory non-smoking dinner at muramoto.

two years

it was on this day, two years ago, that i woke up with no cigarettes in my possession armed with the knowledge and will to quit. and for two years, i haven’t had so much as a puff of tobacco.
i kinda wish i would have saved $8 a day for the past two years!


on my morning commute, i calculated the time and amount i spend driving to and from work every month; it comes down to about $10 a day. that depresses me. i know people spend a lot more than 30 minutes one way in their car or other transportation mode, but geez. that’s 5 hours a week that i am not with my sweets, or my dogs, or knitting. maybe i should use that time to write a book.
also, my muffintop has slowly snuck over the point of acceptability, so i need to do something about that. to start, i’m paring down my daily snacks… it got to a point where my snack bag was too full of unnecessary calories. especially in the form of v8 and string cheese. i get enough vegetables and cheese in my regular meals. so, we’re back to the standard fare. no more snacking between snacks.
however, woodman’s decided to stop carrying my blue bunny yogurt and i have yet to find a replacement that fits these criteria: no high fructose corn syrup, no gelatin, and no fruit on the bottom without being over $1. i found cascade fresh but it’s fruit on the bottom. so i’ll put up with it until i find a replacement.
and! i finally got on the words with friends bandwagon and currently have 5 games going. i also seem to have all of the vowels in the pile.

*hack* *cough*

i barely slept on thursday night, resulting in a cranky me by the time i got home. i was on edge with everyone. matt’s lucky he was away making bloody mix. the afternoon was lazy, except i sufficiently fried the hard drive in my tower (more on that later) and i ended up going to bed before (or around) 10. i then slept until 11:15 on saturday morning, and couldn’t bring myself to remain upright long enough to drive to the moen family christmas in prairie du chein…
we didn’t do much on saturday, except grocery shop and move the rolltop desk into the study. i was dubious that we’d clear the door frames, but after removing a couple of pieces of fascia, it just barely made it. that night, i managed to stay up until 1.
sunday was sleepy, but it was nice out, so i had to force myself to get up. i had the use of both nostrils, so i made it to the tavern for a late brunch; and then home to knit.
up again for another short week!

need a list

i don’t clean very often. i never have. well, except that one cleaning job that i had, but that didn’t last very long.
there are piles of random things around the house, shoes akimbo in corners where i can’t see them (and subsequently, they don’t get worn), papers that should be filed, knitted items that need to be felted. dvds strewn about the coffee table (side note: if discs ever get stored in the wrong jacket, i flip out. additionally, i hate it when series’ get separated.), towels and clothes on the bathroom floor… this morning had me stressed out about all of these things.


i’ve been congested and snifflysneezy for about five days now. all i want to do is sleep in and feel better. we’re supposed to go to the big family christmas get together on saturday, but if i don’t feel better, i’m not going to want to go.