almost time!

eleven days off soon!
the weekend went by quickly, again; at least it was nice out.
i came home to a gift box from matt’s sister. i am now the proud owner of 1.5, 4, and 6qt crock pots! i want to make seitan stew in the 6qt … hopefully it’ll be eaten or frozen.
we woke saturday to about an inch and a half of snow. i didn’t tell the dogs and let them figure it out once we got outside. they loved it!
we were home early all three nights, knitting and watching breaking bad, firefly, or how i met your mother.
we had a guest last night. kate was on her way back to chicago from her mom’s place and got waylaid by the madison magnet. her visit prompted matt to go through the fabric scraps that she gifted him when she moved to nyc over a year ago. we found some pretty cool pieces, and hopefully it’ll motivate us to do the soft goods room over break. i know i keep mentioning that; it’ll happen eventually.
also, on the way to sunday brunch, this happened:

productive weekend

i feel like we got a lot done this weekend. on friday, i had a haircut and came home to beat my computer into submission to let me log into my work computer. i had it working a couple months ago, but it seemed to have stopped. with no documentation or help from work’s helpdesk, i figured out what program needed to be updated and my mood was instantly transformed from surly to elated.
on saturday, we grabbed some grub and a dog and came home to dog sit for the evening.
matt cleaned and rearranged the bedroom while i picked up the first floor, did laundry, did a load of dishes, and caulked the tub!
there was an accident while we were at the grocery store, and we’re not quite sure what carl got into, but i think he ate some cat presents… along with the wheat litter. apparently he made quite the mess at his home the next morning. :/
for dinner on saturday, we made clam linguini and i threw in some tomatoes from our garden that i had frozen; it was delicious.
yesterday, i met mom and geo for breakfast and came home to make more salads in jars, dal soup, and spritz cookies!


last night’s dream was very strange. it consisted of an easter party at what was supposed to be matt’s parents house, but it seemed to be in a really expensive condo and his mom was actually another friends’ mom. they had a mariachi band who ended up serenading me while matt’s “mom” gifted us an entire new kitchen. complete with counters, cupboards, dishwasher, stove, fridge, and his “dad” was super excited about a stainless steel potato peeler!
i have no idea what that was about.
we don’t have much planned this weekend. there was talk about rearranging the bedroom a little bit. we need to find an end table for the other side of the bed… maybe we should make a st vinny’s trip this weekend.
also, i’ve been craving la hacienda for no good reason.
and sushi (for good reason).


i came home last night to my fourth flat bicycle inner tube in as many months. at first, it was humorous, and matt helped change a couple since it was nice out and sunny and we weren’t in a hurry to get somewhere. now, it’s just ridiculous. the guy at revolution said there was lots of glass inside my tire, which seems odd.
he also mentioned that my brakes are sticky and i should get them looked at. i think i need to become more bike-sufficient, cuz it’s spendy not to be.
also, a christmas story was on tv last night; i’m mad that nextflix doesn’t have it on instant.
and, this morning was the first morning that i missed having coffee in my cold car on the drive in to work.


my back has been on the verge of giving out since i woke up yesterday morning. i decided to tough it out all day, but broke down at 3 and took two non-aspirin (you may or may not know that i rarely take medicine for any ailments). it barely touched the pain… when i got home, i scoured the house for the heating pad that we’d already spent three days looking for… i found it in the very back of the downstairs closet on the floor underneath two boxes (wtf?).
i then proceeded to use the inversion machine that i always forget we have and it seems to have helped… until we took the dogs on a leash walk and nora tripped me and jolted my back … i had to stand on the side of the road and stop myself from toppling over in pain.
fast forward to the middle of the night when i got up to use the bathroom and could barely bring myself to sit up. matt got the heating pad from the basement for me and i laid for a little bit on that.
this morning, it was pretty hard to get up, but once i inverted, it seemed to relieve it a little bit. i have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon and am a little scared because i don’t want to it get worse.
i think i’ll have to skip girls’ night out tonight… :(