nice holiday

after dropping off the fuzzies at gramma’s (now known as “scramble!”), we got to matt’s folks around 1, an hour before scheduled dinner. they do things very differently from our family… in the moen clan, everyone brings some sort of appetizer or beverage, and we all stand around chatting, eating, and drinking for a couple of hours. then, when someone decides it’s time to eat, the meat and fixin’s get set up on the counter and everyone walks around filling a plate (or two!). at the schweiger household, no eating happens until it’s time. i was not prepared for this method; i was starving. but, everyone enjoyed our squash. oliver even announced, “i like squash now!”
we then played uno attack until matt finally said he was tired of it. i went to bed around 10:30 and he and his sister stayed up til about 3. i woke up around 7 and dozed on and off til about 10, the spare bedroom is on the sunrise side of the house… i stirred and matt woke, and he made us scrambled eggs and we chatted some more about the roll-top desk that his mom wants to give to matt, and some bookshelves that would most certainly not fit in my trunk.
the dogs were very excited to see us… we eventually got home and headed out on our bikes after too many hours sitting in a car.
the night ended with us knitting, watching breaking bad, and me being very tired.
we met up with some friends on saturday for brunch at mickey’s. the weather wasn’t really cooperating with a bike ride, but we took to it on two wheels anyway. after we got home, i had no intention on biking to woodman’s in the drizzle; so we hopped in the car and i was happy for the decision. the place was desolate. i’d like to think it’s that way every saturday at 5pm, but i think it’s just cuz everyone had their leftovers to plow through.
sunday, matt went to work and i slept in… even tho i have the bed (mostly) to myself, it’s hard to enjoy it with him gone for work at 7 am. i imagine that’s how he feels every weekday morning.
the day went along as per usual, and we came home to watch some more breaking bad. i got mad at a scarf and cut it from the skein. maybe matt will pity my foolishness and fix it for me. :)


i was about to type “it’s a bit early for this”, but i quickly realized that’s just hogwash. we should take time more often than once a year to reflect on what we’re thankful for.
i’m thankful for meeting my best friend and the love of my life, albeit under stressful and almost unmanageable circumstances. i’m thankful for a loving mom and her partner, george. i’m thankful for an understanding family who didn’t judge me for getting a divorce, but offered help and condolences.
i’m thankful for a billion friends who i know would (and have!) drop everything and do anything for me if i needed it. i’m thankful for having a house that i love, and two adorable dogs that go nuts every day i get home, and a cat that practically sleeps on our heads at night.
i’m thankful (even tho i don’t always act like it) that i have a providing job at a company that doesn’t sell oil, fast food, or debt.
i’m thankful that i’m healthy and able, that i can bike almost anywhere i want and feel free doing so. i’m thankful that i can afford to eat out as frequently as i do. i’m thankful for cozy nights on the couch, huddling around the ipad, knitting and watching breaking bad.
so, thanks.


tonight, we’re having fish from lake nancy; my mom’s friend from forever ago lives there.
i need to gather up my lappy to drop off at a friends’ house for him to fix. luckily for me, he lives just on the other side of the beltline from where i work, and he even offered to drop it off at my house when he’s done!
i’m almost finished with a scarf that i started a while ago, with yarn that i bought even longer ago. speaking of, i need to find an occasion to wear my awesome sweater that i finished last december holiday. i haven’t worn it yet because it’s too nice … i know.
i think i need to set weekly goals. just tiny things that will make me feel better … especially since it’s dark when i leave work, and i can tell my mood is suffering because of that already. i’d like to purge the food cupboards; maybe the pantry at st vinny’s takes donations. i’d also like to re-season my cast iron skillets. i did it a couple years ago, but using them was neglected due to other life changes. and, not necessarily for this week, but i’d like to get the soft goods room at least halfway set up; which means we need to find a place for the inversion table… which means we need to tidy up the basement. that must be why we keep putting off the soft goods room. :x

48 hours

every weekend goes by too quickly. on friday, we didn’t do a whole lot our of the ordinary. saturday was brunch, groceries, dinner, and a failed attempt to see a silent film at the overture center. we weren’t expecting the line out the door, and neither of us wanted to wait… so we went to the ‘dise and the shamrock. i ran into a good old friend who moved back here recently.
again, i slept in much later than i had intended on sunday … i knitted some while waiting for brunch; we had a fire last night and i made a huge batch of seitan in my new 4qt slow cooker!

yea, yea

i just remembered that i’ve had conductive glue for two years with the intention of turning the pointer finger of a glove into one that will allow me to use/unlock/answer my iphone.
and for two years, i haven’t done so.
and i just noticed that the thread, whose $20 price tag i balked at last year, is now $33! my goodness.

early darkness

now is the time of year that i am most grateful for quitting smoking. i used to have such a hard time seeing while driving home, especially when then ground was wet, that i had to drive through town which took sometimes an hour and half to get home. i’m thoroughly convinced that my not smoking has had a profound affect on my night-vision.
however! it’s a huge pita to walk the dogs in the park at night. they’re both black, and the park is black. especially since one of the “street” lights is out at my entrance. i reported it to the city of madison website on monday, but they haven’t gotten out there to fix it yet. the park is pretty uncomfortably dark even with that light working.
so, i bought two led dog collars just to throw on before a walk. that way i don’t have to keep yelling, letting everyone know that i’m a girl walking alone in a park. :/
i also bought some new biking gloves, the ones i got from machinery row a couple weeks ago don’t feel like they’ll cut it on a ride when it’s less than 20°.
and a tiny ratcheting socket set. cuz i wanted to fix the stool i was sitting on last night and i couldn’t. :x


it’s finally friday. this week has been kinda stressful all over; so i’m hoping the weekend is low-key. i got a call back from my isp in regards to my email this week… they said that everyone received the $3 increase email, but it didn’t affect everyone (i think they’re fibbing to save face, but whatever), and! they’re going to drop the monthly rental fee for the wireless router. booyah. i should speak up more when i’m disappointed in people or actions. it seems to work (100% of the time, at least as of right now).
this weekend is lutefisk in barneveld. i can’t even count the number of years i’ve been going… i think i’ve only skipped one in the last 15 or so. it’ll be nice to see everyone, it’s going to be a bigger crowd than usual so we’ll have to split up between tables. last year, matt and i sat at a separate table with some ladies who were very happy to see “such young folks” enjoying the meal. it was cute.
here are matt and i on halloween… we made severed head necklaces, but his broke.

fit hitting the shan

the past month has been filled with losing things, dropping carry-out all over the sidewalk, laptop taking a crap. but, this morning, to top it off, i couldn’t find my keys. anywhere.
i was so frustrated, i fell to the ground crying. i have never, ever, ever lost my keys. ever. ever!
i was most upset about having to replace my automatic unlocker key and my dog keychain.
then, i remembered that i had worn my raincoat last night and the keys were likely in the pocket because i had my bag on underneath it and wouldn’t have put them back in there.
immediate relief.
now i just need to get my laptop functioning again and order will be slightly more restored.

not thrilled

i think my laptop took a digger. i haven’t had time to fuss with it, but it won’t boot up past the “welcome to toshiba” screen. i guess i shouldn’t be surprised… it’s almost five years old, but still. i can’t afford a new one right now. :/
hopefully i can hack into it and/or take it to milwaukee pc and have them play around with fixing it; from what i’ve read online, it could be anything from a corrupt bios to a bad hard drive or motherboard.

out of character, sort of

i’m not usually a letter-writer… you know, the kind of american consumer who writes complaints to companies for whatever reason i can think of to yell at the ceo for whatever bonehead decision they made; but today is different. i just got the following message from my isp:

Beginning in December, the price of your Internet service is increasing $3/mo. If you decide to cancel your service, you will not incur any early termination fees.
If you have any questions, call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.
Thank you for being our customer.

to which they’re getting in response:

while i understand the business need to generate income, this note comes almost completely devoid of the desire to keep the current customers that you have.
i’m sure longevity doesn’t really matter to whomever is going to read my email, but i’ve been a customer for fifteen years, paying quite a bit more for internet service than i think i should have to because it is a local company and hasn’t quite gotten to the point of being a huge, greedy corporation.
a few months ago, the hardware you provide me failed and i was shipped a new wireless router without being told of the $2.95 monthly fee after having used your wireless hardware for years; and now i’m being told of another increase without any realized benefit to me. will you have fewer outages? will you provide faster speeds at the same cost? will i not have to reset my $2.95/month router every other week?
and no, i’m not really complaining about $2.95 wireless gateway rental or $3 increase in service; i’m just concerned with the apparent lack of empathy toward your customers.
this communication will having me considering a switch to another service provider.