or tomorrow, we’re gunna make our severed head necklaces. last night, i had a really difficult time with a pattern in one of my knitting books. it got me frustrated enough to frog the few rows i’d started and put down the needles.
i’ve gotten a lot of comments about my pancakes t-shirts lately, which makes me want to pick up a smallish screen-printing kit and make my own silly-word t-shirts… if we do it well, and make it funny enough, we could sell them! textiles are cheap to ship because they’re not heavy. maybe that’s a good winter project. we just need to get the darn soft-goods room set up. :/


this week feels like it’s taking forever. it’s sooo hard to wake up when it’s dark out, i just want to sleep. i can’t wait til next weekend to set the clock back.
i don’t think we have a whole lot planned for this weekend…
i can’t believe it’s almost november.


i stayed home yesterday cuz i couldn’t sleep all night; i thought it was due to a migraine, but this morning my sinuses are clogged and draining in an alternating fashion that makes my head feel heavy.
i can’t stay home again though, there’s too many little things going on at work… i feel like i’ve been piled upon for a while now, but not sure there’s much i can do about it. it’s the nature of our business and the medium on which i work.
i am looking forward to this weekend. i took monday off so i can enjoy halloween without people. it’s one of the top three amateur holidays… i wish matt didn’t have to work. he’s probably going to hate it. we still need to get supplies to make a severed head necklace. maybe we can do that on friday… i wish there was a locally owned crafty-type store on atwood; maybe that’s my calling. not a yarn-only or fabric-only, but all sorts of crafty stuff; like a miniature wisconsin craft market.

bye sam

i forgot to mention something sad… my friends (and old landlords) had to put their 13 year old australian shepherd down on friday…. sam was an insane dog with an insatiable desire to play fetch with pieces of wood not much larger than a matchstick. he was always cuddly, and sometimes kinda growly, especially when you were try to escape his herd. he didn’t care for it when we got jones, but he knew we needed a fuzzbutt of our own.
he got very sick over the last couple months… joe had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom; he couldn’t stand up and sometimes peed on himself. they decided friday was time. poor samwell. i will miss him.


i got my car fixed on friday… the front flex pipe had a tear in it and i took it to mex muffler on park street. they welded it back together, gave it a 1 year warranty and it was only $60! they don’t take appointments, so the length of time you’re there will vary, but they were nice and quick.
we were finally motivated to clear out the garden and buckets and yard of tomato plants… also, a neighbor was gifted way too much composted soil so we got to top off our garden for next year. we also drained the rain barrels, so this winter won’t result in my cringing every time i pull into the driveway.
all of the animals are doing well… alex has fully acclimated and has taken to sleeping in the bed with us most nights.
matt and i have been knitting more and watching more movies… we started and finished across the universe this weekend. it was pretty good!
i wish i were cozy on the couch with all of them right now.

that cat

he’s so silly.
first, he got all cozy on the top of the chair:
then, he sleeps:
then, he knocked the pillow down and just laid on top of it:


this weekend is the get things done weekend, at least for one of the days. we need to clean up the plants on the deck, put away the grill gas tank, put away the hose, drain the rain barrels, dig up and compost all of the plants, and put the buckets somewhere… maybe up on the deck by the kitchen window. and… maybe clean out the cupboards? that might take a while.
i’d like to mow one last time, but that might have to wait until next weekend, cuz the list already seems ambitious.
i also need to make kombucha tonight.

workstress dreams

i had some really strange work-related dreams this morning; it makes me feel like i didn’t get a good night’s sleep.
it’s almost furnace time. every winter, i worry about the first time the furnace gets turned on. i’m paranoid that it won’t work… it’s not an old one, so i logically know that it won’t fail. the reason i’m unnecessarily worried is probably the cost associated with getting a new one. i wonder if homeowner’s insurance covers that.

too fast!

i try to wake up early enough to enjoy my weekends, but they still seem to speed by without my noticing. this weekend started out with a trip to an old friends’ automotive repair shop, dutch’s auto, because my check-engine light came on… there has been a sound of an exhaust leak for about a week. it was determined that there’s a flexible hose-like thing that had torn and the light was likely triggered by a co2 sensor. so, i’m taking my car back this coming friday and hopefully it won’t cost a billion dollars.
we grocery shopped while the car was in good hands, after we got home, we picked some more tomatoes but forgot to compost the rest of the plants. i think we’ve hit our peak in fruit.
we were supposed to go to gallery night, but got distracted.
saturday, we mostly lazed about, but had a really nice fire later on and had some friends over to enjoy it with us.
sunday, i slept in a bit longer than i wanted to. the dog walk was exceptionally nice. they were very well-behaved and the weather was just about perfect. i got breakfast at the tavern while matt worked; we didn’t stay much past his shift and came home to fix up the rest of our tomatoes into a nice pasta dish and watched the rest of trollhunter, which is a really good movie.
now, without wishing time away, i hope for friday again.