friday, finally

it has been a long, busy week at work; and we’re not even into the holiday stuff. at least it helps the time go by… i built a seven-page website from scratch in three days, and even had to use a little jquery.
the cucumbers seem to have stopped producing. all the leaves are dry and brown. we are going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears in a couple weeks… i’m excited to learn how to can! matt’s mom and dad gave us a bunch of jars, so all we need to get are the lids (and rings?) and we can have yummy tomato sauce in the middle of the winter when we’re ornery about getting no sunlight.
also, here’s our new feathered friend, davinci:

random udpate

sorry, i haven’t been more chatty. i don’t get much time to sit in front of the computer to pour my feelings out. i also haven’t been very crafty or anything. the dogs are doing great and the house is in a decent state.
we’re planning for our labor day party, so some more cleaning will happen in the next couple weeks. we have the menu down, i think, but it’s in matt’s notebook so i can’t share it with you cuz i don’t have it memorized.
we might be adopting another budgie this evening. a friends’ friend has a new cat in the house and it’s tormenting their 5-year old green parakeet… named davinci. so, we’ll have three birds named after two dead italian guys. that’s kinda neat.
luckily, we just got marco and polo a new cage that they’ve settled in nicely. they took about a week to warm to it, but that seems to be the length of time for them to warm to anything. hopefully the older bird doesn’t get annoyed at the young whipper-snappers.

good stuff

this past weekend was nice. i cashed out my stocks before the market took a digger, and got the checks on friday. i promptly spent too much on clothes from kohl’s, old navy, and ragstock… i also dug out from under a pile of bills, which decreases my stress level quite a bit.
the kombucha is coming along nicely. i have two batches going opposite each other, so it’s basically a constant supply. my scoby hotel has three mothers ready for use, if needed. i think i’ll now start letting them get thicker instead of retiring the mother to the hotel. upon matt’s suggestion, we flavored one bottle with a slice of cucumber (from the monster in the garden); it is really tasty and refreshing! i think i want to try making a savory one for salad dressing… with garlic and onion and maybe a pepperoncini.
we also got a new bird cage for free. the guy at mounds forgot to ring it up and i didn’t look at the receipt til i got home. i felt bad but was convinced by others that it was unnecessary.
moving the birds from one cage to the other was going great until polo jumped out while marco was on his way in. she squawked around the bathroom while matt tried to catch her and she ended up digging her beak into his finger. we finally got her calm and into the cage. they’re slowly getting used to it.


it’s been a while since i rapped at ya.
i haven’t had a whole lot of exciting news… other than we’ve spent the last two weekends in a car; i’m looking forward to not doing that this weekend.
however, there is proof that i can wear a dress:
i’ll try to think of something to keep the blog more exciting, thanks for sticking around while i’m in a rut.

two months

without coffee. i kinda miss the smell in the mornings… maybe i should get (make?) a coffee-scented candle. i can’t say i haven’t had caffeine in that time; matt frequently likes to celebrate little occasions with jaegerbombs.
we bottled batch three of my kombucha and now i have a scoby hotel started in the event of mold or vinegar eels (don’t even ask, it’s gross). when i brewed the two batches last week, i didn’t realize that i hadn’t enough sugar for the second one, so it “got done” more quickly, but it has a different … texture. it’s not as thick and tasty. it’s like it’s watered-down cuz the scoby didn’t have enough to ‘digest’.
i guess it’s a good learning experience.
also, we have too many cucumbers. i might have to deliver some to the mickey’s kitchen this evening…