we got a lot of outside stuff done this weekend. geo came over on friday and mowed the lawn… it was starting to look like it had mange. we got our tomatoes in buckets, i planted cukes, radishes, and onions… put a pepper and tomato into the raised bed, and repotted the herbs.
the neighbor to the west is getting a new fence… while we were gone for lunch on saturday, she weed-whacked all of my poppies (and some other plants); i almost started crying when i saw it. hopefully she’ll leave the fenceposts where they are and i’ll just have to wait another year to see them again…
i also got a scoby mother to start making my own kombucha. thanks to my sweety and his propensity for collecting glass containers, i won’t have much trouble int he way of storage.
also, he has a sh*t-ton of tea.


so we totally blew off planning the menu… and i realized on monday when i left the house that it’s in a mildly embarrassing state of cleanliness. i should have been more selfless on sunday, but i was feeling lazy.
so, we need. to. plan. the. menu.
we were also talking about driving to the badlands the following weekend to camp, but it seems like a hasty decision since i haven’t camped in about 5 years, i’ve never taken my car more than 4 hours away, and it’s the weekend after the party so we’ll probably want to relax.
it’s also matt’s bday in june *shh*. i haven’t come across anything worthy of his ownership since his birthday … wow, was that three years ago? i gave him my chain wallet that i’d had since i was 16. i bought it at the cat’s meow and it saved me from ever locking my keys in my car. also, i never got my wallet stolen at any raves.

nice long weekend

i had friday off, so we slept in. after a nice dog walky, we headed to do some errands. i had a couple three-year-old gift cards for sears, so we went there in search of soil for our tomato plants; needless to say, they don’t sell dirt. so we ended up with a cork dartboard and some other sundries.
we employed the use of our new rain pants on saturday; without them, i would have been quite ornery.
sunday was pretty low-key, at least for me. matt was very busy at the tavern, and even though he and his co-worker have an early/late shift deal, he still didn’t get done until after 5.
i made another successful batch of seitan, and used quinoa for the first time… i’ve learned better how not to make twelve people’s worth of food every sunday, so as not to waste it all.
we also watched a lot of deadwood.


sorry i’ve been so quiet! life’s been grand lately, but there’s been nothing out of the ordinary to talk about. we do, however, need to hunker down and get the party planning committee going full-steam. i hope to make things simple… but i always come up with too much and spend all the time in the kitchen; which makes some people fussy.
also, our little seedlings are explodinating! we need to get some dirt for the buckets in order to repot all the tomatoes. i also should get to tilling the raised bed and throw in the cukes… this weekend, maybe.
additionally! not enough warm bodies showed up for kickball on saturday, so we hopped the fence at the wisco (not really) and played some sand volleyball.

feeling weird

for some reason, today, i’m feeling inadequate. that’s the only word i can think of to describe it. i can’t concentrate and i don’t want to be staring at a computer. i wish i were riding my bike down a hill with a picnic lunch, following matt; being unsure of our destination and not really caring.
i feel like i need a change of scenery.

another good one

friday was nice and relaxing… we had to go to woodman’s, so we thought we’d give pan y pan a try. that’s the mexican bakery/restaurant in the parking lot where popeye’s used to be. they have tortas, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos with all sorts of different insides. my (vegetarian) burrito was pretty good, but missing something… a salty flavor… like it needed pico de gallo or something.
after the woodman’s run, we freed our tomato seedlings from their tiny little living spaces and replanted them in little paper pots made from a pot maker. i bought that thing almost three years ago and finally got to put it to use. we can then just throw the whole thing in some more dirt and the newspaper will decompose.
we celebrated another annual milestone on saturday; it marked one year from my filing date. matt made an awesome fire in the back yard while i cooked up some tuna on the grill.
sunday morning, the dogs thought i should wake up around 9… i made it til about 10 before they insisted. we had a nice walk; two neighbor dogs showed up, as well as a high-school acquaintance who seemingly just moved into the neighborhood.
i visited matt at the tavern for breakfast and then came home to dye my hair and make my weekly lunch. it started out as sauteed seitan and zucchini with noodles; but it turned into a seitan-noodle soup. later, i met back up with matt and we grabbed dinner at ha long bay and it was perfect.
also, i had some really strange dreams this weekend involving people from the past, finding lots of money on the ground, and work.