eleven days

my birthday week was great. i didn’t use my car for 10 days; we biked everywhere. on friday, we got our fishing licenses, visited the jade monkey and matt learned how fun shuffleboard is.
we also determined that a fish tank is in our future.
we played lots of bar games, most of which i’ve gotten worse at.
we also got stuck downtown on my birthday proper, waiting for the weather to stop being weather.
but, not before biking in the rain to have yummy sushi.
and when we finally could enjoy the outside, matt and nora shared a moment.
we also installed the second rain barrel; and got tattoos.
it was a splendid week.

lotsa plants

we started a lot of seeds this year… we’ve buckets and a raised bed and pots; hopefully enough to support our endeavors.
we also need to install the second rain barrel. it’ll have to sit where some peonies are, so those need to be either dug up or sat upon. luckily, after 5pm tomorrow, i’m off work until the 26th.


eight years ago, mayor dave won.
seven years ago, i bought my first 2nd gen ipod, and was one of two lone people in the movie theater to see eternal sunshine on my birthday.
six years ago, i was in nyc for my bday week. though, it seems like a million years ago.
jones came into my life five years ago this month.
four years ago, i found my first grey hair.
three years ago, i installed a front walk, built my raised-bed, and had the bathroom redone.
two years ago was kinda boring, it seems.
and last year, well, you know.

planning mode

we’ve started planning our memorial day party while still retaining the goal of utensil-less foodstuffs… though, that might become too lofty; sometimes a good pasta salad is worth the plastic fork or space in the dish washer.
we’re also organizing a mickey’s intramural kickball league… games will be played every first and third saturday either at o’keefe or o.b. sherry. we still need to get facebook up to speed on our endeavors.

3-day weekend

we had a really nice one; lots of biking around and general tomfoolery. matt took down a misplaced tree that eventually would inhibit the building of a garage…
we skipped girls’ night out for the first time since november… i just wasn’t feeling it.
birthday week is coming up; i think it’ll be a good time to get the soft-craft room set up upstairs.