¡¡tmi warning!!
if you’re a female who’s ever had a uti, you know immediately what’s going on. the wrinkle of the nose at the slightest inkling of needing to use the bathroom, the desire to curl up in a ball and sweat, the sleeplessness of having to get up every hour.
that was me last night. i had some red pills left over from last time, which at least allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours. i woke around 4 and, with some convincing, took a some aspirin. i described the feeling that i was trying to suppress as, “a balloon coated with sandpaper inside my bladder.”
my sleep was fitful until 8 when i decided i’d better get up and get things taken care of before sitting at urgent care; little did i know it would take the better part of 2.5 hours (from door to door to door). i had good company, so the time wasn’t intolerable.
the dr. i randomly got was really nice, and i don’t have a primary physician (i know, i know); but he only works at urgent care and not as a general practitioner.
additionally, i’m allergic to penicillin and nitrofurantoin, so we’re trying a sulfur-based antibiotic. hopefully i don’t wake up saturday morning covered in hives, cuz that would mean we’ve run out of bug-killing pills.
in other news, because of the urinary analgesic, my pee matches my hair color; orange.


i made italian sausages with rice and broccoli for lunch. i was happy to find that woodman’s now carries nooch, which is a lot different than the brewer’s yeast that i got a couple months ago.


a debaucherous weekend, for sure.
on friday, we grabbed lunch when i got home, went to woodman’s and got a bottle of kahlua to thank our neighbor for taking care of the street and everyone’s driveway on wednesday afternoon.
it was girls’ night out, so i freshened up my hair color and we headed out to the inferno for some chicago house. it wasn’t quite as i remembered (fewer strong, black, female vocals), but i was able to get my groove on. the crowd wasn’t as big as months past, but i think it’s cuz of the weather.
on saturday, i awoke with a craving for la hacienda. whenever i tell people that’s my favorite mexican restaurant, i usually get boos and hisses and am told precisely how stupid i am (i love it when people get that defensive over cuisine). i also thought it would be a good use of our time to host a two-person pub crawl. so we cabbed over to the restaurant and proceeded to walk our way back home, while stopping at a few select places. our notes are as follows:
pubcrawl feb ’11
the echo: really drunk kid with his mum, barely successful sober cribbage (i lost), “perfectly satisfied f&$!ing customers” (bartender quote).
the ‘dise: pool (i won), playboy (it was being passed around for comment), bathroom idea*.
up north: good music, good bartender, a free beer.
wisco: darts (i won), the dark night, tshirts(?).
mickeys: tony, jaeger bombs.
*our million dollar idea… more to come.
sunday was a lazy one, at least for me. i slept in late and got tired very early. unfortunately, my early bedtime resulted in a not-so-sleepy night. i think i woke up at 2, refused to look at a clock, and couldn’t fall back to sleep til 6. of course, that was minutes before the alarm was to go off. oh well, we can sleep when we’re dead, right?

two days off

it feels like a monday cuz i’ve had the past two days off work…
my check engine light popped on on saturday and i promptly ignored it, stating, “those go on and off all the time.” well, come tuesday, i had about 20 miles worth of gas in my tank and figured i wouldn’t make it home if we were going to be crawling along as anticipated.
i stopped at my usual gas station and proceeded to pump gas but was surprised when it stopped at $1.45 and spit gas back at me. i tried it again and it happened again.
i had to leave my car there for service and couldn’t come to work.
wednesday was self-explanatory (a foot of snow and 5′ drifts), thankfully the office (and most of the rest of madison) decided to close.
much fun was had by all.