this week has felt particularly long… i’ve been trying to stay up later because i kept waking up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep. i think it’s working, but i do feel more tired when my alarm finally goes off. maybe it’s just cyclical.
i’ve found some new music recently, as suggested by a friend whom i met when i was 16 while working at hardee’s in stoughton. the group is called beats antique and they sound really cool. they’ll be coming to the majestic in may and we’ll probably be in attendance. additionally, murder by death will be at the annex in a couple weeks, so we’ll be seeing them, too.
here’s to friday, and another nice weekend. *clnk*


another long weekend behind us… i hung out at mickey’s on thursday night while matt worked; resulting in a sleepy-in friday. after a dog walk and some errands, we biked downtown to exercise our right to assemble. the sight was amazing. the capitol rotunda was packed full of people who had been there since tuesday… there were balloons being popped about, and someone was playing a bucket as a drum. we warmed up at the ‘dise a couple times before giving up waiting for jesse jackson to speak… we biked to the wisco and then to mickey’s before heading home.
we spent most of saturday in lazy seclusion, watching dead like me and knitting.
i was really sleepy on sunday for some reason; nora eventually gave up and shook me out of my slumber. they’re so patient.
also, a neighbor reminded me that they’re going to begin our street project soon… i’m not sure what that will mean in regards to parking, hopefully i can still get in and out of the driveway. so, by mid-april, we’ll have a real street with curbs and two rain gardens at the creek. apparently i can pay the bill in its entirety without interest by october, or annually over the next eight years… i should reread the fine print.


most mornings, i use my iphone and radio alarm to listen to digital radio. i almost always tune into the minimal station and it gets me to work. yesterday, i heard a beat that i wanted to remember for later, so i sound hounded it; and yesterday afternoon, i used my phone to buy the album.
also, i’m wearing a pair of pants and shoes that i haven’t worn since before buying the house; the pants are too big.

back to urgent care

by 2pm yesterday, my kidneys were throbbing every 3 seconds and i could barely sit upright. i stuck it out until 5 and headed to urgent care after work. the dr and i determined that the sulfer-based antibiotic dulled the infection for a bit, but did not completely clear it… so it came back with a vengeance. he put me on something stronger; ciprofloxacin, which i couldn’t take until 2 hours after eating dinner last night, which meant it didn’t kick in until midnight and my kidneys and fever didn’t stop being present until 2am. needless to say, i slept in this morning.
i tried taking the second dose on an empty stomach, which they suggest, but mine is a weird one and didn’t like it so much. so, after only two of 14 doses, i’ve already become extra sensitive to sunlight and heat. i had to take my coat off in the car on the way to work.
in even better news, i get my annual review today…

another good one

we ran errands and generally got stuff done on friday and had a fairly regular evening. i did not awake on saturday covered in hives, so that was nice… we hopped over to wilson’s cuz i wanted a bloody but we were 30 minutes late for breakfast; so we had lunch. i was able to snag a moment in time when matt was agreeable to playing scrabble, so while everyone around us was shouting at the badgers’ basketball team, we were hunkered over the ipad while i tried to make sense of a crappy rack:
after having had just about enough of the screaming red and white, we went to mickeys to be among regular people. we had a near-issue when we were accidentally too close for my comfort to a certain person walking in the opposite direction, but luckily all parties remained civil.
sunday was extremely lazy, on my part. well, i did finish a scarf, but i did not vacuum, as was a glimmer of a plan earlier in the day.


now that i’m getting used to my new (old) role at work, i’ve been a lot more cheerful. i think my grey matter was decomposing or something. today i get to work on inline error validation for a web form … and i’m kinda excited about it. :x
it’s nice to have something to work on again where i can pop my earbuds in and code.

so complainey!

i don’t think my antibiotics are doing anything but making me feel worse.
and have *crazy* dreams. like, really weird ones. with a cast that i’d rather not have in my brain anymore ever.
although, one strange thing i’ll note is that i dreamed i went to subway, but it was all movie-ticket-like and the guy was way too nice. i placed my order, and he made me point on the menu board to where the veggie sub was and chuckled as though he enjoyed telling someone what to do. then he yelled the order back down this long table to some girl who put all of the ingredients (including whole baby portabellas!) into a plastic, lidded pitcher. she added some italian dressing and shook the pitcher and tossed the stuff onto a loaf of bread. after that, i got distracted by someone and left the restaurant empty handed.


i feel worse today… not “down there”, but in general. i’m nauseated (note: i did not say nauseous), tired, and generally irritated. that last one might be caused by other cyclical events.
i just realized that a uti is not covered by my list of rules… maybe it’s just grandfathered in because it’s “obviously broken”.
as i stated previously, i’m allergic to most antibiotics (the ‘illins and ‘oins), and am now taking a sulfur-based anti-b. of course, i had to look up side effects and the internet told me i’d likely turn into a walking hive with vomiting and gas.
all i know is that 10 minutes after taking this morning’s pill, i almost leaned over my cubeville garbage can.

keep forgetting

about once a year, i fondly recall a very nice young man driving all the way from madison to oregon to pick me up. we hung out on state street and i remember that he bought a new cd from the exclusive company. we listened to the whole thing while driving around the country and i remember the awe that i had for the noise involved.
every year or so i just can’t pry that band name out of the annals of my grey matter, now that i have, i need to blog about it at once in order to stop this brain problem. it was negativland, and i have yet to procure my own ear candy; it’s been 18 years.