post-turkey day

after 4.5 days off of work, it was *really* hard to come back this morning.
wednesday was my biannual dentist appointment which was highly successful. i had admitted to the hygienist that i had been a little lax in my tooth care during the previous six months… we agreed that i should probably floss more.
the next few days were very laid back and low key and it was probably one of the most relaxing weekends i’ve had that didn’t involve a hot tub hotel.
i neglected to make this week’s lunch yesterday; i just wasn’t feeling up to it. i even left the kitchen a mess after making dinner on saturday night.
three and a half weeks until i get another week and a half off.

off kilter

normally, i’d joke about mercury being in retrograde and that it’s to blame for miscommunication and expectations being unmet and general malaise… but it’s not. even if it were in retrograde, it would be silly to blame a planet. it’s more likely just human behavior.
i think i’m just antsy…
also, here’s photographic evidence of the before-kitchen-fix:
after a trip to menards, where the guy wasn’t quite listening to me when i showed him the broken plastic piece that i intended to replace, and a visit the following day to ace hardware, where the two guys working practically tripped over themselves to help me, i finally ended up with two 3/8ths butterfly nuts with which to secure the faucet.


it doesn’t really suit me. but, i’ve been trying.
on friday, we went to the west side antiques mall (it used to be much further west than it is now) and i managed to escape only spending $15 on a book. unfortunately, it is not brand new nor would i sell it if it were. it’s an analysis and explanation of all of carroll’s puzzles and riddles in his writing.
after spending two hours weeding through treasures, we went to menards to get hardware to finally fix the kitchen faucet. it’d been unattached from the sink for a while and i jb welded it which only lasted a month so it seemed time to fix it for good… especially after the mess we discovered under the sink. :/
we stopped at jeni st o the way home saturday night and got two huge lake perch. they were a pound a piece. the butcher-guy was surprised that we wanted two, but we saved one for last night. i made instant mashed ‘tatoes and vegan chicken gravy. we watched the book of eli but i didn’t make it much past the bar fight before zonking out.
yesterday, i whipped up this week’s lunch: a huge pan of lasagna. i’ve come to love bags of frozen vegetables, for some reason. i just cooked ’em up and threw them in with some cheese and spaghetti sauce and noodles and baked it. $5 worth of ingredients for over a week’s worth of lunch. i’m hoping to get matt to try some so he can experience vegetables in a yummy way.
side note: i want to get some more pin-making supplies and come up with a cute design to attach to a pair of bittens (or anything, really) when i knit them for someone.

short weeks

after having last friday off, being sick monday, having next thursday and friday off, it makes the rest of the days kinda tolerable.
i think we have a good start on ideas for colors for the bedroom; we’re going to go look at paint chips tomorrow. after that, i think we’ll have to get really good at finding decorations and accessories at second-hand stores.
i haven’t rapped about the dogs lately! they’re doing really well. they’re both tons happier and have calmed down a lot since the beginning of the year. we haven’t gone to the dog park in a while, tho. we’ve talked about going a couple fridays a month but haven’t yet.
also, i need to get knitting again but can’t think of anything i want to knit. i had started (months ago?) what was going to be a scarf, but the yarn is this crappy synthetic that i got from ebay a million years ago and it doesn’t slide off the needles very well, so i frogged it.
i keep thinking colder weather will be a motivator, but all it’s done is gotten me to buy cold-weather bicycling gear. :/

home project

i stumbled across this picture

and decided that it looks super cozy and kinda want to turn our bedroom into this… or a rendition of it. i’m willing to bet we’ll find a perfect light fixture at the restore. and it’ll be nice to make curtains and get rid of the mini-blinds (we can transplant those into the front bedroom). maybe we could even get some of those self-retracting shade holders and make our own dark shades to keep the sun out.

long time, sorry

i woke up last sunday with what i thought was a uti, but after a visit to dean urgent care, i was diagnosed with a bladder infection. past experience has alerted me to my allergy to penicillin, so i’ve avoided that pretty easily. they sent me home with a ‘scrip for nitrofurantoin, which i took mostly diligently all week. my last pill spilled over into the 8th day cuz i got lazy…
sunday night, i was radiating such heat and shivering at the same time that i thought i had caught some flu bug and called in sick to work. later, upon waking in daylight, i noticed all of my tattoos had swollen and the skin around them had turned red. there were also hives all over my legs.
a trip to walgreen’s for benadryl (why i don’t keep any in the house at all times, i have no idea) and a 3 hour nap later, i was still pretty out of it but way less itchy.
i’m back at work today, but my brain isn’t. i’d much prefer to be in the comfort of my bed.

don’t mean to lack

i just haven’t had anything significant enough to pen publicly. aside from becoming very lazy in my don’t-eat-out endeavors… i do, however, think i’m ready to set a serious budget. now that my finances are pretty much as regular and stable as they’re going to be (getting divorced isn’t the cheapest life activity…) and now i can focus on rebuilding my safety net and maybe even starting a fun-fund for vacation or toys.
the annual lutefisk dinner went off without a hitch. matt came with and tried it for the first time with much success! we, then, hung out at the local bar playing cribbage until a wedding party showed up that sorta scared us out.
sunday found me at urgent care with a bladder infection… it was entirely my fault for not going earlier. i tend to try to wish things away for a day before giving in to my defenses. so, i’m on antibiotics for a week…
back to work today, but happy that i have friday off to look forward to. it’s kinda nice to use up vacation time on fridays because they only count as 5 hours, so it ends up being more days off.

forced fun

i’m vehemently opposed to management thinking that a couple hours of bowling will better a team’s morale. which is why i moved my next dentist appointment to coincide with said bowling event so that i am unable to attend.


i noted that i had gone a month bringing food to work for lunch as opposed to making my daily trip to subway.
monday night, i just didn’t have the motivation to do much of anything so subway was planned. upon arrival, the franchise owner wondered where i had been for so long, and said she was worried that i had been laid off.
perhaps that’s a sign of being too habitual.