we’re really lucky to live so close to a great market. we’ve made a good habit of stopping at jenifer st. at least three nights a week to get whatever fish we feel like, and whatever seasoning we want to throw on it. last night, we had tilapia fish tacos, and for some reason, they were exceptionally good. maybe it’s the weather.
i have a three-day weekend to look forward to, but half of friday will be spent in the car. i’ll give details about that later.

days gone by

things have been mildly stagnant… i think it’s the fall air. i can barely get up for work because my body wants daylight saving time to have started a month ago. and i have lots of ideas running around in my brain of things to start working on and projects to plan for but can’t work up the gumption or don’t have the money for supplies. because whenever i think of a new craft to produce, i always feel like i have to run out and buy every last tool required.
i have, however, begun week three of not buying lunch. i made crock pot goulash last night for this week. it’s kinda nice not having to bother but once a week (especially using a crock pot).
matt and i have also gotten pretty disciplined in dinner-making, as opposed to eating out. we’ve had catfish tacos, pan-friend tilapia, and tuna steaks in the last week. i wonder if we’ll turn into fish. i also wonder if we shouldn’t worry about mercury poisoning? i fear if i google the symptoms, i’ll convince myself that i’ve contracted lupus or something.
maybe this week i’ll pull out my stash of dmc floss and make some bracelets; it’s been a while.

time & attention

we saw merlin mann last night at the union theater.
he had a lot of poignant remarks about managing time, *really* considering priorities, refraining from doing things that a monkey/robot/shell script could do (even suggesting building a robot/shell script or buying a monkey to do said things).
one thing he pointed out was that outlook, entourage, and mail.app are set, by default, to check for new mail every 5 minutes. that means you could have been interrupted by email 24,000 times last year; this is only applied to an 8-hour work-day; and with the advent of iphones and blackberries and push notifications, you can be inundated with email in real time.
he had another interesting observation… when you get an email from someone asking you to do something, the sender considers it a little pebble, “here is a pebble, deal with it. it’s just a pebble, jerk. why aren’t you doing something with it right now?” the sender has no idea (and maybe even doesn’t care) how many other pebbles (or rocks and boulders) you’re dealing with at that moment. and that’s the problem with email; you can compose an email and expect it to be dealt with just because you hit [send].
he also said that prioritizing email is like alphabetizing your recycling bin. and a priority isn’t really a priority unless it’s dealt with and done; a list of tasks is just that. and no one cares what’s on your list.

another summary

the weekend went too fast… matt’s brother, jeff, came down friday afternoon and we hung out for a bit and had some drinks. i passed out around 11 or something and i think they stayed up quite a bit later. i tried watching shutter island with them, but got too sleepy.
saturday, we headed to mickey’s for brunch and then a couple retail stops later, i became the proud owner of the movies saw i-vi for $35 and some change.
it was another early evening (am i really getting that old?), and before i knew it, i was at mickey’s getting brunch again. the owner has, twice now, expressed to me that i should be trained as a super-emergency sub for the waitstaff.
a trip to woodman’s and an afternoon of roasting poblano peppers followed and, all of a sudden, i have lunch for the week.
last night was wisco monday; brooks makes $1 tacos for the football game. it was a lame one last night, so he left one of the tvs on for us to watch pawn stars and american pickers. i think we’re addicted to both (and *of course* they’re on watch instantly).
tonight, we get to go see merlin mann at the union. i’ll take notes and let you know how it goes. my synopsis won’t be nearly as poignant as skip’s usually are, but i’ll give it a try.


i totally missed my 8-year blogiversary.
i can’t believe i’ve been chronicaling my life for the past 8 years. sorry it got so lame for a bit… there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement for a minute.
that has changed and i promise the next 8 years (and beyond!) here will be more entertaining.

good times

the weekend was pretty great. we slept in a little bit on friday, and in lieu of breakfast, i had a craving for fraboni’s… so we headed over to the monona drive location (when *will* they finish the construction?) and then proceeded to black earth to check out what the shoe box had to offer. we found some nice shoes for matt in the bargain room; as well as some fancy wingtips, and i found some merrell shoes that are really comfy.
on our way back to madison, we stopped at the main street tavern in cross plains for a couple games of cribbage. it was kinda weird to have been in a small-town bar… but they were really nice and didn’t treat us like aliens.
then we headed to yue-wah for the ultimate (as far as madison is concerned) in ethnic shopping experiences. i got a bag full of poblanos for $1.99; that’s how much they are *per pound* at woodman’s. we filled a shopping basket and were surprised that it was only $30 for everything.
saturday was pretty mellow; we didn’t do a whole lot, which was nice. we tried watching team america world police, but i can’t seem to stay awake when presented with a movie anymore…
sunday, i slept in too late (as far as i’m concerned) and headed to mickey’s for lunch… it was an hour wait for food (thanks to the beautiful weather) so i didn’t even eat til 1:15. i managed to get to woodman’s while the game was still going on and got my daily snacks.
i made my tortilla fillings for the week… rice, roasted poblanos, onions, and fake meat crumbles. if i alternate ingredients, i might not get sick of it as quickly as i did the manicotti.

even tho

it’s not freezing out yet, i just remembered last winter i bought wire glue with the intention of making gloves with conductive fingertips in order to use touch-screen devices while wearing them.
i also now remember that, last winter, i answered my phone with my tongue because it was the only conductive part of my body that was quickly uncoverable. it was kinda weird and i don’t want to do that again.
so, this post is just to remind me to paint some of that glue onto a piece of fabric to test that it’ll actually work… since i’m too much of a cheapskate to shell out $20 for conductive thread.

slow news week

i guess that should be considered a good thing…
i’m going on day three of manicotti. it’s still tasty, but i think i overestimated my patience with the same food item on repeat. i also mis-portioned and have two days worth more than i planned for.
i was also inspired by a friend to work on a project that i think will turn out quite awesome, if i get my arse in gear. it’s a chess set with pieces of sushi/makizushi made from fimo (or sculpey, either one) and the board will look like woven nori and white nori. tho that is starting to sound too ambitious, so i’ll keep you posted.
the pieces will be as follows:

black, pawns: salmon roll, knights: ebi, bishops: seared maguro, rooks: unagi, queen: tobiko, king: ikura
white, pawns: avocado roll, knights: amaebi, bishops: maguro, rooks: anago, queen: uni, king: shrimp head

i tried keeping cooked sushi for black and raw for white, but had to use the shrimp head for the king because they typically serve that when you order amaebi.
also, doing research for this project should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. :/

a weekend well done

we had a nice weekend. friday was girl’s night out; the music was awesome and i was able to dance my back pain away… tho, my knees hated it the next day. maybe i need to start taking glucosamine. who am i kidding? i can barely remember to take my multi-vitamin.
saturday, we slept in kinda late and declared it “lazy day”. we had breakfast at the diner, and then i spent way too long trying to find a way to save text messages from my phone on my computer. eventually, i succeeded, but i could feel my stress level rising.
we happened to end up at woodman’s while the badger game was going on, so it wasn’t too bad; tho i bought more than i had intended.
sunday, i slept in again :x and headed to mickey’s for breakfast… came home and made manicotti; enough for lunch for the whole week.
i’m in a slightly better mood than normal for a monday morning… mostly cuz i have friday off and already have fun stuff planned. we’re going to head out to black earth to the shoe box and on the way back into town, we’re gunna stop at yue-wah to play around with all the fancy, cheap, ethnic foodstuffs that we can’t pronounce and have no idea of the taste or flavors.