after a meeting at work, i feel the need to illustrate what just happened.
the meeting started at 1, which is almost right after lunch…
i was in the front row, mildly excited to hear the business news… you know, the stuff that ensures i probably won’t be laid off any time soon.
the meeting kept going for some time.
my enthusiasm dwindled.

easy night

i left work early because the dogs hated me on tuesday for leaving them so long. we hung out in the park with neighbor david and his yellow lab, emma for about 45 minutes with the chuck-it.
then, i grabbed my bike and proceeded to tool around, but noticed my back tire was almost flat… so i biked it over to revolution and it was determined that i needed a new one. :/ so i waited a short 15-20 minutes while he installed it, and $42 later, i am the proud owner of a shiny new rear tire.
i hung out with some friends at mickey’s and came home around 7 with the goal to not eat out because i had moved a bag of shrimp from the freezer to the fridge. i was successful in my endeavors:
i also finished alice in wonderland; helena was starting to annoy me by the end but it was entertaining.

good night

i got home from work at 5:30 and the dogs were visibly unamused that they’d been cooped up for 10 hours… we took a nice walk and they were fine. i then hopped on my bike and sweatily made it to the wisco to meet a friend for some chats.
i had planned on making dinner at home, but decided that the wisco’s veggie burger was just cheap enough to fit into this week’s eating out budget, and i’m glad i did. it was yummy.
i stopped at mickey’s on my way home and saw a couple other peeps and tooled on home to finish the girl with the dragon tattoo. i will say that it’s an excellent movie, but the beginning is not for the easily shocked or disturbed.
also, i really enjoy the sound of rain hitting the air conditioner.

the bachelorette

no, not the stupid show.
i’m by myself for the next three days; julie is house sitting and matt is camping. the dogs will be by themselves for the longest they’ve been since being in my possession. i’m going to see if i can’t use this metime to my advantage.
also, julie moves out this weekend, so we’re going to turn the downstairs bedroom into a craftartcomputer room. hopefully this will inspire some creativity.
also, i think i need to find a long, skinny, bar stool-height table for the dining room.


the weekend was positively splendid. we biked around downtown on friday; i had some things to file with the register of deeds. then spent some time at home getting ready for a show at the inferno; we were out kinda late playing pool and biking around in the sprinkles.
saturday, i met a (new) friend at the park behind the goodman center to throw some balls around for the dogs. it was kinda funny, he had one dog and five or six balls, and i had two dogs and one ball. i grabbed some grub at mickey’s and proceeded to tool around downtown again. met matt back at mickey’s when his shift was done; we retired relatively early and i slept in until 11(!) on sunday; the dogs weren’t too excited about that.
i made my way to breakfast and then woodman’s and the greekfest and back downtown again (i’m getting really good at biking the hill up king street), stopping to look at lake mendota a couple times. i thought to myself several times that i should have been doing this every nice, summer weekend of my entire life.
also, i have really cute photographic evidence of our escapades last weekend:

and, too

since i’m just waiting for 1 o’clock to roll around to leave work, i’ll pull out a fridayfive from december 2003.
1. List your five favorite beverages.
coffee, water, absolut mandarin&soda, a good bloody, orange juice?
2. List your five favorite websites.
(these are all kinda cheating) google reader, facebook, yayhooray,, and mine?
3. List your five favorite snack foods.
yogurt, banana, baby carrots, apple, granola bar
4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
euchre, hold ’em, cribbage, solitaire, chess
5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.
(this is more fun since the invention of the iphone) fieldrunners, the creeps!, sudoku, mybrute, terracore
also, i want to thank the ipad for letting me watch/listen to the x-files in the kitchen as i prepared dinner last night.
and, here’s the iphone background i made:


i want to get back into making hemp chokers and bracelets. and more peyote stitch rings:

and i just found this lolcat meme that i submitted to some website three years ago:

another weekend

hopefully it’ll stay dry enough to permit the use of two wheels to get around.
this afternoon, matt and i are going downtown to run some errands and get some more threads from ragstock. tomorrow, i have a dogpark date in the morning, and a possible bday party in the evening. not sure what sunday will have in store, but hopefully the next 72 hours don’t go by quickly.


sorry, folks. my webhost switched servers and i’ve been having some technical troubles.
friday, we enjoyed the day on our bikes tooling around to the places we like to go. we ended up home early and watched alice in wonderland.
saturday matt had to work so i visited him at the tavern for breakfast and then braved maxwell street days on a mission to find the perfect white, cotton skirt. ragstock came through with one that was a third of the cost of one up the street.
we called it another early night and i tried staying up to watch the men who stare at goats, but in my fashion, only made it through about half before falling fast asleep.
sunday, i was groggy and got started late but some friends invited us to go out on their boat! i hadn’t been on a boat in ages. we went to a little bay on lake mendota and i swam in it!


when i was a kid, i was perfectly content with sitting on my bed with a lap desk, paper, and a pile of markers and drawing for hours. so, it surprises me that i feel like i can’t *make* anything until i have a specific place set up in which to work.
i should just take stuff to a park and draw; with the dogs.
also, i’ve been very happy this week, and people around me have noticed and commented. it makes me cheerier.