i hate it when the cafe at work has *nothing even remotely* vegetarian. at least no one suggested i buy the roast beef sandwich and take the roast beef off.


since i often rely on my blog for documentation, this entry is to record facts and feelings that i have otherwise left out of cyberspace because it’s really no one’s business but mine.
i’m pretty sure all three people who read this blog already know what’s been going on, and the other two whom i don’t know personally will find out that i filed for divorce on april 30 and kurt moved out on may 1. i have two roommates moving in this month, matt and julie.
i am keeping the house, just as soon as i visit a complimentary attorney for 30 minutes (through work’s employee assistance program) to make sure i don’t eff anything up in the process. then i have to get the deed in my name, refinance and become solely indebted for a very large sum of money for the next 30 years. tell me that’s not fecking daunting?
work has also been moderately stressful. we have a *giant* project launching in july; a small part of which i’ve been working on since september of last year. it’s part of the reason i have a pinched nerve.
so, because of all of this, i’ve treated myself to an ipad and a tattoo, neither of which are yet in my possession but will be soon.


for those of you who know me personally, i’m now alone in my house and there’s a huge amount of peace at this moment. the house is a dusty, disheveled mess, but i’m ok with it.
there is quite a bit of rearranging to be done, but i have to work late most of this week, so it won’t happen til this weekend at the earliest.
i am, however, struggling with a pinched nerve in my back/neck that’s causing my left thumb to tingle… i store 95% of my stress in my shoulders, the rest is in my stomach.
except, that fact isn’t really bothering me right now either.