i promise

in just a moment, this blog will become moderately less lame. there are just a few technicalities to work out and i promise, i’ll have lots of fun stuff to share.
also, in even fewer moments, i’ll own an ipad.

birthday week

as crappy as some parts of my life are right now, this week has been the most awesome time i’ve had in a long time. specifics aren’t necessary, because those who helped make it a success know who they are.
i did spend a lion’s share of money on adult bevvies and foodstuffs this week so my bank account will be very happy to have me back at work being productive in other areas of my life.


walking around the old neighborhood yesterday, we came across a myriad of plants and trees that need identification! if you know what they are, click through and leave a comment on my flickr junk.
(also, this is an obvious move on my part to make my blog look way less lame).
mystery tree
this is the base of the tree. i don’t know if this bulge will help identify the type of tree or if the tree is sick :(
mystery tree part deux
cutie patootie little blue flowers:
ok, that is all for now.


weirdly, my 33rd birthday falls on the 2000th entry to my blog… this year has already been amazingly strange, so i guess i shouldn’t be surprised at the coincidence.
i’m about to go walk around the town celebrating at local establishments and eateries until i just can’t take it anymore.
thanks to everyone for your celebratory condolences and happy thoughts.


i’ve been able to ask several recent ipad owners about their experience and satisfaction and the answers are making it exceedingly difficult for me to not go out and buy one.
i don’t need it. i have a laptop, a desktop, and an iphone. there is no room in that collection for another device.
… or is there?

soon, it gets old

so i’ll stop apologizing for my lack of updates. i promise you, by june/july, this place will be hopping again.
speaking of hopping… jones found something in the park by our house that puzzled him. i was about 20 feet away when i couldn’t get his attention to come with me so i figured it was something amazing. i walked over and looked at the grass with the same curiosity that he appeared to have and saw:
also, this graffiti is on a light pole in my new favorite place to sit and think:
random graffiti

long weekend

without going into too much detail, this weekend was filled with a massive swing of emotions. i got a lot of reading done, drank plenty of lattes, enjoyed the company of friends, had many adult beverages, went to the dog park a million times, laughed and cried.
thankfully, this is a short work-week and i can maybe do it all over again.
also, if you were a psychic, do you think it would improve your ability to spell?