i have a lot of packages arriving today; we’ll just call it “stimulating the economy”.
the yarn for my super awesome sweater is to arrive today, along with my new crock pot and green laser pointer for the dogs. amazon split my order into two packages, so ups and fedex will both be arriving today. i picture them dueling to get up to the door.
unfortunately, joann is where i had to order the needles for the super awesome sweater and it doesn’t appear they’ve even left the warehouse.
in other news, i’m taking a friend to the apple store this afternoon to get an ipod touch and we’re going to eat at the food court! that, combined with my recent rocky’s trip, and a visit to mcdonald’s next week for a shamrock shake, apparently, it’s “reminisce about old foods” month.
i’ll leave you with this awesome picture of nora:


i made a sandwich yesterday for lunch today… and had to throw it out because i couldn’t eat it. it had gotten soggy and saturated with oil and salty from the olives and anchovies. i took two bites and got up to throw it away.
thankfully, the cafe at work was serving veggie burgers today.

lesson 7

i started working on lesson 7… each lesson reminds me of why i probably never finished my manuscript. it’s a very persnickety language. lower sign contractions can’t be used in conjunction with punctuation, except for the capital sign, etc, which means you can’t use (en) for enough when it’s written, “Enough!” because of the surrounding punctuation.
also, i bought yarn for the awesome reversible sweater; hopefully it arrives around the same time as the needles (i had to get those from a different online retailer).
yesterday marked six weeks of fresh air and better health.


betz white recently blogged about an awesome scarf she came up with; showing the inspirational book from where she got the stitch pattern idea… which i promptly purchased because of the completely inside out and upside down! sweater.
unfortunately, the required yarn will cost me over $125 with shipping.
of course, there’s always the possibility of substitution but there’s no way it’ll look as cool; there’s a reason designers use the yarn they use, because it’s usually pretty awesome yarn.
we get our bonus in two weeks, i think i can wait til then to order.


i had to run to the library over lunch to pick up a book that, if i had waited one more day, would be shipped back to the madison public library. on arrival, i was behind a red saab who was waiting for a short, dark-haired lady and her two little girls to cross the path of incoming vehicles. they cleared the way and stayed right, while i pulled in and parked one median past her honda pilot, or whatever it was.
on my way in, i was reminded of the simplicity of life by watching a boy show his father some snow that he had picked up. once inside the building, i found myself behind a (presumable) grandma and her granddaughter whom i had seen walking in as i was parking.
i quickly made my way to the reserved shelves, isolated the one self-checkout that was out of order, and caught the eye of a librarian to check me out.
on my way back to my car, i noticed that honda lady had not yet pulled out; i said to myself, “yea, i should never have children.” i was out of the parking lot before she even got into reverse.

new books

i’m treating myself to two new knitting books. one of them has a pattern for a sweater that can be worn right-side-up and upside-down! this amazes me.
i’m a little worried about how much the yarn will cost to make the sweater, cuz it looks like the sweater will cost about $300 for the yarn alone; i think i’ll have to rekindle my relationship with elann to get an inexpensive alternative…
the other one is cuz i think it’ll look cool to play with vertical color striping and thick-knits.

awesome idea

we talk about some pretty weird things at lunch, but today i joked about a idea that i think might be really cool… a knitted braille poem for hanging display. i’d probably use hug o’ war since i have an affinity for it.

saving money

in my attempts to quit throwing money away (at takeout food), last night’s adventure was to make something close to salmon with apricot couscous. since i have rice up to my ears, and an awesome rice cooker, i skipped the couscous and used basmati. i never realized how yummy it smelled while cooking!
i also didn’t have green onions, so i just used some white onion and cucumber and mixed it with plain yogurt and added some cumin and herbamare. i also brought some frozen veggies into a boil and plated them. the result:
salmon and rice

weekend summary

friday night was girls’ night out. it wasn’t as awesome as in previous months, but i had a good enough time.
i finished stiff in two days. it was well written and entertaining. it may have changed my mind about what will happen to my body when the time comes. as of right now, i’m highly considering donating it to medical education. it beats making family pay $3k to incinerate me.
i didn’t do any knitting… i finished my headband and couldn’t think of another project to start.
we got our tax returns a week earlier than anticipated, so that’s helpful since i seem to be spending more than i am bringing in.
edit: i totally forgot to brag because that’s how often i think about it. four weeks smokeless. eff you phillip morris!


in an attempt to save some franklins, i went and became a library card-carrying member of society this past tuesday. so, i used their online service to reserve two books by mary roach, stiff and bonk. thus affording me the opportunity to remove them from my amazon wishlist, and (theoretically) saving me $20.
now i have to commit to reading them.