in just a few, short hours, i’ll be off work for a week and a half.
this year flew by… what with the summer consisting of 4 hour round-trips to kenosha and lots of hospital visits and family flying in and sadness. and work ramping up for two huge projects and christmastime.
i can’t believe it’s almost 2010.

*making the sign for boring*

sorry folks, not a whole hell of a lot to write about.
i can barely think of anything to say in less than 140 characters, let alone an entire page.
i guess i can talk about how kurt’s mom’s death has been pretty rough on us. kurt’s the executor of her estate, but hasn’t gone to probate court yet to get the paperwork transferred. they decided to rent out the house, and it just occurred to me that we would have to claim the rent as income and that could suck for our income taxes. and then it occurred to me that we (or someone has to) have to file income tax for 2009 for elaine.
there needs to be a manual, or at least a list of tasks that have to be done. maybe i should become a probate lawyer to help people through this shitty time.
on a brighter note, i’ve been knitting more and still find it enjoyable. i’m also still waiting to hear back about lesson 5; the instructor was out of town over the thanksgiving holiday, so we’re experiencing a minor set back.

retired bike

i’d been biking most evenings after work up until tuesday… my tires just aren’t knobby enough to get through all this snow, and new tires are too expensive since i’m not a commuter.
speaking of commuting, it’s been taking me 1-2 hours to get to work and back since the snow fell; at least it’s stayed in the realm of comical.

short weekend

it went by awfully quickly.
i submitted lesson 5 on saturday… i proofed it; wondering how many times i would have to read the sign for which to remember it.
apple bought lala, so they no longer offer cd trading; which means my 150+ want list will either never be fulfilled, or i’ll have to start using swaptree; which is a weird model because it’s most commonly a one-to-one trade.
also, the next two weeks at work are going to be pretty crappy. i likely won’t get home til 7 tonight and tomorrow night; unless we cancel tomorrow’s usability testers on account of the weather.


i published some comments yesterday which rendered the blog blank; since i only display seven days out.
thanksgiving was nice.. it was good to be out of the office for four days. we went out to my aunt’s in sun prairie, and although the whoel family was not in attendance, it was a pleasant time.
saturday afternoon, kurt’s sister had a little get together at her house. i was only there for a second, but got to see his niece’s mushroom farm. it’s quite amazing.
sunday, we spent most of the day cleaning out kurt’s mom’s cabin; i guess we’re going to become landlords. anyone want a cute little cabin for less than $50k?
it’s only three and a half weeks until my holiday break. i can’t wait.
i also bought a savory baking cookbook… weird.
also, i guess pee wee herman is making a comeback. this is exciting to me because i used to watch pee wee’s playhouse every saturday before going on my paper route.