lesson 4

got it back today, error free. well, almost. the infringement wasn’t quite as harsh as breaking a rule, but the proofreader had to point it out. the library of congress does not recommend hyphenating a word over two pages, and i accidentally did.
so, since it wasn’t a broken rule, she indicated, “Thank you for your great work in preparing this lesson and I look forward to receiving Lesson 5.”
which brings me to the slow return of how difficult braille became the first time around. lesson 5 introduces whole-word contractions for child, shall, which, this, still, and out and part-word contractions for ch, sh, wh, th, st, and ou, each of which must be used except whe the contraction involves a prefix (mishap) or a non-hyphenated compound word (rawhide).
a friend of mine and i were wondering why computers haven’t been programmed to braille automatically, and i think it would be like writing an app filled with exceptions.
imagine user-acceptance testing that mess.

paranormal activity and dexter

we went to see paranormal activity this weekend, and i’ve been watching a lot of dexter; which, in turn, is making my dreams quite strange.
i didn’t find paranormal to be all that good of a movie, considering all the attention it garnered as people petitioned to have it shown in theaters nationwide.
anyway, season three of dexter was really good. i wasn’t particularly a fan of season two; i don’t even remember if i watched all of it, but decided to give three a try, and it impressed. i’m looking forward to more.


it’s been kinda quiet lately. nothing new or exciting to report, which is fine by me.
i’ve started knitting again, but only on request. hopefully it’ll stick.
the dogs are good, the house is good; so i’m thankful for that.
also, last night, i dreamed i was staring at people through a coffee decanter; yelling at them that it wasn’t real coffee because i could *see* them through it.
i’ll leave you with a nice pic:
kurt & noodlebutt

lesson 4

lesson for was emailed yesterday after another thorough proof-read. i wasn’t going to peek at lesson 5, but i did; it’s gunna be scary.
in other news, i’ve returned my favorite winter coat to columbia to take advantage of their lifetime warranty. the zipper pull basically just fell apart on friday, rendering the otherwise perfect coat useless. hopefully they don’t give me any grief since it was purchased at an outlet.

long weekend

it doesn’t feel like i had friday off. i stayed up too late, drove too much, and woke up too early. it made the weekend feel twice as long.
we had a really nice time in milwaukee. kurt had to visit conejito’s and the tostadas were not as yummy as i had expected. but 3 for $3.75 cannot be beat.
then we headed to the uptowner near where a friend of kurt’s lives and had a drink. i met a nice, old, lousianna man who insisted, if i ever needed to refer to him, to do so as “mr. nobody”. whatever.
afterwards, we went to my cousin’s wedding reception at the italian community center; costume’s optional. we stayed til about 8 and drove back.. i was exhausted, but managed to stay up til 1:30 watching the roseanne halloween marathon.