my favorite yarn is on sale for 15% off this week only. unfortunately, i’ve lived beyond my means lately and have no extra money to afford it. and i can’t really justify it since i haven’t done any substantial knitting in over a year.
but it’s such pretty yarn.


i don’t feel like doing a whole lot of anything lately. there’s been a lot of stressful activity in my personal life; not likely to end soon.
i have to wait until my braille instructor has time to grade lesson 1… it’s been two and a half weeks since i send it off… hopefully the future lessons will be graded and return with more quickness.. but i don’t know what the capacity of my instructor is. like, does she do this full time? or am i dealing with a student or mom who has more important priorities?
also, work stinks.

*taps fingers*

i have too many social outlets and can’t remember where and to whom i’ve said what.
it’s been about a week since an instructor was assigned to me and i have heard nothing, so i emailed her a little “about me” note and asked if i could go ahead and hand in lesson 2 since i had it done and was already working on lesson 4 (no, i did not skip 3, that’s done, too). i haven’t heard back yet… i hope this isn’t indicative of the speed at which i’ll be forced to move.
also, this weekend marks nine years with kurt, and seven years married. we’ll be celebrating by going to the magnus to try their new scandinavian-themed menu (all local ingredients!), the willy st fair, and an attempt at quitting smoking together. i’ll apologize ahead of time if i seem ornery next week.

another random update

a friend at work directed me to the perfect frame for my a2-sized poster; since i couldn’t seem to find one to fit that size paper on this side of the pond.
i’ve sped through three lessons of braille, but can’t hand any of them in until i get my first one back and get assigned an instructor (or is it a proofreader?). i sent it off on friday, so i’m sure it’ll be a little while.

exercise one

they recommend you proofread braille exercises three times before sending them in. it’s thorough, yes, but it’s really a favor to the instructor that has to grade it. who wants to look at something riddled with errors?
so, now on to lesson two. that’s when it starts to get tough. hopefully i’ll get the punctuation memorized and am able to send off exercise two by monday.
in other news, i just picked another 3 quarts of cherry tomatoes.