i’ve been so quiet lately. there’s not a whole lot going on at work or at home. kurt’s mom’s condition is getting better; she’s going to be released next monday to go home. she thought she could have max back for a couple weeks, but it really isn’t a good idea. she’s sad to have given him up but we’ve been assured that we can visit him.
the peach tree is doing well!

google wave

i just signed up to be a beta tester of the newest and awesomest google product: google wave.
they also said to feel free to leave a haiku for the team:

if google were not,
and something else were there, it
would be a black hole.

time keeps on slipping

tensions are kinda high at the house.. we’re not sleeping well and kinda at each other’s throats. i suppose it’s to be expected. i think a vacation may be in order.

too fast

spending a day going to kenosha and back sure shortens the weekends… at least we were able to finally get the tree in the ground. the hardest part was getting the grass up!

good dinner and weird dream

i often have strange dreams after sushi night… but last night we decided to try ha long bay on williamson st. where bab’s used to be.
the night started with me asking everyone in my vicinity what the name was, and everyone had a guess but they all sounded quite silly. then i asked facebook and got a response within seconds. ha long bay! my friend said. a search online revealed they lack a website, takeout menus, and a sign posting business hours or name (this was from a daily page forum post a month ago). we decided to give it a try anyway.
the ambiance is great. they added a wall so you can’t see into the kitchen and the greeter counter is very inviting. we were seated immediately and had waters within seconds. be prepared with your tastes because their menu is twelve 8.5×11″ pages, front and back. each entree type is divided into three categories, vietnamese, lao, and thai. luckily, i have the no-meat diet so that narrowed the menu down by about 2/3rds.
i got the veggie spring roll (2 for $3.95!) and yellow curry. i decided to try the curry first because if a place effs up curry, you know i won’t be back. kurt got the pork egg rolls and a huge bowl of soup with “rare beef and well-done flank”.
the spring rolls were delicious and crisp and fresh and not too minty. kurt’s eggrolls were also devoured. the yellow curry (tho the mildest of curries) was good, but just a little bland. i’m used to yellow curry dishes with a little more coconut milk and less chili oil. kurt’s soup was met with sheer delight. we’ll definitely be back; it’ll take 8 years to get through that menu.
my dream was too long to describe to you, but it had a lot of people i know in it and was very strange. someone wanted to store a bunch of mattresses in my house (which was my childhood house) and after they moved them all in, i was like “wtf? hell no.” and everyone got mad at me. then it was some 4th of july celebration and some weird bar party.

next tattoo

it’s been almost nine years since my last tattoo.. it was a present from kurt on our first christmas together.
i was thinking of getting the traditional sparrow tattoos on the clavicles, but i like orioles better, specifically baltimore orioles. i also don’t think i want them flying symmetrically downward, i kinda like the idea of the left one flying down and the right one flying up and away. now i just need to get into capital city and talk to brian about drawing them up.

day 4 with cat

jones has gotten the hint that katrina doesn’t have time for him and he’s keeping a good distance. nora either doesn’t notice her or she’s a little smarter than jones and hasn’t once tried to bug her.
got word from max’s temporary place that he’s doing really well. he’s currently at happy dogz dog daycare and i just found a link to a webcam… we’ll see if he’s having a good time.
here’s katrina from the top. whenever i bend down to take a picture from the front, she gets up and circles me.


we’d made arrangements for max to go to his foster home yesterday, but a little communication snafu had interrupted the plans. his foster home will be in janesville but she wasn’t able to come get him, so she asked that we drop him off at a very close friends’ house in madison. imagine my surprise when the door opened and i saw a co-worker! we also learned that max’s new foster is the executive director of the humane society in janesville, so we know he’ll be well cared for and that she has the resources to find his forever home.

all those feet

we have three dogs and a cat at our house right now. the kitty (katrina) is doing very well. she’s itching to go outside but we thought we should wait a couple days… she needs to establish her rank with jones. he’s very interested in playing with her but she does not reciprocate.
also, i’m not allergic! it’s great news to me… the last thing i wanted was to have to take claratin forever.
it’s still a sad time tho, max (kurt’s mom’s dog) is getting picked up today to go to a foster home in janesville. kurt wanted to keep him but i don’t think i can handle that big of a change… or that big of a dog.

been hard

i’m no good at blogging anymore.. ever since twitter and facebook, i’ve reduced communication to fewer than 140 characters, making most longer stories mundane.
i also know that anyone who reads this, i’ve contact with on facebook, so there’s risk of duplicating content.
one thing that’s going on right now, which is taking up a lot of my mental capacity, is that kurt’s mom has cancer and it’s not looking good…
so, i’m just trying to enjoy life and summer and biking around town and hanging out with friends.
oh, and we’re adopting kurt’s mom’s cat. hopefully i’m not allergic.