my new phone!

it’s on the fedex vehicle, out for delivery. i hope he knocks loud enough to wake up kurt. i hope the transition will be smooth from one phone to the other. then to pack up iphone 1.0 for mom.
update: kurt did not wake up. they will attempt to redeliver tomorrow. i am not happy.
also, this week has zoomed by, thanks to six usability tests. and i’ve been sleeping a lot more soundly with the air conditioner installed.
we’re looking in to getting central air, tho. we’ve gotten soft in our old age.


this is moderately old news, but if you haven’t seen it.. a friend just re-sent it to me and i think it should be shared.


my iphone left china at 11pm last night and is in transit. i find it simply amazing that something can be that far away and is going to be on my doorstep in two (estimated) days.
in other news, it’s bleepin’ hot out. kurt broke down yesterday evening and installed a spare air conditioner in a window on the first floor. i think we’re going to have to get an estimate for central air… the heat makes us crabby, and there’s no need to live like that.
also, i just signed up for, they’re a madison startup that allows you to order common household goods and they keep track of when you may be running low, and they ship for free. unfortunately, they don’t carry my coffee.

many things

to look forward to:
iphone 3gs, sims 3, full series of danger mouse, and the x-men trilogy boxed set.
and nine days off work (starting friday the 26th at 1pm).

the difference

between adequate and awesome. beware, this could be kinda long.
when i am the recipient of a gift card with limited funds, i purchase myself an amazon gift card in the amount of the original card. this way, i can use two methods of payment with amazon in the event my order is more than the total on the card (you can’t use two cards, but you can use an amazon gift “certificate” and a debit card).
this morning, i attempted to do so and saw they were double-checking the accuracy of my card info by placing a $1 charge on the card before fulfilling the order for the full $100.. this essentially made amazon think i only had $99 and they wouldn’t be fulfilling my order until i “please revise [my] payment”. so i tried several times to reenter the card and, several times, got the same, generic error message. so i contacted help… and told them what i had gone through and hoped they could help me.
what i got back was a very explanatory response with an apology in regards to my frustration and the rep canceled my gift card order because cs reps are the only ones who can make changes… s/he then explained their process and why it worked the way it did. here’s what i’m telling them as a result of the interaction i just had:

just wanted to say thanks for the quick and accurate response from your customer service representative.
although, my problem still exists, i don’t feel so bad about it and will happily try a different solution.

a week ago today

i promised to be more diligent about my updates. i guess i lied.
a week ago today i had friday, the 12th off to look forward to. i slept in and we went to the dog park, as per usual. i did not mow the lawn. on saturday, we went to the marquette waterfront festival and hung out at mickey’s.
on sunday, we had a pretty terrible brunch. and i made poor man’s spanakopita for an early dinner.
monday, we found out that kurt’s mom has cancer in her lung, so i opted not to come into work on tuesday. yesterday was actually quite nice at work; i had lots to do, and my day went by quickly.

keepin’ up with content

at lunch, a friend was reading the “a year ago today” section of the paper to us, so i thought it would be funny to begin each of my blog entries with “one day ago today”, and then describe anything interesting that happened yesterday.
so, look forward to tomorrow when you can hear about what happened the day before.

sorry guise

it’s been a slow news month.
i could tell you about the awkward facebook friend rejection i got last weekend, or how i had to stop myself from cleaning the dining room before work this morning. or how i’m taking the last week of june off work. or how my garden has grown exponentially because of all the rain we’ve had.
but that would all be kinda boring.


apparently, i’m eligible for an iphone upgrade. it would likely be significantly faster than my (original) iphone, but it’ll cost $15 more a month for the same service.