wall stuff

we need more things on our walls. so i bought:

it may prove difficult to find a frame, since these are imported from england, they’re a standard paper size (a2) in their land, but i can’t seem to find the right size on this side of the pond.
also, beware of imitators. i almost bought the poster from amazon, but the letterforms are terrible. look at that awful “M”. blech.

along those lines, today’s xkcd is perfect.

who knew?

i had been meaning to post about this for a couple weeks now…
a friend of mine was biking his daughter to school recently, when he heard a noise and turned around to see that a mini-van had hit his daughter (at a very low speed), and she was laying on the ground, no longer on her bike.
no one was injured.
but he received two ordinance violations; one for not having registered his bicycle, and another for riding an unregistered bicycle!
imagine my surprise after having just had my bike stolen.. no one with whom i spoke had anything to say about the fact that it hadn’t been registered. according to the bicycle registration website, registering increases the possibility of a stolen bike being recovered; even though i had the serial number, which is all that is really needed (aside from a description).
the site also states dealers are required to register bikes at the time of sale (wouldn’t that have been handy!) but willy bikes said nothing about it when i replaced my stolen one with a spiffy new one.
so, i’m still trying to decide whether or not to register. and if i don’t, whose nose i’m actually rubbing it in.


the house party went very well. all of the beer was gone by midnight or so, luckily we thought ahead and got plenty of cans. the fire was enjoyed by a small crowd until about 1am when i had had enough and went to bed. was up at the crack of 9 on sunday… i finally rolled kurt off the couch and cleaned up the back yard; a couple partyers came back to help.
the fire was going all day, and kurt stayed up watching it until 5am on monday. i finally got to mow the lawn all to the same length yesterday, so it looks much better now.
so now i’m back to work… it seems moderately more painful than my 9 days off in april. maybe a four-day weekend is just too short.

food list

ok, this is for me so i don’t forget.
cream cheese rollups
“ham” and pickle rollups
caprese salad on-a-stick
edamame-stuffed wontons
goat cheese and tomato crostinis
apple zucchini crostinis
japanese pizza
vegan pumpkin cheesecake
*edit: i kinda want to make a pasta salad… knowing that will require a fork… i’ll think about it.

uh oh

i think i’m getting in over my head with the food planning. i just found these (thanks to the miracle of social internets and google reader):
chile pea puffs. excellent for not needing utensils.


coworker kevin put an idea in my head to serve only potato salads at our party, since there are so many kinds.
i probably won’t tho.. i do need to finalize the menu and make a shopping list. soon.
we’re getting a newused oven from kirch on friday. they’re halving the charge to come look at our mouse-infested for buying the oven from them. i considered, for a second, getting a new one, but it’s obvious we don’t use it often enough to warrant spending $800 on a fancy machine.
part of me can’t help but think we’re getting swindled, tho. “yea, the mice got into the insulation so i wouldn’t even bother fixing it, it’ll stink forever. buy this one!”

stupid mice

we have to buy a new oven cuz they chewed stuff and pooped everywhere and it will stink for years if we turn it on.

low on content

so you get some pictures.
here’s the morning dove that is having a second go at raising a family in mickey’s back patio:
here’s nora noodlebutt with all her legs akimbo:


a neat little article about shel silverstein. i didn’t know he was such a playa with the ladies.
on another note: we got our party invites, but i ordered them about 3 weeks later than last year so we haven’t had time to hand them out to as many people. i’m toying with the idea of doing a facebook invite, but only if it’ll let me pick the category(s) of friends.