no sir, i don’t like it

it bugs me when people use “literally” and “seriously” when they don’t mean it.
“my head literally exploded!” (she’s still alive)
“i’ll be back seriously in two seconds!” (she walked away for five minutes)


can’t believe it’s almost may. we have only three weekends to prep and paint our kitchen before our annual memorial day party. that, of course, doesn’t take preparing for the party itself. :/
they should sell motivation in a bottle.


i’ve been wanting a flip video camera for about a year now, and the price keeps fluctuating… it’s at it’s lowest right now. so, i was happy to see that i could get a refurb’d on woot today for almost half.
they’re out of orange.


i’m not sure why it bothers me so much, but i absolutely hate it when i’m the only one in a bathroom with more than 2 stalls (how about 5?) and the next person who comes in chooses the one adjacent to mine.


we’ve decided on ralph lauren’s mango gold for the kitchen walls and old violin for the cabinets. i tried linking to their swatches online but they aren’t anywhere near accurate so i won’t bother.
the trim and ceiling will be an off-white that goes with the mustardy color.
the goal is to have it done for our annual memorial weekend party.

another year

all in all, a good birthday was had. we went to the magnus for a delicious dinner on saturday night. kurt had the elk (which he described as “awesome”) and i had the sesame-encrusted ahi, which was delectable.
sunday morning, we met mom and george at the old fashioned and then came home and lazed about. around 3, kurt decided to open the blinds and said, “you shouldn’t leave your bike out in the rain.” so i asked him to hold the door while i brought it in. imagine my surprise when i didn’t see it in the driveway! the non-emergency police weren’t too hopeful that it would be recovered.
i’m kinda hoping the kid’s mom will make him return it.
so, we get to go bike shopping this week.

too efficient

i’ve tied up as many loose ends as possible and i still have 4.5 hours to go before my vacation officially begins. i may sneak out early. :x
i’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to find an iphone app which will allow me to upload pics to flickr. really, it shouldn’t be this difficult.
i got to see two ducks in the neighbor’s front yard yesterday:
also, since i got to the dentist early yesterday, therefore got home early, we were able to enjoy some sun at the dog park:

louis c.k.

bought the tix last night. should be a good show.
according to my records, it’s been over a year since i’ve done anything show-like. not counting dub trio and el valiente. that wasn’t really planned, so much as i decided the night of the show that i wanted to go.
we’re also trying to figure out which night to go to the magnus and then which night i get second birthday dinner at takumi (it’s kind of like being a hobbit having elevensies and second lunch).
i just have to get through the next four days.


as i’ve previously mentioned, i’m taking next week off work… i wonder if i can get kurt to find someone to come in early so we can go see louis ck on thursday. i find him to be quite amusing:

on a roll

i’m distracting myself for a minute with the help of the internet and i keep finding cool things.
those who know me well know that i have a weird thing about storage containers.. particularly those involving the storage of food. even tho i stopped bringing my lunch to work in october (thanks subway!). well, i found another unnecessary container… i won’t buy it today, but i will add it to my amazon wishlist. it’s the alladin lunch & go.