clean bill

the dogs had their annual wellness exam, heartworm check, and lepto shot yesterday. they both passed with flying colors. except that they could lose a couple pounds? i wonder if we should change their annual date to sometime in august or september after they’ve been running around all summer getting trim and fit, instead of march when we’ve all put on a couple pounds trying to keep warm.

sorry, gentle reader

i’ve been really silent lately. i have no excuses other than general cabin fever and stir craziness.
i am, however, looking forward to enjoying my birthday week off again. we’re going to (hopefully) spend the time painting our kitchen walls and cabinets. and maybe the bathroom.
picking out paint chips seems to be our major deterrent. we were able to identify the main color (mustard yellowish) and the cabinet color (a dark reddish, brown)… now i just need to get some samples so we can verify our aesthetic assumption.
also, i haven’t been knitting much. i’ve actually been playing too many games on my iphone. i bought zombieville and critter crunch and those have been really fun. i can’t wait til they get castle wolfenstein developed and released.
it just occurred to me that april fool’s day is wednesday. i hope no one tries anything funny.


my inbox wasn’t too bad since i cleaned it up a couple times during my illness.. but i still feel weird having missed two days. it was everything i could do to roll out of bed this morning… even if i would have felt ok about staying home again, i think i would have gone stir crazy by noon.
at least the weekend is only three days away.


staying home, day two.
i wish it were nicer out. i think that’s part of the reason why i’m not going anywhere.


i remember when he died, i called all over town to used cd stores looking for anything i could get my hands on. the jerk at strictly discs laughed at me. i haven’t shopped there since. it’s been almost 10 whole years. jerk.

it finally happened

for the first time in my career here, i am expected to be in more than one place at one time. the overlap is at 2:30.
since i am not a superhero, i’ll let you know how it turns out.

celebrate good times

as in tradition, we’re extending kurt’s bday celebration into this weekend. we were gifted a certificate for the magnus and will be enjoying dinner there tomorrow night.
i can’t wait for the chimichurri.

i know

there’s something wrong with me when it comes to art supplies, office supplies, crafty supplies, etc. i just got a newsletter from an awesome user experience company suggesting a few tools for hand-sketching wire frames.
so, i immediately head over to dick blick to make a purchase (after all, we just got our bonus); the funny thing about me is that i already own all of the suggested tools (varied sharpie sizes, red pen, non-photo blu pencil), but since i’m crazy, i want spares.
p.s., i decided not to spend a bunch of money on supplies i probably won’t use and just try out the ones i already own for a minute.

dubuque, dubuque

the weekend went by much too fast, but it was still very nice and relaxing. for some reason, the diamond jo boat wasn’t open, so we headed over to the physical building and it wasn’t as cool. we each contributed $50 to the dubuque economy and decided that was just enough.
it was rainy and cold on sunday, so we spent most of the day in the hotel room, not before catching a classic brunch at timmerman’s supper club; which was a lot like traveling back in time.
like i’ve said before, dubuque closes early on sundays. except, unlike two years ago, it’s closer to 8 than 10 now. we almost didn’t get dinner… we stopped over at the trusty old bricktown brewery, but they had just turned their wood-fire grills off (at 8:19). so we rushed back to the hotel and dined in the restaurant there. it was nice that they didn’t rush us since they were closing at 9.
we went over to the busted lift for an after-dinner drink (which is, incidentally, now called 180 main and has a fancy restaurant on the first level).
we’ll likely go back again, maybe for my birthday.


one more work-day and i’m off for a long weekend. i’m excited to spend time away from four-legged creatures; we’ve been dog sitting since the 24th and i need a break.
in case you’re on the edge of your seats, there are still no charges from the company claiming to change everyone’s lives.
also, i had an impromptu presentation yesterday morning to our director and i didn’t freak out in panic. that was nice.
oh, and burrito drive has been out of fish since sunday. wtf? it’s lent!