my internet is out at home.
i usually have good luck when i contact tds, but i hate having to do it. especially now since i don’t have a phone line to determine whether it’s me or them.
and i’m out of cereal… so my blood sugar isn’t accurately regulated this morning.

random update

no extraneous charges from the questionable company that i mentioned previously. yet.
i try to get the same parking spot every day, but didn’t yesterday. so appeared a (presumably used) condom out of its wrapper on the pavement. it’s still there today.
kurt and i are trying to agree on paint colors for the kitchen. the most annoying part is that there are eight million colors from which to choose.

being responsible stinks

we’ve been carrying a balance with home depot since purchasing the house… what with buying a grill, wood for the raised-bed garden, and random accessories (like the hand-sander which we’ve never even used).
well, i convinced kurt to use some of our surprisingly large tax return to pay off the balance. now we just have the sears purchase to worry about.. if they ever deliver.


i wonder if i can spirograph on shrinkydink ‘paper’; i’m sure it’s been done before.
i should put my craft area to better use (than i have).


i love the subway over here by work. the employees are really nice and they remember my sub every time i come in. i don’t even really have to say anything except hi and how are you. i’ve been going there at least three times a week since october 2. i think they like me too cuz i usually get a few more veggies than the normal person.

yea, i know..

really, i’m not this stupid. i promise you.
so i come across this website promoting some magical berry pill that makes you a superwoman and slim at the same time.
of course, i want to give it a try. it’s only $4.95 for shipping for the 14 day trial. so i order it. and then read the fine print. and decide that there’s no way i’m paying their “monthly membership fee” even if it does turn me into madonna (the 1990s version). so it comes in the mail and i call the company without even opening the little bubblewrap-lined manilla envelope and was like, “i’m canceling my membership. what are your return instructions?” and she tells me and then today i google the company and see all these posts from people who canceled their membership but were still receiving random charges for random amounts.
so now i want to call the company and make sure they’re clear about my direction to cancel… or drive to des moines and tell them myself.
or report my (debit) card as lost or stolen.


my nighttime and weekend hoody is becoming a collection of holes with strands of sleeve in between. i like supporting american apparel, but every other hoody i’ve purchased has fallen apart. is a year an unreasonable amount of time to expect a quality piece of outerwear to last?
anyway, i just bought two more… qualifying me for free shipping (by $1). before checking out, i decided to quick google for a promo code. i saved 15% and got free shipping. and now i can look slightly less slovenly while taking advantage of their faulty checkout.

wtf woodman’s?

i’ve been a woodman’s shopper since i became responsible for my own well-being. for some reason, they’ve recently discontinued peddling the things that i buy.
it started with my hair dye… which isn’t their fault, i guess, since it was discontinued by the manufacturer. then they stopped carrying orange la croix soda water (but they kept “plain” flavor. really!?). on our most recent visit, we discovered they no longer carry the flavor of yogurt that i most enjoy or my style of pen anymore.
i really am not fond of copp’s or cub foods… but i might have to switch.


i know you were all totally on the edge of your collective seats… the washer and dryer delivery has been postponed til march 10; kurt’s bday.
he got the delivery fee refunded on the account of us having waited since november 26.

note to self

i need to try to find academic studies of language, specifically around the evolution of business-speak and maybe even a study that shows the geographical influence over time.