i’ve never been one to put off the filing of taxes. one year, i went with a boyfriend to the usps annex on milwaukee street before midnight so he could file.. i vowed there and then never to wait to file.
i’m happy to report that because we pay so darn much in interest and property taxes that it saved our butts from owing; in fact, we’re getting twice as much back as we did last year (in total). nice.


wtf is wrong with me that i like compartmentalized food containers so much? i haven’t brought lunch to work in months, but i want this.
i already have a laptop lunch and a zojirushi mr. bento and do you think i use them with any regularity? no. i don’t.


i’ve been fairly blah lately. not feeling all that creative (knitting), or motivated to create well-crafted work-related documents (annotated wireframes, use-case flows, ui design), or wanting to do anything around the house (paint the bathroom, kitchen).
i think we need to get out of dodge for a weekend.


i’m happy to report that there is absolutely nothing on the menu of the new chain restaurant in middleton that i would even consider putting in my gullet. to be honest, it looks absolutely repulsive. i wonder why they opted to open in the middle of winter since they seem to cater to the ice-cream-malt-shake-slushy contingent.
in other news: i ordered another pair of boots to trek around in … and an orange leatherman. :x


not surprising, but our home doesn’t have the equity required in order to refinance to anyone’s benefit. it’s kinda frustrating cuz we were hoping to have a smaller monthly payment, but at least now we know. hopefully property values increase while interest rates stay low, but that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.
unless we get a home equity loan and put that bathroom in upstairs… *idea*


i bought a new mattress and platform bed frame almost a year ago. well, the bed frame sucks. the supports in the middle have broken and the middle spine piece is practically splitting in half.
this is from normal wear and tear.
so, this weekend, we’re attempting to repair the problem supports by replacing them with several 4x4s so i can sleep without my head being at a decline from my feet.


the blog looks rather boring with only one entry..
i guess i can tell you about a couple of our vacation plans… kurt’s bday is in march and we might head to dubuque again for some festivities. we’ll probably stay in the old hotel instead of the holiday inn. the rooms are about the same price but the one in the historic building is about twice the size. and they have a greasy spoon diner on the first floor which had a happenin’ slew of regulars the last time we stayed.
i’ll probably have to reign in the gamblin’ budget tho; i can sit in front of a video poker machine for an amazing amount of time without realizing it.

random update

i need a yarn swift. i understand why they’re $80 but i don’t want to spend that much because i don’t need it with the frequency in which $80 is worth to me. a friend claims i should sit funny and wrap the hank around my knees to unwind, but i really don’t see that working very well. perhaps i’ll give it a try first.
i’ve successfully plotted all 120 hours of vacation for this year; ensuring that i go no more than 14 business days without a long weekend. except in december. they get kinda funny about using vacation after thanksgiving since we do 80% of our business in those 3.5 weeks.
i’m in meetings from 10-5:30 today (minus an hour and a half–not concurrent–which is too short of a span of time to get anything important started, let alone finished.

poor drivers

  • you don’t need to drive with your foot on the brake.
  • you don’t need to ride up on my ass when you can see there is ice on the road.
  • you may as well not bother expecting to be to work on time because you know the person in front of me is scared and won’t go over 40 (in a 55).
  • you can’t make someone go faster by ensuring your lights are not visible in their rear view mirror, but i can make you go slower.
  • please use clues like the two to three (sometimes five!) red lights on the back of the car in front of me as an indication of speed change.
  • feel free to familiarize yourself with how to navigate a roundabout. they’re really quite simple.
  • remember, semis are not cars. they cannot stop quickly. so don’t lane-change in front of them at a red light.
  • your time is no more important than anyone else’s.

bear with me

i have to get this out so i can understand what the heck happened…
so kurt had, as part of his cell plan, messaging 200. last month, just moments before he was about to go over, i upped it to the next option: messaging 1500 (for an additional $10 per month). imagine my surprise when his part of the bill was almost $25 more than it should have been.
there was a $3.50 credit for the second half of the month of which messaging 200 was canceled, and an $11 charge for the second half of the month of which messaging 1500 was active. there was also a surprising $12.70 charge for going over the cut-off point of messaging 200 (which i had initiated in order to avoid overages). so, basically, we got charged $23.70 for trying to avoid getting any overage charges.
so i emailed them (i hate waiting for customer service on the phone) and let them know there was an errant charge of $12.70. they emailed back to poorly explain (outright lie about) the situation and credited the account $13.40 “as a courtesy”… i have no idea how they came up with that amount.
so i emailed them back asking if they thought their customers shouldn’t make changes to their messaging options mid-cycle, then they shouldn’t have that option available.