i hate them.
i’ve been sitting in front of both of mine since 4 and still haven’t gotten to the point to reinstall windows.
i had trouble getting it to recognize the new drive as c: unless i disabled the ide drive first. hopefully i can get it to cooperate once i’m done.
this is more for me in the future, gentle reader, than for you.

tongue and nose

i have one little white taste bud on the tip of my tongue and it’s pissing me off.
also, i don’t know what to think about the sniftag. i kinda want to get jones and nora one (each). whoah, nevermind. i just looked at the cost.


came across this site today and wanted to blog about it so i don’t forget.
i’ve been getting lunch from subway for a while now but probably won’t have that luxury when there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground. so i need to start bringing my lunch. i was pretty good at it for a while, then i got lazy.

late night

i went and saw dub trio last night… i wasn’t entirely impressed, but the second band, el valiente, was really good.
i didn’t get home til 2:30. as i told a friend, i think i turned into a pumpkin.

home sweet home

stoughton road and commercial ave seems to be the spot where some of madison’s homeless hold their signs, looking very forlorn and cold. last week, a girl with star tattoos on her cheeks and only a hoody and jeans was there. i couldn’t read her sign cuz i was driving toward the dog park. i had planned on giving her the only five in my wallet and my headwarmer but she was gone by the time we were on our way back home.
today, there was a sad looking man with a sign expressing his desire to get home for the holidays. and a jesus fish. i think they always add “god bless” in order to appeal to people’s catholic guilt.
anyway… i gave him a 10 and said, “good luck”. as i drove away, i thought, “i don’t care if he spends it on alcohol because at least that’ll give him a warm night’s sleep, even if it’s just in his head.”
hopefully he spends it on a bus ticket instead.

stupid computers

my hard drive is dead. i am at the mercy of ups to deliver me a new one.
this means i can’t sync my phone to get the new 2.2 update (google street view!) and i’m without my music library (totally separate hard drive).
stupid computers…


one of the cafe workers here noticed and announced that i had lost weight. that was nice.


apparently my hal.dll file is missing or corrupt.
i can already picture what my friday afternoon is going to consist of.
i knew having two computers was not overkill.

panic update

sunday evening at woodman’s. couldn’t deal with the line in the liquor store. had to leave.
yesterday at the dr’s office. could hardly hold the cup in which to pee.
almost today at lunch. but i did the breathe-on-your-thumb trick and i think it worked.

an update

uti’s are hard to misdiagnose. i used to get them all the time. i almost just told the receptionist lady to send me straight to the pharmacy but decided against it. the dr. was nice enough.
so now i’m on antibiotics and i’m supposed to stay out of the sun.
in other news: i’ve lost 10lbs in 2 months and had to adjust my watch band to a smaller size.