not surprising

my mood generally goes from ennui to elation between monday and thursday. friday is just a throw-away day at work since we’re only here for five hours. but, i took the day off tomorrow so i wouldn’t have to participate in the forced fun of halloween.
i’m looking forward to the long weekend. but not to daylight savings. :/

first time ever

i just donated $15 to the obama campaign. i’ve never given money to a candidate before.
apparently i get a car magnet out of the deal. my donation probably covered postage for 10 magnets.


i’m trying to figure out which undergrad program the uw has that involves human-computer interaction. their website is kind of annoying to use. i can’t find anything resembling it.


woke up with a sore throat and a headache. i never get headaches so they make me ornery.
i slept til 10.
the dogs are excited, but i’m too weak to take them to the dog park. and it’s yucky out.

might as well

i wrote a letter to tds this week complaining about my experience with deactivating my voice line and only having dsl. they have yet to get back to me, but it may be because they’re trying to figure out who gets to deal with me.
i used proper capitalization so they wouldn’t think me a dunce.

Normally I don’t do this, but I’m particularly frustrated with the situation. I’ve been a TDS customer for over 10 years with the account number 6082861312. I recently opted to get rid of the voice portion of my services since my home phone was serving very little use. This process was very cumbersome and resulted in losing service (both voice and dsl) for a week. Subsequently, I received an electronic credit of $53. As a result of removal of the voice service, I was apparently assigned a new account number and sent a paper bill with a charge of $83; imagine my surprise.
So, I had to call to initiate the credit adjustment from the previous account to the new one; somehow I feel as though that’s not my responsibility and your systems should be able to accommodate a changed account number without the customer even knowing. Now I have to wait for a new pin (which I’ll have to call again to change back to the previous pin so I can remember it) in order to set up electronic payments and suppress paper statements again.
I’m sure you understand the value of your customer’s time, and obviously you’re not trying to inconvenience me on purpose… I just would like your company to be aware that it is possible to make this a seamless process for your customer if you’ve a mind to design for your customer and not for your CEO.
I’d appreciate a response, and if possible, a credit for my week of lost service.


voting early. i’m not sure if my nerves will last against the crowds i’m hoping will turn out.
maybe i’ll do it on the way home from work tomorrow.


i’m starting to get involved in several high-profile projects at work. those projects incur lots of meetings covering a myriad of topics… thusly, i lose time for myself (read: lunch). i just blocked off my lunch hour from today to the end of the year in an attempt to claim time. betcha $2 it won’t work 50% of the time.
p.s., i have a tiny dentscratch in my phone and i don’t know how it got there. :/

uh oh

i’m hopping around vegan websites/cookbooks. do i have the wherewithal?
i’ll probably have to give up sushi (well, the fishy kind) some time during my lifetime due to the depleted tuna and salmon. and the fact that they’re not necessarily good for you in the quantities which i would like to consume.
cheese would be most difficult. i’ve only found one vegan cheese that came even remotely close to being appropriate to be placed between two slices of bread. i’ve switched to not getting mayo on my “6-inch veggie on wheat please”… maybe i should cut out the cheese once and see if it affects the flavor.
hm. it’s worth thinking about, at least.